How to Use Cloth Diapers : How to Wash Cloth Diapers at Home

Did you know that today’s cloth diapers and today’s washing machines make washing really easy? Hi, my name is Erin with Austin Baby and I’m going to tell you how to wash your own cloth diapers. The first step that you’ll do is a preparation when removing the diaper. This is optional but it really does make washing a lot easier as well as the diaper pail. You’ll spray a few sprays of an enzyme which is odor control and and stain control. And that will actually eat the bacteria and make a lot less odor in the diaper pail and a lot easier wash. So after you’ve done that you’ll put the diaper into your diaper pail or diaper bag.

When you’re ready to actually wash the diapers, you empty that into the washing machine along with your diaper bag which should be water proof and washable. You’ll do a pre-rinse on cold water. And after you do that pre-rinse, that’s going to agitate all of the bodily fluids out. After you do that pre-rinse, then you will want to run a full load that’s heavy-duty with hot water and a detergent that is free of residues. It’s not good to use a common detergent that will leave residues because it will cause leaking and smelling with the diaper. And they won’t will not perform properly. So in that load because you have agitated the nasty stuff out, you can actually go ahead and add in any laundry that you don’t mind washing in hot water. Save yourself your own energy and energy used with the washing. And when that load is finished, throw it all in the dryer except for any water proof covers and dry it on low or medium heat. Or you can hang dry them in the sun where the UV rays will take care of any leftover bacteria and will naturally bleach them white.

That’s how to wash your own cloth diapers at home. Thanks, I’m Erin Sheppard with Austin Baby. .

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