How to build Eiffel tower scale model (Part 3/3)

Coming in this episode I seed some grass Put impatient people to wait in a queue and get this whole sh*t completed Take a comfy chair and relax Well hello there! As you can see I started this third episode by making this final third of the tower Next I will build the third floor, the sky deck And then I can attach this to the parts I have done earlier I have to admit that this looks quite nice Now the only thing that is left is the surroundings I’ll turn this ugly brown area into beautiful grass and put some trees and also little people standing under this tower I really like these little people here They kind of turn this tower alive I will put just a couple more of them and then this whole project is completed It’s now time to say thank you all for joining me on this pleasant journey This has become a really nice model I will now keep a little holiday from these projects But after that, on september maybe I will continue doing some new models There are for excample London eye, Sydney opera house and Empire state building on my list And then of course, because I have a plenty of football fans following me a new stadium project will also be out still in this year alright that is the last one…

Let’s put it in place like this… Yeah Huh! Now it’s all done! Have a nice summer and see you! .

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