Bea Johnson: “Zero Waste Home” | Talks at Google

Thanks everybody for coming to this Google author series talk I want to have the esteemed privilege to introduce baya Johnson author of zero-waste home baya she’s lived a waste-free lifestyle since 2008 generating for her whole family just a quart of waste in an entire year she’s also zero waste lifestyle expert her goal is a shatter the misconceptions associated with living a zero-waste lifestyle proving that a waste waste free living can not only be stylish but leads to significant health benefits and time and money savings she was a grand prize winner of the green Awards she’s invited to speak like here at many corporate events universities and other conferences all over the world and she spreads her her tips for living a zero free waste or zero waste lifestyle in that she’s she opens her home to two educational tours and the media I know Miami has been to her house has been shopping with her at Whole Foods to see how how she does this she’s appeared on TV shows and publications around the world including the Today Show and the BBC Breakfast New York Times has called her the priestess of waste free living like that one as a spokesperson for zero waste lifestyle she also provides consulting services for sustainable product conception waste reduction and minimalism welcome baya thanks so much for having me so funny that I’ve been calling myself a Google girl and Here I am today at Google so first let me introduce my family and so this is my family on the right we have a max with now 15 Leo on the Left who’s now 14 my husband Scott and our zero waste dog Zhi Zhu is actually the mascot of our zero waste lifestyle so yeah it’s the little baby of the fence anyways as you always Johnny started back in 2006 we were living back then in a large home 3,000 square feet in the suburbs in the East Bay actually in president Hill but that house was located in the cul-de-sac and the problem with that is that we felt that we had to drive everywhere we had to take the car to go to the grocery store the school’s Church and movie theaters and so on so we decided that we wanted to relocate to a location where we could have these things within walking distance or biking distance so we chose the town of Mill Valley but before finding the idea home we rented an apartment for a year and we only moved in with the necessities so instead of moving in with our 4 tables and 26 chairs we only moved in with one table four chairs one set of dishes one set of towels etc and what we found during that year is that by living with less all of a sudden we had more time in our hands to do the things that we enjoy doing more times to spend with family and friends more time to explore a new coastal region so when we did find the idea home in downtown Mill Valley we got everything out of storage and we realized that a lot of the things that we had kept in there for a year at polygon and mist we realized that they were a bunch of things in there that we hadn’t even needed or even missed and so we got everything out of storage and questioned ourselves but all the stuff we had and we let go of about 80% of our belongings and then thanks to that voluntary simplicity that also opened more time to educate ourselves on environmental issues so this was back in 2007 we read some books we watched some documentaries and what we discovered with my husband really made us sad thinking about the future that we are going to leave behind for our kids so we decided to do something about it so my husband quit his job to start a sustainability consulting company and I tackle the home so I got super motivated at there is lots of things that I tried I google a lot of alternatives and some of the things that we discovered we still do today such as scanning this is actually canning season I have helped who’s on my blog so on Saturday I’ll be buying a bunch of flats I mean a flat of tomatoes and then I’ll be canning it for the year it’s not like I can all year long or all day or I just can once a year for for the rest of the year but anyways some other alternatives that we tried did not quite work out for us so I had heard about the no poo option of shampooing your hair and so I thought oh maybe that will be a good alternative to shampoo and so what that involves is using baking soda in lieu of shampoo you’re supposed to wet your hair sprinkle baking soda on your scalp you massage it in and then you rinse with apple cider vinegar now after six months the oils on my hair had migrated down to here and I ended up with frizzy ends not really the look I was looking for and when I went to lay down next to my husband after all those six months he looked at me and he said I am just so tired of you smelling like vinaigrette pea it’s really not sexy so I thought yeah maybe he has a point there I need to find another alternative and I did it’s not shampoo I’ll mention it later but I picked another alternative I also came to look at my cosmetic pouch at one point and I wanted a greener alternative or at least zero-waste alternative for all the items that I had in there so I took my cosmetic pouch to a green pharmacy and I asked a salesperson to give me a an alternative or a a product for all the things I had in there she said I have a mascara for you I have different types of makeup for you but I don’t have an alternative for a lip plumper so for the guys that are here that all know what a lip plumper it’s a gloss that has a ingredient in it that’s supposed to make your lips bigger doesn’t make it bigger I’ve actually taken a ruler and measure the before and after it doesn’t really make him bigger but it makes you feel like they’re bigger so since she and have an alternative for me of course I googled it alternative to green a way to make your lips bigger and I found this beautiful of this video of this beautiful woman on YouTube a woman that had lips a bit like Angelina Jolie you know like pretty nice a purpose and I thought what perfect that’s what I need and she said it’s very simple all you need to do is gather up some stinging nettle you remove the leaves and then you roll the twig on your lips and I thought how simple that is I have a bunch of stinging nettle in my backyard so I put on some gloves and I hiked up my heel because we’re on a hill and and I grabbed a bunch of stinging nettle brought it back down to my kitchen I removed their leaves carefully and then I rolled the twig on my lips OMG did it hurt of course it did not at all provide the results I was expecting and not like the video I ended up with blotches red bumps all over the place not very sexy or not very much the look I was looking for again and of course that’s when my husband came home from work and he looked at me and he said oh my gosh what did you do again via I said ass just trying out something don’t worry about it we also came to question our useful toilet paper so at that point I was taking a foraging class and once we were in the forest and my teacher said well if you guys are ever stuck in the woods with no toilet paper or that math up there is awesome I thought there is my alternative to toilet paper so I grabbed some and took it home but but mas fYI it rise over time so the first day might be soft but the next day you’re basically left with a scouring pad not very pleasant so we decided to forego that idea and instead we decided to stick to toilet paper we buy it when it’s 100% recycled we buy it from a restaurant and hotel supply store because we can buy it wrapped in paper we don’t have to worry about the plastic packaging so after all this trial and error we found balance and we found that four zero is to be truly sustainable in our home we simply had to fight to follow five rules in order it was all over it’s simply about refusing reducing reusing recycling and rotting in order so that at the end of the year sorry I disappeared that were left with one jar of waste so this basically represents our family’s waste for the year this one is 2014 so the first rule then that we apply is we simply refuse we simply say no to the things that we do not need we say no to single-use plastics plastic bags water bottles but we also say no to freebies for today in this consumer is society will the target of many marketing goods but every time we accept them it’s a way for us to reinforce an unsustainable practice every time we take a free plastic pen form a conference that we do not need because I think everyone has enough pens in their homes to last them a lifetime every time we accept one of those pens then more oil will be drilled from the ground to create a replacement same goes with junk mail every time we take junk mail straight from the mailbox and put in a recycling bin it’s a way for us to say blob junk mail please send me more and more will be sent out to us so it’s important to say no to these things to simply stop the demand we also say no to business cards so don’t try to give me your business card later I have my my contact info at the end of the presentation second rule is to reduce re the slide is so light but so we reduce what we do need so that means for us leaving a minimalist lifestyle so in our kitchen for example as you can see the counters are pretty bare but I love it that way it’s actually much easier to clean much faster to clean I used to have next to my stove a jar filled with accessories and different types of spoons and here I realized that I only have two hands I only use one spoon at a time I don’t need the ten of the same spoon so today I’ve downsized to the true accessories that I need same goes for underneath my sink underneath my sink in the old days was filled with products toxic products products that the mercury Oz told me I needed for different applications they tell us that to clean the floor we need a product to clean a windows a different product to clean your bathroom a different product the kitchen a different product this is all BS I found that we can clean the whole house simply with a spray mixed with water and vinegar and we use castile soap also that we purchased in bulk in a pump at the sink we use it to wash our hands wash the dishes wash the dog wash the floor this is our bedroom yeah even if it’s a total whiteout for you we still don’t have much in the bedroom and we just have what we need in order to sleep in the bedroom and this is our closet so my husband and I share a closet this is not the walk-in closets that you see in movies or in glossy magazines because it’s not really a walk-in closet it’s more of a screwed in closet because it’s so tiny but my husband has the top the top rail with and I have the bottom one and then he has one set of shelves I have the other when we declared our lives we came to choose with the G items that were the most versatile the most multifunctional and in I guess I ended up picking a wardrobe that I can dress up or down for different events and throughout the seasons were likely to live in California it’s much easier for us to do that so in my case I have one pair of shorts two skirts that’s one of them by the way in the drawer in a drought season wearing leather is awesome because you obviously don’t throw that in the wash you just wipe it off saves water I have two dresses seven shots three sweaters five tails of shoes actually talking about the shoes I am one point I looked at my tennis shoe and I realized that they were gathering dust more than anything all my activity is really my my more sporting activities do not really require the use of tennis shoes so instead I have a bootie that I can that I can wear when I when I go hiking backpacking biking I don’t need a pair of tennis shoes this is a little experiment that I did for my blog I wanted to show that this one little black dress that I purchased for two dollars at a secondhand store because we buy all our wardrobes from a secondhand store can create lots of different looks based on how I accessorize it whether I dress it up or down and whether the under something or on top of something this is my kids are also of course minimalist this is a Louis bedroom and his closet is as bare as ass as you’ll notice he doesn’t have much clothes but all our clothes actually fit in carry-ons so what’s great about that is when we want to go away for a weekend or a week or a month all we have to do is pull our wardrobes in our carry ons we zip them well up the door then we have a service that comes cleans the house and then the renters come and pay for our vacations so this is one of those ideas that my husband had four years ago he only has two good ideas a year and I have to say this one blew my mind my kids today don’t really have toys because have teenagers but when they did have toys we encouraged them to pick their favorite items and then once they became older they were able to sell them to to purchase more age-appropriate replacements so this is our bathroom as you can see it’s also very minimalist and what you see on the right is basically the contents of the medicine cabinet that you see on the left so there again we kind of when we declared out we found with realized where our essentials were so just to give you some examples on what I’ve done for example for cosmetics on my skin the only thing that I actually buy manufactured is a tinted moisturizer with an SPF in it otherwise to hydrate my skin I by cooking oil in bulk the black that you see on my eyes is actually almonds that I have burnt and to which I have added a little bit of oil my mascara is made of four ingredients same ingredients that you can actually eat that I’ve purchased in bulk from the bulk aisles and actually I should say the mascara is the the recipe I’m actually the most proud of in my book it took a lot of trial and error to find just the right concoction I went out to dinner once with my girlfriends I was trying out testing out a recipe only to find out once I got home that I had black down to here you think my girlfriend’s would tell me no yeah I’ve wiped them out since that no just on my cheeks to add color to my cheeks and my eyebrows and some decotis I use a cocoa powder it’s organic it’s an organic cocoa powder and just to fill that little jar it cost me 72 cents there is no way I can find an organic bronzer at the store if I were to buy it manufacture and then to smooth out my hair to add a little shine on my on my lid so maybe highlight my cheeks or even add shine on my nails I make a multi-purpose bomb with just simply two ingredients beeswax and cooking oil all the recipes are in my book again so if you guys are interested in these alternatives check it out the deodorant we use a crystal on as a hair spray we just make a little we reduce the lemon peels with a little bit of water and it’s magic it works it actually makes your hair stick I don’t use it my husband does to make it zero hair spiky in the front to shave uses a double edge razor it’s actually a vintage razor that you can purchase for example on eBay and then to wash ourselves from head to toe so to wash our hair our face our body and also to shave we use a bar of soap that we buy unpackaged loose from the health food store then to brush our teeth we use baking soda that we buy loose from the bobbins and then to brush we use a compostable wooden toothbrush made out of bamboo and this is what we do for floss so what we use is simply a little piece of organic silk 2 strands work better so we take them we twist them and then we use it for floss and then we can compost it this is our linen closet so you’ll tell me well great beware the linens well linens are actually once we wash them we put them back on the bed so we only have one set of linens for each one of us in the bathroom we always have 4 towels that are hanged and then we always have 4 extras in case we go to the beach to the pool or have friends over so before well basically launching the 0’s movement and spending my time preaching the zero waste lifestyle I was actually an artist and my previous studio was filled with off materials canvases and frames and differ types of media and here I realized that well it’s really it’s not the materials that make G artists it’s rather with the creativity that G artist has in the head that makes the artist so I let go and I donated basically all my on my surprise and G also came to realize that after all my compost bin and my recycling bin are in themselves sources of material so the only food that we purchased in packaging is better so when I tend to look one day at my compost bin I realize that the wrappers the barrel wrappers which we buy the wrappers that we pick out the ones that are made out of the waxed paper because it’s compostable I decided to make a peace with these wrappers so I collected them for four years then I made lotus flower lotus flowers origami style and then I applied them to a canvas so this basically represents four year of our families per your consumption now I know the math people in the room and got doing this times this equals well if someone had asked me how much better do you think you consume in four years I would have guessed a hundred maybe 200 the top 575 burger wrappers okay I’m French and I use better for cooking but I also use olive oil I had no idea how much we were actually consuming the thing is when we throw things away or even when we compost our recycle were completely disconnected with how much were truly consuming once you stop collecting it for a while then you’re much more aware of your consumption so this to me blew my mind this is our garage yet you don’t see much in it because there is an achievement I find that in garages the items a garage tends to collect the items that are in transit the items that we want to return the items that we keep for what if what if we move what if our kids move what if our kids need this what if they want it later I know I love the looks over there you guys are great yeah I know what she means and what we’ve done is basically make a decision on all these items in transit and so today our garage is actually much it makes it much easier for us to grab our bikes and go after all that was the reason why we moved to the downtown of Mill Valley so we could have access to our back so we could bike to things and walk to things the third rule is to reuse so in our home reusing means swatting anything that’s disposable for reusable alternative so today we no longer have a box or buy boxes of tissues we have a glass jar filled with cloth ones every one right here just remember we’ve also been able to eliminate the sponge simply with a wooden scrubby a metal scrubby and a an rags once the the wooden scrub is no longer usable and I usually use them for about two years the metal scrubby I think we’ve had the same one for three years now and then with rags you simply can reuse those things over time and you don’t need to use sponges we’ve also been able to eliminate aluminum foil plastic wrap freezer bags sandwich baggies cetera all those food kind of storage items simply with the glass jars and when my kids go to school they don’t need any fancy lunch gizmo what they do is they wrap their lunch furoshiki style furoshiki is the Japanese art of wrapping in cloth and what’s great about doing it this way is that then the towel becomes your placemat it becomes your napkin but also use it you use it for transport and everyone has a towel at home everyone can wrap their lunch when we have parties over fifty people at our house and I say or I should say more than ten people because we can sit ten at our table but if we have more than ten then we’ll make finger foods we don’t have a lot of stuff at our house but what we do have a lot of is glasses so that when if we do have 50 people coming through our house we don’t need to resort to disposables we use a turkey lasers in lieu of toothpicks for the buffet style food that I put out and we have a stack of clock napkins so if you are gonna have a party of 50 people at your house and you plan on serving or having paper napkins you better at least have 200 paper napkins because people don’t really respect the paper napkin they’ll be using at least two maybe three I have found that people respect the cloth way more than they do the paper napkin I only have 32 napkins when I have 50 people at my house I only knew clearly I only needed 32 napkins I actually found that only half the people will use napkins so for 50 people 25 napkins actually enough so replacing anything is possible for reusable alternative also means shopping with reusable so this is the shopping kit that I take with me to the grocery store it’s comprised of cloth bags to buy dry goods mesh bags to buy produce glass jars to buy anything that’s wet such as meat fish gel deli cheese grated cheese that I buy at the counter I have a pillow case to buy bread and I buy a brand of milk that that sells in a in a glass container that you can return to the store and then we can get our egg box we failed at the farmers market so here I am shopping the bog foods the bulk bins and then once I am home then I transfer all the dry goods into glass containers so this is what a zero is pantry looks like as you can see there is no packaging there it was created like that I personally find that it’s so much prettier than pantry filled with packaging because you can actually see the food what my what my pantry transpires is not someone’s idea of marketing of what color should be in someone’s pantry it’s rather the food in themselves shine through we also purchased liquids in in bulk I make my own red wine vinegar but the only problem with that is that you need red wine and at a house there isn’t much left this is our refrigerator so we actually have refrigerator drawers we don’t have a refrigerator Armagh like the usual kind and we found it’s actually a great small design to eliminate food waste I can proudly say there is no food that’s being wasted at a house because we store all our food in glass containers we can see through it because we have refrigerator drawers we can see on top nothing gets lost in the back of a shelf and and we make use of what we have so before I go to the grocery store I’ll make a list I’ll make sure to only buy the things that I need I’m not buying carrots if I already have carrots I’ll make sure that I finish them before I buy more we also buy a beer in a growler from the local brewery company my local health food store also has the orange squeezing machine so I just bring my glass milk bottle to refill it and then at the bottom picture over there is my freezer so once I bring 10 baguettes home from the grocery store then I cut them in half if I don’t need half of them because they’re so good and warm and then I put them in the freezer in another pillowcase no plastic needed and then we freeze some of our food in glass containers you just have to make sure that it’s room temperature before you put it in but the large glass jar that you see one actually contains meat bones and other one fish bones which will then use to make stock and then once we’ve made start then we can compost it then we have one for bread slices that have become whitened by the freezing or that’s basically the freezer burn of on bread once the jar is filled with bread then we use it to make croutons or we make bread pudding we also use it for bread crumbs and we also freeze our candles because candles last longer if you freeze them we also purchase our wine in box so we bring we have a big stock of lemonade bottles what’s great about them is that then when we get our wine we filled we don’t need to have to record to cooking and you can do that in the city at tank 18 or in Half Moon Bay there is also linear that will refill your bottles they do that through bottling events so for us we’re using not only means swapping anything is possible for a usable alternative it also means buying secondhand when we do need to buy something so like I mentioned earlier we buy all our clothes in secondhand from the thrift store but for certain items that we cannot find in the thrift store then we fall back either on the free market that’s where these patio chairs came from we fall back on Craigslist that’s where the table came from or eBay and speaking of eBay it’s been great to find really hard to find items so at the beginning of the school year when the math teacher requested the scientific calculator I fell back on eBay when I go on eBay I make sure to click or to pick the option on the left hand side that says secondhand or used or pre-owned sometimes somehow I think the wording changes or maybe it’s me but and then once I’ve dents I’ll see all the items that are secondhand and then once I purchase something and I request that the seller only sends it to me in Cabo dock paper because blast crap would not fit in my jaw so we the fourth rule is to recycle so once you’ve refused reduced and reuse as much as you can then you have very little to recycle this is your Chihuahua next to the bin that we feel once a week so today thanks to our zero is lifestyle we actually recycle way less than we did before for us the suras lifestyle is not about recycling more it’s about recycling life thanks to prevention so as you saw earlier we have a chihuahua so our bin is about this big we try to do zero recycling at one point and we thought that we found that it was way too constraining because we had to say no to the bottles of wine that friends were bringing over and that’s what I thought I had gone way too far and I had to make paper from the school papers that were coming in from from the kids schools it works out a little I mean in the summer of the paper dries but in the winter I mean not an easy time consuming but also in the winter paper doesn’t dry so well so we also have assigned bins for how to recycle items I don’t know if you can see what this is but this is a bin in which we put our tennis shoes or sneakers that have a hole in them especially my kids have two pairs of shoes flip flops and a pair of sneakers but when they get a hole in their sneaker we throw it we throw it in a bin once the bin is full then we take it to a shoe store that participates in an Ikea user shoe program and Nike then turns them into basketball courts there is also a company called III think it’s iko iko i need to ask them how to pronounce their their company but it’s AI kalanchoe and they have drop-off locations that are really easy to find out in lots of different malls what we found with this five sign is that we should avoid plastics at all costs because not only are they toxic to our health when we use them they are also toxic in their manufacturing so instead of plastic we we prefer to to use when we buy an item we we pick metal because it’s recyclable over and over again glass same thing cardboard and paper is recyclable up to eight times and then sometimes we fall back on on wood such as the wooden toothbrushes that I showed earlier because then we’re able to compost it so composting for us is the last straw before before the landfill so we compose the rest so for us composting has been easy simply because this used to be our trash can and it’s underneath the counter it’s not why it’s out of sight but not out of mine because when we have something we simply the choices recycling or compost if our friends have a bubble gum we tell them to just swallow it now we don’t that’s why I have a couple in them in there but we compost not just like fruits and veggies peelings as a matter of fact with when we went through a declaring process in the kitchen I came to look at my vegetable peeler and I realized that I don’t really mean I do use my vegetable peeler but my mom doesn’t have one my mum doesn’t use one so then I thought you know I probably don’t need one and I have found that by donating my vegetable peeler it’s that actually a great impact on how much compost I produce i compost way less than I did before because when you have a vegetable peeler or the vegetable peeler encourages you to peel more than you need when you don’t have a Peter you think twice about peeling anything because it’s more manual labour what’s great is that then today were composting way less than we did before we were also ingesting all the vitamins that are enclosed in the fruits and vegetable peels we also compost while you can see a better rapper in there but we also compost dog nails the frost sweepings hair I cut my husband’s and my kids hair so that will go in there I don’t compost my hair I let it grow down to here and then once it’s long enough I get it cut so I went I think four months ago and then I send the the hair to an organization and makes wigs for cancer patients so I actually recycle my hair it’s the photo reich comes before compost so not too long ago had I really better zero waste family I would after oh my gosh these people must live in the woods I’m sure there are major granola crunchy people oh she’s a stay-at-home mom that doesn’t have anything else to do but worry about her waist and I’m sure she spends her days home making well that’s not me I actually am a full-time professional and we found that the zero is life side is actually not just good for the environment but it’s also been great for our health because thanks to the alternatives that we have adopted we’ve been able to eliminate all the toxic products from our lives like I mentioned earlier all the things I use for as well as cosmetics are things that are made from ingredients that I can eat all my cleaning products are I mean this is basically vinegar water maybe a little bit of baking soda cast your soap I can totally trust these products and so thanks to them I believe me need toxics from my life we found also that this lifestyle saves a lot of money when I embarked on this journey my husband was a little worried he said you know I’m starting this startup in the midst of the recession we cannot afford to be going to the health food store and the farmers market and so I encouraged them to compare our bank statements between our sewage lifestyle and a pre zero waste lifestyle and he found that we were saving 40% on our overall spending this is due to the fact that one we consume way way less than we did before today will no longer adding things to our inventory we are only replacing what needs to be replaced a sneaker has a hole in it or a t-shirt that is too small and when we buy the replacement we buy it secondhand which by definition is cheaper then we buy a food in balk one needs to know that when you buy a food in packaging 15% of the price cover of the cost of the packaging so when you buy in bulk you make an automatic 15% saving and finally we’ve replaced anything that’s disposable in our house for a reusable alternative so that means that we’re investing our money in things that you throw away well no longer investing our money in the landfill will no longer basically throwing our money out the window we’ve invested our money in things that we can use over time reuse over time and this has translated in huge cumulative savings actually those savings have even allowed us to install solar on our home which then saves us even more yeah the 0’s lifestyle is a gift that keeps on giving but to me the best advantage of this I sign is the fact that it’s turned our life from a life that was based on thanks to a life that was that is now based on experiences thanks to this lifestyle we’ve been able to have time to do some super cool stuff like jackhammering my patio going litter picking for Coastal Cleanup which is coming up guys it’s next week actually at the end of the week no seriously we’ve been able to do things as a family that we never thought possible just in the last year alone we’ve been able to go canoeing in the Everglades that’s that was right before my son found himself face to face face with a Python we rode our bikes from San Francisco to LA we’ve gone ice climbing this is one of my favorite pictures but actually my favorite picture might be this one do you know how hard it is to have a to get a smile on your teenager’s face to me this represents the zero waste lifestyle this is it does us lifetime is about living more it’s about enjoying life it’s a lifestyle based on experiences instead of things gives me goosebumps every time I see that now I’m not here to tell you guys how to live your life I’m only here to share how I live mine but if you were interested in living this I sign my first tip would be to follow the fibers in order so refuse what you do not need reduce what you do need reuse by swapping anything that’s disposable for useable alternative and buying secondhand when you do need to buy something recycling only what you cannot refuse reduce overuse and finally composting that is rotting the rest of course my second tip be to read my book I am really proud of my work I share everything I know about this lifestyle in the book but what to do during the holidays what kind of gifts to give what to do when you travel but I would also recommend that you download my app book I’ve created this app to help people find bulk locations near them whenever I talk about my life site throughout the world people tell me I can’t do your waste we don’t have book yes you do you just don’t know it you just have to find it and that’s why I created the ballcap the app is populated by the COS community so if you guys do know about professions that are not in the app please share them with the community if you take one thing away from this talk today so maybe this should be the top but it’s that buying is voting if you’re not happy with a product that you buy if you feel that you don’t have a choice and you’re forced into buying something speak up say something send the packaging back to the manufacturer propose alternatives because if you don’t say anything nothing will change it’s super important that you let your voice be heard back in 2010 I had right in my jaw right in the front ninh surance come every six months my insurance company which is the largest in the US send me a laminated calm I got tired of it I said you know I send it back to them with a little note I always send a little note saying we’d be great if you guys switched your your your car from being laminated to a car bomb I mean you couldn’t have a thicker copper car and at least the car would then be recyclable and it did they changed it and they changed it for our subscribers throughout the u.s.

I am super happy about that I’ve actually asked people when I give talks around the u.s. do you guys have that insurance they’re like yep do you have a cup of come yet like that’s right my of course if you’re interested in this lifestyle I urge you to join a series community I am I gotta say that the little Opia that that I was at the age of 18 that came to the US would have never ever envisioned launching a movement today thousands of people have embarked on this lifestyle every week I receive an email from an entrepreneur in like Australia in a Switzerland in Belgium in Quebec telling me thank you so much for sharing your lifestyle you’ve inspired me to change my ways but you’ve also inspired me to open a zero-waste or open or start a new G always business and this is where you get my info and we don’t need to exchange business cards thank you does anyone happen we have sometimes they don’t have any questions for baya I noticed that you’ve managed to get rid of your junk mail so I’ve tried to get rid of my junk mail I take a pickup every single thing I look on the back and like where’s the unsubscribe if there’s not unsubscribe I pick a random email address um from the company and try to write them an angry letter saying you know stop sending me the dead trees but this this only gets me so far and I don’t understand I’ve joined all of these like do not mail meet lists and still like you’re talking about people mail right yes so I give I give all the steps in the book on how to do that I can probably see I don’t get junk mail anyway I should say the last piece I got surprisingly came from zero-waste moraine that’s ironic isn’t it it drove me crazy like you guys obviously haven’t read my book but there are steps that you can take I gotta say I mean from what I’ve seen all over the world the u.s.

Is probably the place for it’s the hardest to remove your name from the mailing list and to eradicate junk mail because it’s so engrained in I mean in capitalism period so so there are things you can do that you can even pay a service to do it for you there is also I’ve been told about people karma it’s an app that I guess you just take a picture of the address label and they’ll take your name off but I have found that doing it by myself was fine it was not that difficult you first sign you go to pre opt-out screen dot org no DME truly pre-op touchscreen com order log and then there’s the other one is GME choice dollar or com I can’t remember I always get those mixed up but that’s the two places you first need to go take your name off of list you basically opt out of those kinds of mailings and then the I think the hardest is really to you can also go to catalog choice talk to get your name off of all the catalogs but the hardest one is simply to all the letters that are sent straight to you let’s say you’ve donated money to a charity and they are using that to send you letters every month or whatever then you have to contact the company directly and and if you’re not happy then even use social media I mean social media has been great about that I mean for me it’s been great to get my name off of certain lists or just to make them aware that they are bugging us how do you keep the wine so the wine so I really but the thing is my the one that I buy is actually getting bottled for the first time it’s not like the you know like you’re thinking about a wine a bottle of wine that was bottled and you drank a little bit of it and then you’re like oh you have all that air but when I bring my bottle it’s actually getting bottled for the first time just as you know a bottle that you would buy from the the grocery store there is a little bit of I mean it’s and the machine is calibrated for for the 75 ml or 750 ml so my bottles are exactly that so when he goes through the machine it feels just what it needs to be filled so there is no you can just keep it as long as you would normal bottle of wine okay so that container is airtight yeah yeah so the top it’s a flip top cap that is kind of like the flip top caps they use on beer growls so it doesn’t let a high skim first of all thank you and I was looking at your grocery slide and you’re talking about getting meat and fish in particular and like working with the jars do you encounter any resistance with the packaging on that like people at the meat counter yes so the first time I went to my health food store with my jaw it takes balls I gotta say it takes balls to go for the first time and you almost cannot tell you know whatever they’re going to say if they say no so I can do it don’t take no for an answer because for example there was a health food store that I had gone to for I mean it was not my main health food store but I would go to them like once a month or so because they had a bulk conditioner that my health food store didn’t have but when I was there I would bring my jar of meat or fish and have it filled it was fine for like three years and then one day I go to the counter and the lady behind the counter I saw her and like I shoot it’s a new one she said no sorry can do it it’s against the health and safety regulations I’m like are you kidding me you guys have been feeling my jaw for three years no sorry can do it and I can you please go ask your manager said okay she goes ask your manager she comes back said okay I can do it she feels it I come back a month later same lady I’m like oh boy there she is again give her my jars like no sorry so against their health and safety regulations I’m like are you kidding me you said the same thing last month you checked with your manager I was like no sorry I can do it it’s against the regulations like can you please ask your manager it’s like okay as her manager came back okay I can do it I mean imagine if it was my first time I would have said I know my store doesn’t do that forget I’m not doing that they don’t do it yes they do you just they just don’t know they can so you just have to find someone that one will do it and to knows how because there is also sometimes I’ve gone into stores where they don’t really know how to tell the job so let’s say they’ll put a little piece of plastic on the scale to weigh the meat and then they put the meat into the jar you know if it’s their first time that’s fine with me I’m not going to bother and they’ve generated that piece of plastic I’m not taking it home it’s their problem if they didn’t add it on their waste they would realize that they should learn how to do that so I don’t let that you know take me down and make me feel bad or anything but then over time once you know which ones know how to work the tear on the scale and the ones that don’t then you look for the one that does and you ask him to teach the others and so at my store now you know it’s really no issue I can go any time they know how to do the jaw they know us and and everyone is happy great talk thank you um I have a question on vacation I really like the vacation slides you showed I just got back from a lovely holiday with my folks to Florida and I noticed Florida is a lot cleaner in terms of litter but also every time you stay at Oh they have the same breakfast meals in this country everywhere and there’s just plastic containers if you know yeah yeah yeah you have a lot of style foam in Florida i FM I mean it’s kind of a shock when you’ve lived in California and been been and you just don’t see it anymore and then you go to another studio like gosh mean don’t they realize you know how bad it is and how bad it is for the environment and our health so in that case I mean to me diving is voting just like buying is voting if you’re gonna if you using those containers then you’re saying it’s okay for them to put them out if you contact I mean for one thing if you don’t use them you’re saying that’s not okay if you contact the company it’s even better and you can propose alternatives so I mean I when we go with our family we tend to we prefer to go to like a cafe or even I mean there are some chains while we simply to show up with our cloth bag the cloth bags that I show for grocery shopping we always have one with us especially I mean I don’t have one with me today because I knew I was coming I had lunch at Google and I was said she said don’t worry it’s all usable and amen to that it’s awesome but but when I travel I always have a cloth bag in my in my bag I don’t take like a whole on like dishes and sets I know some zero-waste girls that do that they won’t go anywhere without that plate and no utensils and and like you know there is a God that there they’re always fixture of me and I don’t take things for just in case there is always always a solution really if you really truly believe in this in this lifestyle the solutions come to you so yeah I do take my cloth bank but I don’t take you know all the dishes instead so the cloth bag is good for buying you know for buying a quad saw you know whatever dry good that they want to put in there if I am at the airport soyou’ll anecdote about the airport when I’m at the airport I found that the the easiest zero is snack is a fruit and at the airport they also you apple or banana those are the only two choices but then you have stuck with either the peel or the all right some people say you can edik why there is well whatever I I’ve done that sometimes that I’m not doing that every time especially because the the color cyanide in it but anyways when I’m left with that then I have to do is find a live plant to dig it in the problem is in an airport they don’t have that many live plants it’s actually really difficult to find a live plant in India but I know where they are in each of the airport’s I know where my life plants are in San Francisco I have my favorite and I’ve seen it grow over the year many ways you had you know you have to also reach to your creativity to find alternatives and to me it’s almost become like a game so I went sorry when I get started I don’t stop and I have lots of anecdotes I went to a green event a couple of years ago and back then I remember I would bring a glass with me in case they were serving in disposables and that day my girlfriend pick me up it was really quick I didn’t I didn’t even think about bringing my own glass it was a green event so I thought you know hobbies I’ll be taken care of right it’s green I show up and he was 6 p.m.

You know one time and they were serving all the cocktails in those plastic comb you know the comb bio-based compostable cups now I cannot using that but I looked around in the room and I saw that on tables they had a little vases like mason jars for their flowers like there it is so I took someone’s used cup I took a little messenger I went to the bathroom I did my little dishes and then you know I put the flowers into the used cup and I watched the mason jar and then I went to get my wine that way now someone asked me well why didn’t you just reuse all just watch the persons used cup right because then I would have looked like I condone that practice that it’s okay to be serving especially at a green event it’s okay to be serving bio-based plastic cups no it’s not so when I went around with my glass jar than it was for me to say you know it’s what you’re doing is not okay this is better this is your alternative so don’t worry about the water because if you have the creative mind you’ll see solutions everywhere okay no I do not I’ve actually taken a tour of I mean we can say I think that one of the best composting facilities in the country is San Francisco’s right there compostable waste goes to Jepsen Prairie and which is near Vacaville and I’ve gone there I was there with a TV crew I asked them to get me through there we saw the waste get on conveyor belt they have Pickers removing those items so people that use the green plastic bags for their dog poop thinking that it’s magically going to disappear in a landfill no it doesn’t and it doesn’t compost either as a matter of fact on that conveyor belt there are people whose job it is to pick those compostable items out of the compostable stream because it simply does not compost it does not compose I mean the company might tell you it compost or you do you don’t believe me the company might tell you it compost in my compost over six months maybe a year but the composting facility of San Francisco which is top notch and is super hot I gotta say I put my hand in there my hand got like when you could not keep your hand in a compost pile they cannot compost those materials and I think you know it’s a the premise of those materials it’s like it confuses people people are like is this compostable it’s recyclable I don’t know I mean I don’t have compost so I put in a recycling but you put in a recycling your painting the recycling chain so you’re basically throwing an IED and that’s not recyclable in the recycling and then you have you basically are making it I mean the yeah it’s basically tainting the chain so it’s important to stay away from those files like as if you were trying to replace to replace a one problem with another I think it’s just let’s just really embrace the reusables that our grandparents were using it’s that simple I mean so we don’t need to invent something new we already have all the solutions with us and to your point yeah we do we have here at Google a lot of the compostable plastic cups and we’ve gone to the facility and they all say the same thing like you’ll see them after they go thank you I’ll and there’s still a full cup or a full fork so they don’t really like that material even though when all sort of thing in a lot of people’s minds compostable means it’s going to go away I mean people think compostable also means just evaporating like if it’s on if it’s later and it’s on the ground it’s just gonna one day disappear it’s not the case I mean my street is filled with the compostable ice cream spoons and I’ve contacted a company I’m like how you use them because they’re compostable they are not in a compost they’re on my street and then lastly superior well thank you so much baya and thank you all for coming this is really fun

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