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I should say the large and the mini is the table goes rolling away on me and this is a way to never have to deal with those sticky papers again and do an even better job of taking care of the pet fur whatever you know build-up you get on your dining chairs your pillows or your favorite blanket where you’re well for me it’s where my cat loves to lie for my son is where Lucy the dog loves to lie but we all have this situation in this issue to deal with but now no refills are needed when I mentioned you get the deluxe set this is so much better than the infomercial in fact theirs is $10 more and they charge you twice the amount to ship so check this out $3 to ship and only 1995 for both the big and the mini you will love how this works in fact I’m gonna bring my special friend and my guest Bobbi is here with us bobby millikin this is an awesome product take care of you know just that last-minute like roll out is it is when we go from the kitchen to the living room or in the bedroom where the couches and if you have hair in your house if you’re anything like me you have a hairy household or baby you have a hairy husband this is what you need this is the hurricane fur wizard brought to us by the same people that brought us the hurricane spin mop we know successful that is not sure that product same family so let me before I even tell you how it works let me just show you are you ready for this you just swipe nice and easy two swipes and you can look at what do you call that like it’s like a performance available type of material but instantly you can see the fur was easily removed if you missed it the first time again a nice light swipe you can go left to right or up and down the only instruction on this product I’ll tell you Callie so simple cause it doesn’t come with instructions the only thing is is go in the direction of the arrow okay so if it’s facing this way of course I’m going to go that way and you can turn it or flip it over and then go the other way clean some twice as much very much faster exactly because this is a deluxe version so just like the Internet but you get dual sided it picks up twice as much in half the classes of little fingers that are doing that you work for you know what are you doing this is all filled so glad you asked that so this is okay we’ll show you in the animation right here you just yes exactly those are those micro bristles that are picking it up for you it’s picking up the dust that and that lint so you don’t have to and then the secret really is that’s half the battles the picking up and then the finishing of it the finishing move is there at the base that’s where it goes and Ernie and it comes out clean and again it goes in dirty ok comes out clean yes and let the animation showed you the reason why first of all you got to give it a little tug to get it out the reason why we make it tight like that and the reason is because there’s micro bristles in here so what’s happening is as you pull the fur wizard out it’s got that friction Callie so it’s cleaning itself as it comes out of the bags not to mention when you’re done you put it in there and then you have a place like these things this is the old school you didn’t have a place to put you get the hair off of that I don’t have to do that number in like this but you can dump it out and so this work goes and in this was full so right there you would just dump it out that’s it so that’s where you take it ok God’s hands pretty simple because you get this one to this one I love that you keep in the office because how many of us don’t have you know that last one you’re going into a board room meeting and you’re like oh dear you know just you pick things up I see some jackets over there with just happens but you do get both I want to select you know and you can spend only 998 using a flex to get this whole system delivered and a57 for 401 it’s been a big hit it’s been just a couple of weeks since we’ve been offering this or a couple of months yeah well you don’t wanna you don’t want to be like me and have these old guys I mean they have they have a purpose but you know you have to tear them off and that’s why I bring this part to show you that you know how many rooms do you have you have one in every room they’re about three four or five bucks each that adds up 15 20 bucks really quick really it really does so let’s go to work first there you go here’s you see you see the arrow and that’s the direction I put it up well what about really difficult that’s crazy good then here’s your base I think it starts to get gunked-up that’s when you know it’s time to get it in there and then there’s that clean again great thing about the great thing about it County is if it got too much hair like if you really got it mucked up yeah just dump it in there at once do it twice there’s no rule that you can’t you know multiple times see how I did that and that cleaned the self cleaning it self cleaning losses and don’t forget you get the travel guy can I show the travel guy earlier sure as we have some clothes over here and this is the the little guy the travel guy call it the gentleman that James Bond double-oh-seven fits nice and compactly in your briefcase ladies in your purse or your pocketbook same technology same thing it’s just a smaller or shortened version so this one doesn’t come all the way out actually stay so it kind of goes back and forth like this so I have let’s say you know you’ve got that important date night you’ve got there is the mink on there’s barely showing it right there exactly you’ve got your lapel again in the direction of the arrow you see how dirty that is right Callie you got it just a couple of swipes boom and I got it now this one you can see the dirt the fur right there go to some dirty same things comes out clean but it stays there same direction arrows like that just goes like that and I’ll head over here to the dark house let me grab one of the big guys without it I’ll show you cuz I’ve got Bailey here Bailey’s like a representation of my public she’s supposed to be here but she always ends up jumping up there that’s it you can do the dog bed so simple and so easily with the fur wizard and you can see look at that couple swipes especially if you got chunks of hair that coming out like my dog Bailey’s got those chunks coming out right now she’s an older dog yeah she’s got a little bit of hair coming out everywhere but you you know this gets the hair you see and also the hair that you don’t see so we’ll put Bailey back and her dog bed you stay right there good I mean I’ve my Jolene I love her to pieces but she ends up on my guest room bed all the time and then it’s like oh you see where they’re the pets are lying yeah we love our pets but we don’t love our pets to be honest or where we were so again this is safe on most all fabrics so this is you know your chairs your couches your Ottomans you can just do a swipe it’s a simple swipe you know you could go left right up down whichever it’s kind of like those dating applications but you’re actually getting something yeah you notice I’m not exerting any energy I’m just very fluently you don’t have to do short or hard strokes just nice even smooth long strokes and it’s gonna do the resolution is gonna pick it up for you and you can see right there it’s picking up and I put it in and goes and dirty see me clearly this has been the option in the past right and they are costly and I quite frankly when I use these in the past I’m not trying to make a mess of this but you end up having to use like so many different sheets you go over and over and over it’s squeaky and it’s like it just like fingernails on a chalkboard born selling to me right it really is and then of course now you don’t have to have to ever deal with refills so this is like once it gets full of fur or whatever you just clean it in its own little yeah apartment it’s like having every time you you start it’s like starting over it’s like you have a new brush every time you don’t have to go back and purchase another one you don’t there’s no refills there’s no liquid there’s no learning curve there’s just your fur wizard it’s your best friend sorry about that my point is is it safe and easy on any type of fabric so you got it several different types here excuse me again I can go down and back Wow and it goes in I’ll do two dimes whew and can you see that yeah showing its camera or you could go if you want to do this maybe you could go left to right whatever you know however you’re you want to do before you clean that look at all this hair do you see all that you’re picking up here it’s blonde so it may be hard to see on camera there’s long hairs there again I’m gonna show you this direction this direction is really do you mind I love it it’s almost lay up you take it kind of feels good because that instant gratification of what you’re actually new and I want to show you I never take a look it’s not only about the hair that you’re getting out Callie think about this for a second your pets your dogs or cats it’s really like what’s on the hair talking about allergy seasons and dust and my own and are all that stuff that lives on the hair so now that’s no longer there it’s removed from your house it’s removing the wire you do that it’s like your spring clean just tuned in watch you slip it back in its own container its own little housing pull it out cleaned up look at that and if you want to do it a couple of times you can and then this is where all the gunk ends up and that’s what you clean when you’re ready yeah exactly this is such a hot come on in look at this carpet area over here you would think that looks looks pretty clean to me I don’t dare it actually see here but you know what’s happened this is like the golden retriever here that’s why I call this the golden retriever here reliever look at that you didn’t even see it that’s why I said the hair did you see and even the hair that you don’t see but you don’t have to worry you can be carefree why because you’ve got your hurricane fur wizard each side it’s yeah oh good yeah this is the deluxe version is $10 less than the infomercial you get a better configuration and half those shipping so this is the place to get it 574 401 we’re gonna run off to the phones to say hello to Sherry Sharon Illinois nice to have you with us Sherri heard you just picked this up it’s a smart buy what do you think what do you like about it and what’s your situation you have pets yeah okay and I have an older version like you were showing you know like with the brush yeah oldest don’t have it but you know the ones that you rip off I know it’s just super super easy I’m so impressed with it this is my first time working with a cherry and I’m I’m with you I’m gonna pick this up too we all need to have one of these on hand especially you’re getting the mini you can have a second one else we’re so glad that you called thanks for joining us Sherri Thank You Sherri absolutely have a great day stay with us she’s gonna love just look at that I mean you can see this is a big demo right here because this is it looks so dirty but again just a gentle a gentle swipe of the hurricane fur wizard because you know Kelly not every job requires or has a need for the big vacuum you don’t want to you know get the plug out get the vacuum set it right maybe you have a neighbor coming over knocking the door you’re like oh no I just quit clean up just swipe swipe and you can instantly cover for like a full vacuum job this is really gonna save you so I do encourage you to pick up more than one for the car the different you know yes what have you and it’s a great product Thank You Bobbie really appreciate being here thanks for your orders 574 401 we move on with more clever solutions just like this the hurricane fur wizard great product we also have a brand new upgraded cannon self this is a compact board of a portable photo printer first of all I wanted to let you know this is something you’re gonna never find this configuration elsewhere everywhere else you buy this you’re gonna end up having to buy all the paper separately you can spend a lot of money on that but we are here to help you out because we not only give you the photo printer in your choice of black or white but we also are you ready we give you an extra 54 pages of photo paper a total of 59 pages so you’ll never have to buy ink you don’t have to worry about paper for a long time and by the way you just choose black or white and I love to there’s some really new formats that you can print on to like a collage format and other great ideas 6:09 181 is the item number on the canon selphy so that’s about 20 minutes away actually less than that and after our canon we’re gonna be talking about our today’s special I know you’ve seen this quite a bit this morning but I’m just such a fan I wanted to give you a head start five nine three three two eight on not one but two of our five to five tear origami racks they come with wooden shelves you can choose colors we’ve got some new choices for you today great reviews to read if you’d like but the today’s special is five nine three three two eight next up very appropriate product for me I don’t know about you but those personal summers just never seem to end and with the summer being upon us and just around the corner we have the greatest I was gonna say coolest but that would have been such a bad play on words this is the greatest little portable mister cooler humidifier it is just the neatest way to really make the space you’re sitting in or the place you’re cooking in or the place you’re working at at the office cool and comfortable there’s a breeze that passes over water and that’s what really gives you a cooling effect and adding more hydration and moisture to your air as well so this also is a deluxe version of something you may have seen on an infomercial out 20% more power and it’s got a directional vent versus just one direction so it’s nice to have those options in our price you can see it’s 39 versus 59 in the real world so we don’t live in the real world sometimes at HSN and my favorite part may be that you can charge this and use this through a USB port so you don’t have to feel like you’re tethered to an electrical outlet it could be you know one of your little instacharge is your portable chargers or your laptop if it’s got a USB port you can have your arctic air up and running maybe you’re a camper and the outdoor fan this might be something you bring on those outdoor trips to really cool the space that you’re in vonabell sherman is joining us and I know vonabell you’ve got some of the statistics about how big of a room this will actually help us cool and I think it’s kind of neat to put that visual in our heads it is so does 45 square feet which is 9 by 6 10 by 4 it means your office space it means your cubicle it means a personal tent it means the space that Callie and I are in so let’s say from here to here so it doesn’t do the whole room it does your personal space but that’s what’s so nice about it because you could already have your AC down and you feel like it’s so hot you don’t want to bump your AC down more and cost a lot of money to the whole house when you can take a personal evaporative cooler put it on you and get that cool breeze coming to your skin what’s nice about it is it’s about the size of a tissue box Callie it’s true so yeah just a little you know square tissue box so we’re taking the air that’s over here that’s warm we’re passing it through the fan and the cool water and coming out with cold refreshing water where is that water going right here Callie we’re gonna put in 20 ounces of water in here and it’s kind of special water no tap water but definitely use a cold tap water and if you really want a cold breeze use cold water may be that you refrigerated or you put some ice cubes in it really does change the temperature over here and then you just close this down now you’re seeing that light here wait do you see this in a dim light because with the lights dim you can see this LED now this is just a side benefit but og2 have the LED ambient light as a nightlight or just something that’s giving you peace while you’re trying to cool down great idea really 97 different colors and if you have a favorite can you keep it there yes you can nice is that nice so if you like purple you could leave it on the purple so you’re getting a really cool breeze so let’s see just how much of a cool breeze let’s take the temperature in this studio okay and then so this is a temperature this is a temperature gun yeah so I have the temperature gun I’m just gonna take it here I’m going to show you that it says 71 okay now I’m gonna take it from the arctic air and see what it’s putting out it is putting out whoops all right woah 55 there we go 55 that’s so somebody who’s good at math go ahead and do that 16 16 degrees cooler so from the difference in your room to what you’re getting on the other end 16 degrees think what does that means yeah and it’s so hot everywhere now it ready it’s it’s not weird how such a long extended never seemed to end winter and now here we go with the red already almost half the country and get ready because summer could be brutal and it’s really nice to just be able to take this with you wherever you go my mom suffers from being too hot all the time all year long it wasn’t just summer this has been something she would have really appreciated maybe a bedside I love this idea you’re just enjoying a good book you want to be comfortable instead of cooling the whole house down I mean I’d turn my temperature up to like 78 when I go to work because it’s so expensive yeah to cool our home I do that too it drives me nuts oh you can’t fight the electric bill yeah are you gonna say I didn’t use that much air conditioning yeah it’s just so nice Callie mentioned you know personal summers if you’re going through that personal summer where oh my gosh you feel that bead of sweat coming on you can put this right in front of you and you I went for a haircut on Friday and I walk into the salon and the hair cutter across from me I look up and he’s got a arctic air sitting on a little shelf because he wanted the cool well he’s using all those hot tools he got it blowing and he said you know what I know the works great that’s okay bring that personal cool and bring down the degree that you’re feeling 15 degrees to cool down in this summer and yeah this is it this it has a USB port so you don’t even need to be next to an electrical outlet if you’re camping or if you’re outdoors if you’re on a boat if you’re there you want to be outside at the pool explain if you don’t mind how it does work again because there’s something different than just something that’s blasting cold air at you yeah so this is called evaporative cooling evaporative cooling takes the air in the room it passes it through the fan and then through the water now think of the lake effect we go to a lake in the summer because we want to get cool so pass it through the water and then out the end comes cold humidified air that feels so delightful it brings such relief to your skin in the summer think about how hot you were last year how miserable you were maybe you come in from bringing in the groceries and you’re sweating instead of sticking your head in the freezer you can just sit in front of yet already cooler yeah or you walk the dog and you just feel like you need that instant cooldown this is it this is the way it looks this is a nice big on/off switch by the way this is also the water chamber how often do you suggest we add water or change the water so it cos good or last between four and eight hours four if huge is about the amount of time we sleep or the amount of time that we’re spending in the office exactly a good day because if you want to sit in front of the you you’re trying to go to sleep and you can’t do it while you’re hot you put this on it cools you down so you can fall asleep and then you can put it on low and it will stay on for eight hours bringing you a personal cool breeze and I had another way to show you just how cool this is so I have a piece of thermal reactive plastic and I’m going to put it in front and it’s black and but then it’s the immediately it caught some of that cool breeze it begins to change colors this is just a way for me to show you that this is a cool breeze coming out of here because putting a reaction on the thermoplastic it’s receiving that cold air and showing you that it’s changing temperature so the more it’s changing from black to a different colored showing us how quickly it’s oh it’s getting the space yeah isn’t that cool so that’s just another way so now let me show you here so the the water that’s in this chamber comes down into the bottom it’s soaked up by this filter okay and then that cool breeze comes through and that’s how you’re getting that cool air and then you get you can see the water level here see now I can add more water when it gets down and you will see me rotate through colors and you can choose the color that makes you happy that brings you joy that’s a nice little side benefit a little bit light for you perhaps by the way this is a newish item only the last three weeks that we’ve offered this at HSN and we’ve sold over 30,000 in just those few weeks in a couple of airings so it is definitely out there it’s a big buzz and it’s a hot commodity do remember though this is the deluxe version as opposed to the infomercial that I think even more expensive this one has 20% more power and that directional vent which is key to making your curio personal space yeah customized comfort zone yeah so enjoy this get this use the Flex if it helps it’s $13.32 the item is six oh six seven five seven that’s the directional event yes so you get this if you were going to buy this on the infomercial you would not get this you get a stable event here on HSN you get to aim that beautiful cool breeze wherever you want and then this is 20% more powerful than the one that’s on the infomercial now think about a fan because you think oh I could just put on a fan no there’s a big key factor that doesn’t happen interesting points yeah so if I’m in a room I have hot air here it takes the hot air and it still puts out hot air it didn’t change the temperature of the air with arctic air you’re changing the temperature of the air so this is just moving hot air don’t worry do write is very good artic air we moved we change the temperature 16 degrees I did it with the temperature gone and we moved it and this is eco friendly because if you with air conditioning we are conditioning the air here but we’re not using freon we’re not using chemicals and I think one of the best features aside from delivering cold air so you’re here to cool and humidify the air it’s compact and powerful you have the LED which gives you the ambient light or nightlight for the kiddies and then of course energy-efficient and echo but listen to this because this is key if you lose power if you have hurricanes like we did Callie right if you have tornados if you have anything that gives you a power outage my arctic air is running through this portable charger so if you just want to get this to put in your emergency kit you can run this off of your portable charger and maybe you have different ones it doesn’t have to be the instacharge like you see here but you can also run it because it’s USB there’s two sources of electric on the Arctic air you can run it through your laptop as well so either/or of course you get this power outlet to your power charger – so to the wall or to any of the portable chargers that you may have or even your laptops and that sort of things you’re looking with a USB you can charge up your arctic air one more time let’s take temperature difference between the studio sure and what’s being passed through and again it’s passing over the cool water therefore giving you a moist cool air it’s 73 in the 7000 you gotta be for when it okay alright so 73 there and define again right that’s divided so 55 so it took 18 18 degrees think about what that’s going to mean to you this summer when you’re so hot and you’re miserable and you have this cool breeze it’s an it’s a personal cool breeze 45 square feet so it’s not gonna do your whole room but put it by your nose and put it in your office now hood it to cool you and it will be delightful for you it you know a tissue will wipe the sweat off your brow but this tissue sized air cooler will cool you in and tired and sad love this item great show so far the item again 606 757 I mean where you’re exercising for when you’re prepping and getting ready the bathrooms always so hot and sticky after a warm shower it just makes sense so again 606 757 thank you great job even it’s away from our today’s special or origami 2-pack it’s a five tier shelving system with you see how much you can store on these shelves it’s pretty amazing we’ve got the great colors new colors as a matter of fact but really you can maximize vertical storage space now and really get things organized you know what maybe shop in bulk when you can you get a better deal and then you’ve got a place to put everything and you know where it is when you need it five nine three three two eight is the item number of our finest value let’s see most limited choice I’m told is our turquoise the white and black are run away best sellers today but we have a soft pink there’s a really good bronze I know there’s silver there’s a red Navy is new and there’s a burgundy that’s a new color so take a look it’s coming up 593 three to eight would love to talk to you if you happen to own any of our origami shelving systems from the past they’re always customer favorites and certainly this one is no exception it is the lowest price we’ve ever done on that I’m like buy a lot free shipping as well so that’s a nice savings we have a really cool item next from canon in fact this is something i’ve chosen it’s been a while because it’s been a long time since been in stock but I’ve chosen this for my host pick which is by the way coming up in June it’s a portable printer from Canon we know canon what’s better than a canon camera and now they’ve got their own portable printer you can get a black or a white choice but this is literally its print photos right now from a phone it could be an iPad it could be a computer it could be a tablet but any portable device where you’re holding pictures now you can wirelessly send it to the printer and it’s gonna print it off multiple people can now do this because this is a new and improved Canon Selphy photo printer we are so proud where is my pack of paper because at HSN we give you more than anybody else everybody else is gonna give you five little pieces of paper to start printing off your photos we give you an extra 54 pages so you get fifty nine sheets a four by six paper included and if you want more paper we have a couple hundred in stock there’s a hundred and I think eight more pages as an option I’ll get you the info as we move through the presentation but it’s always nice to have that photo paper ready to go and it’s canon photo paper that we include and by the way it comes with the ohm of the ink so there’s no one ink cartridges that are needed no messy expensive cartridges we’ll show you how it works because it’s a whole different system with canon and these are printing like crazy I can’t wait to show everybody Julie the new formats and the collages that you can do with this I know brand-new and the big deal about this selfie is the paper so we’re gonna take this sheet of paper right here I’m gonna put it in the water the paper is waterproof smear proof smudge proof tear proof and it’s fade proof up to 100 years so we’re gonna keep this in for the entire presentation it really is a different process than anything else and I want you to see the printer cuz a lot of times when they show it on air it looks like a regular size four and to me it’s teeny tiny so you can take it with you it’s the brand new built in Wi-Fi you can take all those photos from your phone and instantly print them out now you can take a picture print it out it prints out in about 30 to 40 seconds and it’s like a little mini photobooth photo booths are all the rage so you this is one of the new formats you can do brand new photo booth mode so you can print this out and it’s a dedicated photo printer it prints out instantly on the spot so we’ll show you and then also I brought in a little purse Callie to show that if you’re going on vacation this summer all you have to do is pop it in your luggage or your purse and you can actually take it with you and everyone at the baby shower or the wedding or whatever function that you have going on will they love the side to you printing it out if you wanted to put one on a table or two and have everybody that’s there at the event of graduation I just went to a big party last night a going-away party yeah you know these are the types of events that you know we always have good intentions like I’ll text to that picture and then you’re like oh you know you forget or whatever but now you can give them the hard copy and it’s a really special touch it’s that little touch of old world technology it’s yeah so let’s show you how it works I’m gonna take a picture of Callie so Callie you’re like oh so I’m in the app okay so you take a picture no wires okay I’m gonna use select the photo and then you it has a direct connect or you can connect with Wi-Fi or I have you know we have a new puppy so thank you okay I have about I’m not kidding about 2,000 photos on my phone of the puppy so now you can take all of those photos instantly print it out and it’s different than your regular printer so it’s not an inkjet it’s called a dye sublimation so the ink is actually embedded into the paper you never have to buy separate ink whenever you buy the paper it comes with an ink cartridge that’s right on the side right here and then what it does is it pulls it in and out and each time it’s going in and out it adds another layer of color on it we’re now waiting to watch it really is and it comes out totally dry so it’s totally different than your regular printer there’s Callie this is instant no wires right from my phone now you can also which I use my camera all the time my Canon camera you can go right from your camera pop it in which will show you how to do those got an SD card slot SD and right here your flash drive cellent so a lot of different ways to be able to bring it now and while this is printing it has a brand-new this is a brand-new mode photo booth mode was just so fun different sizes right here okay and then here’s Callie this is instant right here comes out in their holy dry it’s drag exactly and you get by the way 59 pieces of photo paper yeah anywhere else you find this Canon portable printer you get five we gave you a 50 for more if you want even more paper I’m gonna get you the information because I really want you to load up because you’re gonna have so much fun with this this summer there is a hundred and eight piece pack available for you a Canon photo paper for 4495 here’s the info five eight nine zero I want to say two six is the information so you can get that is on a flex pay but again it’s always nice to have the paper on hand but we gave you fifty nine pages started that is a nice little bundle black and white white we’ve got 150 left my producer just gave me an update there that’s the one I have at home I got this a couple years ago when I took my brother on a big 50 year his birthday I trip back to our home town and I just wanted him and I to both have the same experience with hard copied photos yes you can take it with you it’s so small all you have to be able to do is plug it in it has a brand new largest LCD screen that we’ve ever had and the pic right here here’s your LCD screen it’s like a little mini computer I want to take the photo that I just took of Callie because I’m we’re gonna do something that we’ve never done with regular paper and you know even if you go up to the drugstore and get printed out you have your regular photo this is totally different so the last step there that’s like scaring me the last step laminates it okay so it’s totally waterproof smear proof smudge proof it’s even tear proof you can cut it if you want but you can’t tear it and this photo is gonna last for a hundred years so I’m gonna play not that is a horrible I put a colorful photo my water is crystal clear we’re gonna Callie’s gonna go swimming for the presentation it’s incredible to blues look at the fossils are made on the printer in front of me the colors are absolutely amazing dry and the fact that this isn’t gonna turn yellow or kind of you know need proof that’s it yes I know if you like to frame them or if you like to put them on the wall it’s fade-proof up to 100 years it’s the only paper that we can talk about that and we sell all kinds of Canon printers but the selfie is totally different and all of them are a four by six in fact I’ll show you some of the examples that you can do so and you can see it’s printing out instantly right here those are my kids a few there’s my SD card it’s right inside the identity this earlier you just took a scissor and you cut the page in half so you and you can to it as you said yes you select for write on board this is that brand new photo booth mode and then you can cut it right down the middle it even has a little line so you can cut straight and then you can take one and you can give one to a friend that’s a Larry answer mode you were telling me before the show how two people can be sending pictures to the printer site you know right so if you party if you take this to an event you’re on Wi-Fi both of you two people or a group can be selecting photos and you can let’s see a photo booth that right here so it has a brand-new collage mode we’re not just from my cell phone but also from Callie’s cell phone we can be sending it to each other at an event and print it out right on the spot so it really is a full-blown photo booth mode and I want to take my SD card because if you like to go from your camera usually you have to go down to the drugstore or send out for it now all fronts brand-new largest LCD screen that we’ve ever had full color so you can scroll through edit on board you can make your collages on board right here these are some of these from Christmas I think they’re just miscellaneous and then you can scroll you select your photo let’s see we’ll find one here this makes it so easy easy and if you wanted a nice large screen so you can see everything that you’re doing and then you press print right here right on board print and then it prints out it’s a dedicated photo printer and it prints out a 4 by 6 now with the collage mode or your photo booth mode it’s still a 4 by 6 but what it’s done it’s just changed up the size of the pictures but you can cut the photos and then it’s easier than ever with is the brand new one you can print from your phone you can print from your tablet you can print from your computer be a super cool thing to do is if you do have a wedding coming up I produced her Erin got married recently not that long ago and she was saying how much she would have loved if I had this at her wedding because the everybody that goes to the wedding’s Bob if they’re taking pictures of you or the bride you know the the party they can Jew their experience they leave a hardcopy behind for the bride and groom how thoughtful would that be exactly how far they graduate and right oh my gosh all the graduation parties right now you take it with you all you have to do is plug it in so it’s great it literally fits in a person yeah like a couple ounces I think it’s less than two pounds yeah one nine pounds yeah exactly so think about summer vacation this is the size of it right now it fits in your luggage it fits in your purse here’s largest LCD screen ever its Canon quality it has a slot for your SD you can put a flash drive in the side your cassette-tape goes right over here you never have to buy ink so whenever you buy the paper that’s right it’s the paper that is a huge savings and it comes out oranges and then it comes that you can see there’s little tabs right on the side here you just pop those off and it’s a standard four by six so I have to remind everybody sure few things I know it’s you know one of those times of the hour where you’re flipping through stay with us for a second we have less than 400 of these available they’re $30 off there’s a flexpay that makes it really really affordable $25.99 to get this delivered but if you want white we will be selling out of the white first there’s a hundred and something but like less than 150 I definitely recommend it that’s the color I have I just love it but the black is really really great too but we give you 59 pages of paper anywhere else that you’re going to spend more for this you’re gonna get five we give you 59 pages of Canon photo paper and so you get the five that everybody else gives you but we give you fifty for more so a total of 59 pages if you want more paper we have 250 left there’s a hundred and eight pages extra if you want this only forty four ninety five is on a flex 200 and I think 50 available these sell so quickly I just want to make sure you have an opportunity to pick it up there it is five eight nine zero two six if you want 108 more pages that 4495 is available on a flex so just putting that out there because when we get down to the wire like this treat to do this because it’s been a long time yeah and when it gets home you’re gonna want to be printing all of your books so true let me give you some examples so it prints out black and white you can print out from your facebook you can print out from your Instagram if they’re all a standard four by six this is Leslie at her baby shower but on board look what I made at her baby shower you can put it and select into collage mode that’s brand new here’s an Instagram photo if you like filters you can filter it and then you can have your white border on your collage in fact these were photos from my phone and my son’s phone of the new puppy and then here’s some more collage mode is so much fun this was a Christmas card we did a black border in between a lot of fun different ideas and then again do black and white and color right and when you say I can print from other devices tell us what the list is I mean Apple Apple Android on your phone your tablet even your desktop computer from a laptop airdrop you can airdrop from Apple if you have Apple you’re already doing that you probably don’t even know what it is true yeah exactly so from your tablet I’m gonna show you from a tablet and the other thing is you could take a picture live and print it out like I did with Kali or you can go into your camera roll right here select your photo print it out and this is on my tablet it can be a tablet or it can be your phone or your computer it’s so many different ways where you can print it out and then if you want to do those collage modes you just do them right on board so it’s more ways than ever to print so I love the fact it’s better than it even was at the beginning when we offered this and this is an amazingly low price for this we sell it normally for 159 I mean the whole bundle tallies up to close to $300 but keep in mind we give you that extra 54 pages of photo paper yeah that’s huge buy everywhere you get the five sheets that’s like canons starter so you get that plus the additional paper and then you can see the little screen tells you what step it’s in and all you have to do now you have a hard copy I love this little item white it’s definitely going to be selling out first we have both black and white same item number six zero nine one eight one the fact they come out in I mean insolently dry hated yeah we dry and then here we go soaking in water here they are right down here totally waterproof and please destroy that phone at me thank you appreciate you thank you for your orders again 609 181 here’s some info on scrapbooking month and our today’s special is next it’s project central around here with just a little imagination some of this a bit of that the possibilities are endless whether you’re just getting started or you know your way around the glue gun we have the supplies and ideas to help get it done say yes.2 DIY at HSN who knew a little piece of plastic could be so much fun now when you apply for the HSN card instantly get $10 off it’s all about you extra flex on the things you love now when you use your HSN card you get extra flex all day every day on all jewelry beauty and fashion purchases plus no interest VIP financing VIP easy returns exclusive offers all with no annual fee apply now call one 800 695 1/4 1/8 or search HSN card at hsn.com well we have one of our favorite things here at HSN happens to be our finest value of the day Tracey Rosa is showing you how you literally when you’re not using it as a shelf you can collapse it and tuck it away like you ever don’t use it but the point is there’s no tools required because the only assembly is attaching the darn wheels if you want to you don’t have to but it comes out of the box like this and Tracy this is the most extraordinary value and we’ve done some good values on origami shelving over the years but this is the lowest price the only time I’ve done this with you is 139 when 29 today free shipping on top of that and this is not an inexpensive gift to send so for free shipping applying today it really is a fantastic opportunity on a flex is $25.99 now here’s the best news we’re going to show you how much these shelves hold they come with wood shelves this time you do get both of these five-tier shelves and we have some really new fun new colors starting here with the soft pink isn’t that beautiful the nice life blush I love this you know this is giving you that extra storage space in any room in the house literally 10 linear feet of storage space can you believe that times 2 so technically 20 feet of linear stores even mean though linear and linear space okay let’s talk about linear storage space do you mind if I do it over there let’s do it because black white burgundy or the brand-new burgundy there’s red there’s turquoise there’s silver there’s Navy and then there’s black there’s a yep oh this is it oh wow okay so all of this right here linear storage space basically means that we’ve got on each shelf five shots okay each shelf is five each rack has five shells each shelf is two feet okay so 2 times 2 or 2 times 5 is 10 ding ding ding ding ding that was like me going around and around and trying to get my math right you know it’s 10 linear feet it’s basically going up instead of out so instead of having you know 10 feet of table we’re doing 2 2 2 2 2 and that’s where you’re getting your linear storage space okay and that’s what we need because 2 has enough room for a 10 foot table and the truth is most of us just waste a lot of air space you know that could be used to organize and get things you know neat and tidy there’s a lot of products right housed on the shelves right so every single thing we’ve duplicated everything at this table it’s on this rack so I want you to think though of this not necessarily being just for a pantry don’t think of this just as groceries think of this as your trip to the shoe store your trip to the makeup store your trip to the clothing store your anytime that you’re lugging in any major bags loading and unloading it all on the table and asking yourself where in the world am I gonna store all the site I know you’ve been there I’ve been absolutely none of these pictures have enough storage our bathrooms never have enough storage closets and you can use these anywhere in any room that’s what’s so great you might not even know where you’re gonna use them yet you don’t have to use them together they can be separated you can put them together and create even more depth in a clock in a pantry you can put them side-by-side create that long storage system you can create an l-shape people travel with these when they go to the flea markets or they’re you know selling their crafts saw at the summer markets and they really fold down and slip them into your car pull them out load them up with your things and you know make some money yeah and look this is that one rack that you can put in those tight-knit areas as we go through all the colors remember this is less than a foot off the wall why is that important well say this isn’t the wall and I’ve got my big plate and I’m coming around the corner the last thing I want to do is bump into anything so this is less than a feet off the wall two feet wide and just under five feet tall so that great storage space and remember zero assembly that’s what we love so much about origami literally that’s it and then you decide if you want the wheels on or not it’s completely up to you I like the wheels on but that’s just because I feel like I changed my mind daily about where I go I do too in fact that’s what I do I rearrange furniture to pretend like I’ve been shopping and got something new but bottom line is how much weight does each shelf hold 20 pounds 20 or so per shelf okay and that’s what the wheels on if you want a little bit of extra weight take the wheels off and you can add a couple pounds per shelf but 20 20 20 so a hundred pounds worth of weight let’s remember with each one of these racks you’re getting these wood planks which has not been included in the past right planks are really really hen you get four per rack before per rack and what I love about this is so you are able to do this however you want maybe you want one rack with all wood shelves yeah okay and then you want this one that just stays without the wood because you want to put it outside here’s a couple things if you want more wood felt they are available at 24.95 and I believe it’s another four pack yeah and then imma get you an item number for those same item number four you may have noticed some of the little hang in the baskets like this there are extra baskets exactly it come in a two-pack and you choose whatever color you’d like to go back to whatever shelves you already have even if you’ve got other origami systems so here’s the silver we’ve got the navy we’ve got all the colors in our today’s special there’s black and bronze and white and red and burgundy and pink maybe burgundy sold out I’m not sure but it’s definitely a great way to even maximize more of that space yeah truth is we all need more room over places to put our things most of us just have wasted space against a wall or you know maybe it’s under the staircase maybe it’s in the garage maybe it could be anywhere that’s why in fact I love your phone calls join us with your testimonials our lines are wide open I’d love that you just keep opening and closing I’m going to take this with me to every single spot because I want to see how many times I can put this to you our twenty minutes with you today so think of where you have two feet of space think of those places that are really hard to buy storage for think of the bathroom I know that that’s one of the hardest places to get storage because what are the options particleboard plastic you know that stuff molds it melts down if you put anything warm in there a particle boards a no-go when it comes to heat and humidity this is powder coated steel so you want this in the bathroom because look at this that’s all its gonna do is take off that much room off the wall and again it’s two feet so the storage is incredible but we’ve got awesome colors cuz listen origami no said storage Anor it doesn’t have to be ugly you know we’re gonna get a great dolphin and we’re going to show you to all the other ways to store it’s not just for the pantry or for the bathroom at the laundry room the most popular are the white and the black okay meaning if you’re interested in either of those colors and know it’s a really early part of the day so I don’t want you to come back later tonight and potentially miss one of the color options and do the shelves come in a different color if you’re getting a different yeah and that’s what I wanted to point out so with this black one this is the only one that’s gonna be that same color as the base as the foundation so this black one is going to give you that sleek very mod very good overall black color right there so keep that in mind as we go through so there you go you’ve got the black down black all of them are that powder coated steel so that’s the black one right next to your smart good pop of color so right here is that beautiful white brick for laundry rooms bathrooms very clean and then you’ve got that light oak on top that’s gonna be that color wood that you’re getting with that behind you is our brand new Burgundy love it I mean it’s kind of like a rich berry color but again it’s giving you that beautiful wood tone that’s going to complement it and add that wonderful pop of color and design I don’t have my car but you happen to know what the dimensions are from here to here so feet to feet fantastic and steps out a foot off the wall absolutely really easy to slip into any any room I’m thinking about some of the smaller you know studio apartments my son lives in a studio apartment his kitchen is this big Billy with zero cabinets or countertops so things like this come in really handy that red I mean great yeah accent color in the kitchen and like I said before origamis nailed it also origamis done a great job of complementing colors so if you have another origami item in your kitchen that’s red this is gonna match up perfectly or if it’s turquoise it’s gonna do the same so again turquoise remember we have the wood planks on the one behind here this one we have a set up as a garden why cuz this powder-coated steel if you just want to have all your herbs right here all you have to do is hose it down we talked about yesterday I love that idea and then here’s your silvery and here are those baskets that we talked about look at so easy to install you’ve got you know you basically have a shelving system and with these baskets you’re automatically going to have a drawer storage system and you can see baskets come in a two-pack yes and they are here we go nine three two one they’re only 29.95 or two so even if you’re not getting our today’s special in this origami rack and you’ve got others these will work for you yeah our heavy-duty our two packs all of that stuff if it says left to choose from sue our sales reps have that and it’s also on hsn.com but this is the Navy this is a new color and this new color to this absolutely and we’re talking earlier with Alice I mean if you like a coastal theme if you like coastal colors or you know I think of like Nantucket I think of beachy stuff that is gonna give you that wonderful wonderful option and then of course we’ve got the beautiful bronze bronze way really really pretty and did you know you get to it’s not one it’s two this is origami is just the smartest product it has helped so many of us get our lives together again whether it’s the garage that was a disaster zone or you’re just things everywhere getting it up and off the floor and organized in this way is so smart now the original origami shelving system is much bigger than this he’s only got four shelves great I still have my original but something like this is much more I think it’s easier to slip into our world because it’s a smaller profile foot off the wall two feet wide and you get five different shelves you can use the wood planks that are included or not I love the idea of using these outdoors living in Florida salt air eats everything alive yes but how do powder coated steel is gonna survive absolutely and that powder coated steel is different I mean we think of what normally happens well normally steel is painted ours isn’t ours it’s lytic little literally a chemical process that we put that color on the steel these are steel obviously but they’re lightweight okay this is just stone just around 17 pounds so if I need to store this it’s not a problem but again how do we assemble this – that’s so awesome yeah it’s so easy and to be able to have a storage system like this that really can cuz listen it is our smaller footprint it’s a smaller footprint like you said we’ve got the heavy duty ones we sell those all day long but you can’t put a big heavy-duty one like this in a pantry closet you can’t put it in that bathroom you can’t put that in that small nook right behind the stairways you know that one they call that storage but you can’t get all the way in there this is gonna get in there you know I talk about the fact when we bought our house we had a pantry and we had those racks we had them screwed into the walls well I couldn’t even reach some of those back shelves in there because it’s just it wasn’t right this I’m able to pull it out I can take a clothes inventory yeah that’s a great point and this is an fact I’m gonna check the ones behind you this is one of the things I love is that you can cut is your pantry but that’s where you’re gonna use it or whatever closet based on the space that you’re dealing with so if you want to use one this way and maybe get another one behind it to create a deeper shelf if you want to do it this way if you want to create the L and then if you need to get for example in the pantry if you need to get to the back shelf you will the front shelf out and then you’ve got access to what’s back there so that there’s just a million ways to but really have a customized you know closet or pantry wherever you’re going to use it and you can use this in front of anything that is permanent I had to get that right so if you’re putting this in a closet like a closet door or a bathroom door and you want it you can wheel this out of the way to get into that closet so say that your garage have some storage already built into it but you want a little bit more you can still put that there and then move this out of the way and get into that cabinet to get into that closet to get into whatever so you can’t do that with other storage systems you would never put true a rack in front of a closet so most other systems options in your you know local DIY stores are permanent and that means you spend a weekend putting those shelves in you cannot change your mind because once they’re there they’re there and then if you ever leave you’re leaving your investment behind too when you leave if you move this goes with you wherever you go I think about the students that are going to and from college you know they’ve got the summer months to be able to come home and enjoy what do you do with the stuff that you’re gonna know you want to use next year when you go from sophomore year to your junior year this is something if you fold it put it in a storage unit literally could use it to keep things organized but it takes up inches of space most shelving systems are just like uh so cumbersome and every other system I know of requires assembly what the heck is that oh you know we talk about this all the time then you know origami your assembly and you know you go to these stores and you buy you know you see it on the shelf it looks fantastic they give you the box you bring the box to your car and then you that’s like inside the box and then this is what you see you’ve got five pages instructions you’ve got nuts bolts screws you know all of that sometimes they give you like a little tool and then this is your Sunday afternoon this is the fight with your spouse wasted putting furniture together you don’t have to worry about that with origami there’s no more trying to line these up perfectly then get the screw remember one time I thought Justin oppressor from that one of those stores and I remember Jamie at the time he was like I’m not helping I’m not fine you don’t need to help I can do this so I spent like hours and I was just determined when the whole dresser got put together there was one piece left over and I was like I have no idea what was supposed to go it never did work properly the whole thing was just a little wobbly but how about and you have this thing of the past I trust that origami has some really smart people there then I put this together for me so everything is balanced and I’m a tall girl I have nine without heels and I’ve got heels on today so knowing this stands what five feet yeah just under I think it’s for seven to be exactly you know and then it weighs only seventeen pounds again you’re getting four planks per shelf but since it’s not permanently installed look at how we have this one right here all of the planks are on this shelf alone so like I want to show you this why why is that important well for example a lot of our appliances and stuff have little feet on them so let’s not have a shelf and see what happens you know that it’s it’s uneven it falls through the cracks what about this you know we go to those stores and we buy all of that great stuff and we you know grab grab all these tchotchkes and stuff but we want to show the system that’s going to be able to maintain that with with these nice wood planks were allowing you to create that perfect environment yet it’s so functional yeah think about picture frames Easter we like to have you know the our personal little touches added but the thing is and I found this to be the case over the years we offer a lot of different variations of the origami racks at HSN I just bought one for my son this set to to him in LA it’s a baker’s rack for his kitchen but I love the fact that they can be used in even the most important rooms of our homes you know our living rooms they’re that good-looking they aren’t some industrial looking you know no shelf it’s something that you can based on some of the ideas we’re showing here in the studio it’s they’re attractive they blend in with our home decor and if you love little pops of color maybe you picked the turquoise or the Navy or the the fun red or the burgundy the white is awesome in a bathroom or a laundry room lutely absolutely it’s really taking storage and organization and turning it functional and making it beautiful because listen I spend a lot of money trying to make my house look a certain way that I want it to look like but you have to have storage storage is a must so why would you put an eyesore in a room it’s like you’ve created to have that perfect environment this allows you okay let’s just look at this for a second this is the black one we’ve got it propped out as like a cereal or breakfast station okay so we have stuff we need Syria bulls we’ve got utensils we’ve got our drawers with artful things but there are some things that we don’t necessarily need but we like the look of you know like up here gives it that complete look so you’ve got the black the pop of turquoise this gives it that design looks let’s do the colors again okay you’ve got the beautiful black right here okay next to it is white remember all of the colors are that powder coat oh yeah popular choices burgundy and it’s kind of like a rich berry color very very rich look at how gorgeous that is again notice the height between each shelf and this is another great application because a lot of us have appliances that we’ve music occasionally right we don’t have cabinets to store them right now and then you’ve got this beautiful red number one accent color but this is all the stuff we have in our kitchen and instead of having this in cabinets out of sight out of mind we’ve got it right here is the pink of course that’s an option for you a beautiful blush and listen turquoise this is the most limited color I think we’ve got about 500 left one day and it makes sense because like I said Reds the number excellent color but this retro turquoise is a very close we’ve got that beautiful silver again with the baskets stainless steel industrial love it here’s your navy another new crane is five tiered shelving system and you get not one but two by the way it’s also $70 off today plus the free shipping another 20 on that so you’re saving over $90 here’s the bronze and once again we just want to show you the kind of capacity wouldn’t you say 10 linear feet all I know is that’s a lot right look at all that you see here on this table our house here now on the shelving system from origami you should read some reviews too if you go to hsn.com there are hundreds of perfect five-star rated reviews as you order by the way and in fact 340 five-star reviews that’s a perfect rating right it’s a lot of stuff at now organized and neat and tidy and take it out of the pantry like I said if this is your shoe collection if this is your clothing collection if this is your pantry if this is your craft stuff your office stuff your kids room if you just have stuff laying around you need a solution this is it zero assembly all you have to do is put the wheels on literally ten linear feet of storage space times two so technically 20 feet of storage space 200 pounds worth of weight capacity zero assembly did I say that much better I love it’s a treat it feels good especially as a woman to like not need the guy time you can do it on your terms act like you need time this is like seconds and it’s all set to go again five nine three three two eight to get our finest value of the day yay all colors are still here we have so many things on hsn.com as well there’s a whole category that we call hot items take a look at some of them and they change periodically I think actually even every week check out this hot item the LG rebel free it’s a beautiful Android phone is three-and-a-half inches 16 gigs and as a tracfone so when you find a tracfone like this you know you’re not going to get stuck with any contracts and that sort of thing you can kind of take charge of your budget it’s only 50 995 and you can take a look at all the details but it comes with 1200 minutes text data all that is included free shipping as well that’s 6:05 2:05 so hot item something to take a look at on hsn.com I’m gonna make my way to the beauty set because it’s time for an incredible show we do periodically in fact every month called the beauty spy stay with us discover the newest way to create a style all your own the HSN style edit a curated look at the season’s best most original fives for every part of your life we decode the trends share tips and how to’s and give you the inspiration you need to style it your way it’s the joy of the hunt and the thrill of the bind your unique style is here discover it now exclusively at hsn.com since 2011 HSN cares and Habitat for Humanity have been helping women realize their dream of home ownership HSN cares believes and giving back you’re building lives HSN actually cares for the entire month of May HSN cares will donate one dollar from every at-home item sold during at-home shows none of this could’ve happened without your donations thank you for helping me make my dream a reality HSN cares is the heart of everything we do it’s HSN royalty

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