Make Clear Planter / Vase | unique & Unusual idea | Creative Table Top Planter //GREEN PLANTS

Welcome to my channel in this video i’m going to make different style table top planters using A4 size transparent sheets now stick the double sided sticky tape on the edge of transparent sheet removing other side sticking paper then start with one corner and roll the sheet at an angle to make a cone and press the sticky tape slowly to stick other edge of the sheet cut the endings apply the pvc glue to seal the edges for preventing water leakage now i’m going to make another shape follow the same method and make another shape planter now i’m going to make a base for these planters using cement i just use some plastic dishes ,cement and cooking oil applying cooking oil before filling cement paste to make a strong base i just mix cement, sand and water make a liquid paste Consistency then put in the dishes then place the transparent sheet rolls into the cement mix after 24 hours release the plastic dish just sanding to make a smooth top surfaces painting i just fill the water in this planter to check the water leakage there is no leakage put some gravels and fill the water to clean the dust from the gravels after fill the fresh water and place the water plant in this planter put the potting soil and plant the succulent to water this planter use only spray water for once in 3 days now i just add some sand stones for decorate in this planter i just put some black gravels and water thanks for watching

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