Concierge Collection Microfleece 3piece Sheet Set Twin

Warmth and comfort usually this time of year when it’s freezing and our house is cold who wants to climb into those cold sheets blast the heat your skin gets dry you want a bed that’s cozy and warm and you can slip into it and have that nice comfort level microfleece sheets have really changed the industry think about it we used to have one choice when it came to winter sheets and it was flannel yes right and I love a good flannel but there’s a lot of bad flame out there what I love about microfiber IVA belitz lightweight but it has that brush softness that gives you the warmth well we’ve lost twin full is becoming limited we do have queen and king available and California king is gone so let me reiterate that we do have full/queen and California king available same price no matter what size bed you have only $10 and change on your charge card let’s go through the glass to go through the colors and I love that we do have colors that are matched back to your decor so you don’t have to buy just you know Christmas sheets or these could be your everyday sheets for many many months it’s gonna be cold for a while we have that soft aqua we have the silver which is like a light gray here’s your wine look at the saturation of color which oh we’re calling this one turquoise it’s like a light so there’s your silver this wine color you can see the color saturation and by the way these are fade resistance you don’t have to worry about that again everything that you wash with concierge just washes so well don’t fade amazing there’s the gold then we have that nice taupe we have a lavender a sage which i would call more of like a pistachio or a mint and then we have the off-white which if I always recommend getting two sets of these because they become your favorite and what will happen is you end up washing them and put them back on the bed so if you can swing it grab a couple make one the winter white or maybe the silver get a neutral and then pop a color with it and you can layer like we did here I love that idea it’s fantastic yeah it gives you the warmth with this incredible amount of softness and we’ve talked before about flannel sheets and flannel sheets are great they keep you warm right but they can be stiff and they can be uncomfortable and have almost like a starchy feel to them often and I don’t think that they launder very well I feel like they get worse the more you launder their bags they last a season right and what’s great about micro fleece I always say it’s micro fibers cousin it’s microfiber wintery cousins and if you love microfiber and I know it’s our number one selling type of sheet here at HSN I know a lot of you like microfiber this is a lot of the same characteristics in that it’s fade resistant shrink resistant wrinkle resistant at long lasting ultra soft right out of the gate right no break-in but these have that plushness and it has a thickness without being heavy so I always think about think about if you’ve ever seen cotton candy being spun all those little like little strings of fiber that’s kind of how micro plush is or micro fleece not like your typical fleece that’s real heavy these are thinner tinier fibers and to give you an idea it’s just look at one pillowcase right this is one pillowcase and it gives you a good visual of compared I mean of how plush yeah you know crazy is you get this warmth I find without overheating and without the weight they Betty last thing that I want I want something that’s going to keep me warm at night especially when it’s cold outside and I can keep my heat cranked you know down or right up a little bit down I should say but I don’t want to be overheated at night and a lot of us feel the same way I feel like this has a moisture wicking property to it and does you’re not just gonna get hot and sweaty and uncomfortable true and it goes back to the construction and I was I was talking about how those little fibers that are spent I’m spun they create space within the fabric itself so it’s insulating think about how down insulates you you know is those little fibers that give you that warmth and insulation micro fleece kind of does the same thing so it is breathable it is cuddly it’s soft it has a little bit of stretch and give to it so when you put these on your bed they’re gonna become your new favorites it happens to us every year we get into like January it’s still really cold and our microfleece are gone you know you can see we’re already starting to lose sizes so if you’re seeing these today I would recommend grab a set get them home put them on your bed start enjoying them if you know someone who’s always cold or lives where it’s really cold this would be a great gift to send and if you are a concierge customer maybe you have a featherbed a fiberbed maybe you have a thicker mattress these do have the the deep pocket and they have the elastic let me find two sheets there you’ve got that elastic all the way around so they really do grip the bed and make it easy to make it they’re just amazing really oh yeah they wash again so fantastic they’re fade resistant you throw them in the dryer you throw them on the bed and that at night you go to your bed and your sheets aren’t freezing there’s not that warm up period you’re not cranking up the heater and heating up the entire house because you’re in this warm snuggly amazing yet smelly is the key he snuggly is the key indeed I mean they’re just so incredibly soft I guess the best way to describe it would be maybe your child or toddlers jammies you know when they have those pajamas you get to wear footie pajamas as your sheep yeah they’re not a sheet that you just get into bed and you’re just like okay I have sheets on my bed no you lay there and watch TV and go like this like you just keep feeling that brush relaxing about that it isn’t speaking of relaxing I think this bed is very relaxing I was sanding I love the the off-white it’s such it’s like a winter white it is so pretty you can see we’ve paired it here with the lavender you could put this with anything and it looks fantastic and just so nice it’s a great update you’re not breaking the bank and you know what these will be something that you will keep on your bed for months it really is it’s gonna be cold for a while a lot of places out there you’re looking at months of winter weather right so this is the way you dress your bed we don’t dress our bodies the same way in the winter as we do in summer it makes sense to dress your bed and sheets that you don’t have to pile as many layers on because your sheets are doing the job you’re over them you’re under them your face is on the pillow I always equate sheets to clothing because you really do wear them when you go to bed absolutely yes these are not a thirty-one dollar purchase I will tell you that there are small luxuries in life where you’re just like wow I cannot believe that I get to sleep in this amazing softness every single night and I spent 1 flex of $10 and 32 cents again absolutely risk-free we’re gonna send these out to you and you have until January 31st to sleep on them love them or please send them back I love that you offer them in fabulous colors in Eleanor let you go through those colors again because we always talk about it’s the best way to give your room or your guest bedroom a facelift without painting the walls and you know look down the end I love that gold and that off-white together I agree luxe next to that is a topi then we have the turquoise then we have that beautiful wine the sage which is that minty green and then the lavender and your silver which is a soft gray there adults foot if they are blue and wine those are gonna be your most limited across the board so stay on the line for those twin is gone and California king is gone but we have full we have Queen and we have King available so stay on the line of course order on that’s going to be your best bet and we’ve got more amazing gift or goals for everyone in for you don’t miss it

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