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Hey, homeowners! Welcome back to your favorite channel MF Home TV! My name is Bianca So today we’re gonna have another Look Who’s Here episode! Sooooo Look Who’s Here! It’s Rose! So for those who were not able to catch our previous episode Rose is an interior designer working here in Mandaue Foam and today she will give us tips on how to dress your bed correctly Is that right? Yes that’s it That’s it! So Rose I hear or I’ve read somewhere that making your bed in the morning psychologically prepares you for the rest of the day I think that’s true like you’re done with the sack so you’re off for the day and then I guess it’s really nice when you come back at night and your bed is ready for you It’s a good closing of the day It is a good opening and a good closing I guess So here we go! Tips on how to make your bed properly Okay Rose can you tell us why is it important for our viewers to dress their bed properly in the morning? I think it has something to do with when we get back home After a long day of work we’d want to come home to an oasis or you want to rest so I think having a very well done bed welcome you back home will be a big help For sure Alright! So I guess step one would be To add a mattress protector Oooh mattress protector! I didn’t know there was such a thing as a mattress protector We have it at Mandaue Foam We have a simple waterproof one We also have a quilted waterproof one So this helps especially when you have children at home And pets! Pets too! I have a dog Countless times they’ve peed on the mattress Okay take note Buy mattress protector is that what you call it? at MF! Awesome! Let’s go! So here we have the quilted waterproof mattress protector it’s waterproof on one side and it’s quilted on the other I like to practice back home and I think you can follow is I always leave all the tags with a size so like for this one I’d write Queen on it or a letter Q or a 60 inch so I don’t confuse it with other beds at home especially when the beds are just half a foot in size difference Alright so what’s the difference between a Fitted sheet and a Flat sheet? The fitted sheet has the garter all along the sides it helps us fit the fitted sheet snugly up on the mattress that we have The flat sheet on the other hand sometimes in the tropical climate we have used it as a blanket but the main purpose of the flat sheet is to protect our duvets or our quilts or our comforters from all that sweat because those things are very difficult to wash Yes and expensive especially here in the Philippines Perfect! Okay now I know…now I know Thanks We bring the comforter all the way to the top okay And then we fold the flat sheet over Okay Fold the flat sheet over Alright And then we fold it one more time One more time and that’s it It’s starting to look like a hotel bed ah So what’s the difference between a comforter and a duvet? What’s a duvet? A comforter usually gets stitched together with the fiber side so with comforters you cant exactly change the cover but you could use a duvet cover to protect your comforter if you’re not into this whole flat sheet thing Noted A duvet comes with a duvet filler It’s like a comforter but without the filling stitched on to the cover I see So that way you can switch up a bit if you wanna change your beddings you can just change the duvet cover and that is also much easier to clean than just a comforter I see Is the duvet thicker than the comforter or is the comforter thicker than the duvet? I think the duvet is a bit thicker cause it comes more layered than the comforter I see So if you run hot and you don’t like being hot at night you can offer a comforter but then use the duvet cover? Yes Ah to make it easier Got it Okay did you guys hear that? That’s a hack! Comforter inside a duvet cover! Thinking out of the box Perfect! So if you’re feeling a little bit more sophisticated or fancy Adding little bit of texture or pattern really helps tie in the whole look together It’s perfect I feel fancy just being here And there you have it guys the proper way to dress your bed Thank you so much Rose Thanks for having me I’m sure you guys learned a lot cause I learned a lot Thank you so much for watching you know the drill hit like, subscribe, and of course put a comment down below in case you have any more questions on how to dress your bed This is Bianca from MF Home TV Inspiring Your Home Congratulations to last week’s winner! Here’s this week’s prize!

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