How To Make A Sleeping Bag Liner

HOW TO MAKE A SLEEPING BAG LINER Hi it’s AlaskaGranny I am going to show you how you can make a sleeping bag liner to help keep you cozy in your sleeping bag and keep your sleeping bag cleaner take a twin sized bed sheet you can see it is just the right size and right width with a little extra in length so what you do is figure out where you want the length to end and pin it then cut that end off now pin along the open edge side to the middle and so you stitch along the open side from the middle then stitch the bottom edges together leave it open at the top at half way so you can climb into the sleeping bag you can crawl in and out what do you do if you have a mummy bag and the bottom is tapered look at which ever side the bag is tapered roll it out lay the sheet out fold it where the bottom of the sleeping bag is and then taper the edges of the folded sheet on both sides make a stitch here on the right side and here along the left side and then trim off the excess fabric you have your sleeping bag laid out your liner is inside zip it down half way and your liner has been sewn to half way so it is going to stay together you can simply climb inside and then your going to be warm cozy and keep your sleeping bag clean plus if it gets way too hot you can unzip your sleeping bag and still have a cover over yourself or if you are sleeping where it is very hot you can take the liner out put it on top of your sleeping bag and then you have a light weight like a sheet or a cover then when you are done you just take the liner out and wash it air out your sleeping bag and you don’t have to worry about all the dirt and grime inside your sleeping bag your sleeping bag stays cleaner you stay more comfortable and this is easy to wash and hang out to dry or hang out to air out on the days it is sunny at camp try making a sleeping bag liner please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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