Aromatherapy Recipes: Clean Your Sponge With This Essential Oil Spray

Welcome to aroma head Institute I’d like to show you how to make a spray to keep your sponge clean you know that probably sounds kind of bizarre and I’m definitely a little obsessed with keeping my sponges clean keeping things clean in the kitchen and this the essential oils and the ingredients that we’re gonna use in this sponge spray are great to kill bacteria so that’s the whole idea and they smell fantastic so I have my little sponge spray bottle that I just use over and over again and I’m gonna fill it three-quarters of the way about one and a half ounces of water this is a 2 ounce bottle and you don’t have to be exactly precise when you’re making this so I just have some water here and I’m gonna pour it in and I’m gonna fill it 3/4 of the way yeah and I could always top it off at the end if there’s a little extra room and then I’m gonna add 1 teaspoon of castile soap so I have my castile soap here and it’s a little hard to pour this into a tea spoon so I’m just gonna pour it into this little beaker you could use anything with a pour spout so I’m going to pour the castile soap into my tea spoon and then I’ll pour that into my spray bottle then I’m going to add a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and filled harder to pour from a tablespoon into here so I’m just going to put it over this little beaker try to get most of it in there and then we’re gonna add just a dash of white vinegar it doesn’t need much so I have my white vinegar and I just have a little pipette but you can do this any way you want and I’m just gonna squeeze up and put just a little bit of white vinegar in there and then comes the fun which is the essential oils and in this recipe I have 10 drops of peppermint essential oil and I’m just gonna lift this up so I can see it drops going in this smells so refreshing and so good and it’s gonna really help keep things clean and then I’m gonna do five drops of eucalyptus okay and I’ve drops of lemon and what’s so great about this recipe is that you can also use this as an all-purpose cleaner around the kitchen for the sink for the counters and it lasts a long time and it makes the kitchen it’s not great I use it to clean the stovetop I spray it on the refrigerator if I’m cleaning off the surface of the refrigerator or anything in the kitchen or bathroom it’s gonna give it a mix and when you don’t mix it the essential oils will rise to the top but that’s okay just give it a quick mix and then you just spray your sponge and I usually turn it over and spray both sides and you have a nice clean sponge and I’ll do this at night before bed or any time that it can just sit on the sponge for a couple of hours

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