Cariloha Mattress Unboxing – First Look at this Resort Bed!

Music Music Hey guys, Diana and Janet here and girls with Two Mom’s Review and today we’re going to be doing the unboxing for the Cariloha mattress and just so you know It’s Caribbean aloha (and aloha) together Cariloha I’m going to tell you everyone’s name, so this is Janet This is Lily and I’m Moana and I’m just dressing up and my name it my real name is Alexis Star … and her name is Diana… When do you order at Cariloha bed you also get these bamboo sheets to go with it, and we will review these too but look how nice that box is and I just want to tell you that these guys are luxury mattress the kind you would get at a resort in the Bahamas or something or in the Caribbean or Caribbean. And it’s made I actually went to the store in St George Utah where they are based they make all sorts of things out of the same material which is the bamboo.

What do you think girls? Wow? It’s soft. So soft. It is light. Oh light and stretchy. I liked the this bamboo shirt so much (bought from the same company) I’m so comfy that I bought it so I hope the bed is just as comfortable as this shirt. We’ll come back after it’s fully inflated to see how works. Two Moms Review Outtakes Carla Caribbean Kara, Kara, Kara, La Jolla, Kerala Houma I’m sure Kerry Elmo’s, La Jolla like Caribbean and Aloha Kara Kara hello pear Aloha, Kerala, Kerala Today we’re going to be doing the unboxing of the care Aloha mattress oh Is it Carol allahu la jolla Carol Carol Carol Carol? I’ve been practicing all morning.

Cariloha! .

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