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Hello, guys, and welcome back to our kitchen. Today I’m so excited because we’re making sushi. Thank you so much to Elizebeth Pinchuk and Ceci Couture who requested that we make sushi. The main thing with sushi is actually the rice and we’ve made this in advance because it needs to be cold before you roll it, otherwise it will wreck the whole thing. So what we have done is cooked up our rice with rice wine vinegar. I’m actually gonna be making California roll. Mike’s inventing his own. I’m gonna pop my bamboo mat on there. I haven’t made sushi in a long time. I’ve made it before but I haven’t made it in about five years probably. And then you flip it over so you have a nice, flat cling film base. So mine, I have to do something really technical with. I just put it down and that’s it. Pass me the nori, please.

There you go. – We have the seaweed. Well, you make sure we got wet hands. Apparently, you should still be able to see some seaweed through your rice. I’m going to do exactly the same with my rice, though we’ll be doing something slightly different in a second. Need more water. Oh, you’re not wrong. You know what? I’m gonna put a mug of water for finger dipping right here.

Work well done, sous chef. I’m gonna leave a little lip. I’ve got a lip. It’s quite a fun sushi. It’s also quite fun to make with little kiddies, if you have any kiddies, or any nieces or nephews. So then I’m gonna flip mine over because mine is gonna be inside out. Ooh, don’t know if I’d be doing that right now. Are you ready? I’m gonna start to fill mine up, so I’m kind of doing my own crazy mixtures. So I’m gonna start with some prawns. So I’m gonna measure how much chive I want, which is about yae much and you pop. So I’m gonna add some cream cheese in. Mike, that is way too much cream cheese. No, it’s not, this is gonna be good. Can I have a little bit of cream cheese for mine? You’re not allowed any ’cause you didn’t request it. This is not your cream cheese. It’s my cream cheese, it’s my recipe. Fine. Now I’m just putting some wasabi all the way along. Now it doesn’t look like I put much on, but trust me, it will knock your socks off.

I’m gonna take a piece of cucumber like this and then I’m gonna pop it… pop it in the middle. I’m also gonna take some avocado and then I’m also taking my seafood sticks, you can use fresh crab if you want, but it’s pretty hard to find. Section off a bit, ’cause you don’t want a whole one, you probably want like a half of one. This is how we roll. You take it and roll it over.

This is not gonna work. – It’s the moment of truth. You’ve got to squish it together ’cause the avocado needs squishing down. Squish it like that. Or maybe it will. And then you take it over and you roll it again to the edge and you squish it so it’s kind of square. Interesting. And moment of truth. Are we ready for this? So yours has turned out pretty well. There’s a slight issue on the basis that you’ve done this before, I have not. You have, you’ve done it with me before. Never. I’ve never actually rolled one. I’ve never rolled one. He’s lying to you. He’s copying me. He wouldn’t have done this otherwise. I would have done this exactly what I knew what to do. Copying me again. Whatever. And then… It does look really tasty. A little bit of water on the edge, which Fleur didn’t note to do, which I did.

There we go. Right. Let’s take these off and let’s make some more. And then we can get chopping. I’m gonna add… Smoked ham and cream cheese and cucumber. Okay, I’m going for a veggie one, which is, just using all the vegetables. Smoked salmon. Mine’s gonna be awesome. Nice. – Over filled. See, your technique doesn’t work. Gonna squish it out in the end. Whereas mine on the other hand…

Oh, wait. I forgot to turn it over. So it’s not gonna like yours. Yours looks rubbish now, mine looks amazing. That… Just wrap it in another piece of seaweed. That’s cheating. It’s not. You snooze you lose. There’s cream cheese everywhere. It’s chopping time. You’re doing the chopping. Wet knife, wet fingers because you don’t want to stick to everything. I’m gonna chop the end off first and discard that because we do not want it.

Goodbye. This is the one I’m excited about. – This is Mike’s original one. – This is my original new style. It looks good. So I’m gonna put some ginger on here and I’m gonna put a massive lump because I know Fleur loves her ginger. I’m also gonna add some wasabi and I’m gonna add a big chunk of this ’cause I like a lot of wasabi on mine. And then some soy sauce for dipping. So excited. Can we eat them? Now please. We can. We can eat them now. It’s the moment of truth. I’ve got mine. My favourite food in the world. It’s amazing. I’m not holding back, I’m going for a second.

Can we make sushi at home all the time? Hmm. If you haven’t already subscribed, then please do. And a massive shout out as well to Elizabeth Pinchuk and Ceci Couture for recommending this recipe, because I really wanted to make sushi anyway sp. Mm, good recipe. – Thank you. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments section below. And we will see you next Wednesday. Bye, guys. – Bye. .

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