Flower Garden Idea-Hanging Flower Pots-String Garden Idea-Best out of waste Garden idea//GREEN PLANS

Welcome back to my channel in this video i’m going to make a hanging flower garden using coconut shells first i just take some coconut shells next making the potting hole on top of the coconut shell using power drill now just joining these two shells with super glue applying the glue on the broken edge and then ,paste together after joining the shells, apply more glue on the joint area to make strong joint now the coconut shells are prepared sanding the outer surface to remove the coir and to get a clean surface making the drainage hole next i’m going to warp the coir rope around the coconut shell just applying the super glue and paste the coir rope now drilling two small holes on the shell for hanging painting on the top part of the shells connect the hanging thread through holes now beautiful coconut hanging pot is ready just filling the potting soil into the pots and then planting the flowering plants after planting watering the plants now beautiful balcony hanging flower garden is ready thanks for watching

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