DIY Van Life Bed | Van Bed Converts to Couch with Storage

Hey guys I’m gonna be showing you my DIY van life bed in great detail today and why I think it’s more convenient than most other types of beds in van life Amazon links are below in the description for almost everything I used in this entire van yo so my name’s Ryan and this is the house I built from an empty cargo van. I do actually currently live inside of this full-time. Let’s get started. I’m going to show you the bed that I’m laying on so first of all this bed that I chose is a foam mattress bed it has two different types of foam oh the first type of foam on the top this is a softer material it’s much squishier and it um you know it kind of forms to your body more and then the second type of foam down below it’s much more dense like if you were to put your your knee or something down into it you wouldn’t go all the way through to the wood below it this is actually fixed on some of my back issues and then this is the same exact thing the back to the couch when it’s up if you were to have a larger bed spring mattress then that thing would come up to about here oh why did I choose this type of bed over a lot of other types of designs and fan life a lot of people choose to have the beds that that extend out from below they’ll have the the interlocking wooden pieces that they’ll make themselves it’ll extend out and then they’ll just slide the mattress down onto it now the reason I don’t like that and the reason I did it this way is because I don’t want that mattress to be squished up all the time during the day this is two pieces there’s the bigger piece down here this this big piece down here is actually the size of a twin bed all the way across and then on when you add this it becomes a full bed plus another inch that way also allows me to pull this up and then I have it’s a chest as you can see that’s how I prop up my bed is just a little stick that I put right here and see how tall just the bottom of the bed is for storage and this over here is actually left open so I can get to close real quickly and then the other side is actually left open as well first built the van when I was first starting to build it then I had a bed that would go from that side all the way to this side so I would lay down this way not down this way didn’t really allow me to travel through here I found that I was too tall I’m six-three my feet couldn’t properly you know extend off the bed I like it when my feet go otherwise they’re up like this and that’s no bueno so I’m gonna show you quickly how to extend the bed first I take the pillow and put it up in a area it’s not gonna mess with anything then you would take this foam and put it right here and then so you can get to this piece of wood and then I will bring this down now you see there’s rails right here there’s one rail right here and another rail they go all the way down except for right here so I just pull that and put it in the spot and it just falls in place and then there’s a little cutout right here so the handle doesn’t get hit and then I just bring this down and and then I’ll bring this over cuz it’s folded over and then I’ll just put it over like so there’s a few perks to having a bed like this it’s so big inside such a small van during the day I have a walk with at night I can have the comfort of a huge bed as you see the bed goes all the way the very back could just lay and look off a mountain scape look into the ocean or you know just wherever I’m parked and then there’s my pillows right here I have one pillow that just stays there and then the big pillow and then the body pillow that’ll sleep with and you know that’s just that now the benefits of having a bed like this I can actually sit down here you can see in the mirror I could just sit here and I can open the door and I can look out if someone else wants to stay here while I’m driving you know without a seatbelt good for them but you know the other thing I can sit up here and cook you know if I wanted to Indian style and then I can also afterwards bring over this and wash the dishes after I cook Indian style and then if I want to I can sit back put these pillows and stretch away that I can lay back on them and then watch TV so another way to take advantage of this nice big bed in this tiny little van is to listen to music I have two of these speakers up here right over my bed and I have it switched on and I could just lay back right here and you know listen to the music but I have this awesome little switch over here to put that on and I lay back and I just listen to the music party okay now I’m gonna show you how to put the bed back up put this back over here out of the way again but instead this time I’m I put this stuff over here and just watch how quick this is this I just basically do it and reverse from before and I move this back up which is not actually that heavy I just want to show you guys the construction of it then I cut out pieces just to make it you know fit with everything just plywood and regular too much worse and put that in place you know it’s just back real quick thing and then the last thing I do I put this back here and then I can sit back again this material right here and this material right here they’re both bamboo now the good thing about bamboo and why you should use it too and your own van is because they’re naturally antimicrobial meaning that it’s not going to stink up after a long period of use this thing doesn’t really seem to get dirty if you really look at it it’s still very very clean it definitely still smells like it’s new and I’ve been living in this thing for seven months now and now I’ve washed it of course the other thing I have over here in this little corner that’s another comforter for the wintertime if I really need it if I get cold the way where you get foam you could go to Foam factory calm that’s WWF own factory calm I’m not like associated with them or anything I just that’s where I went through I don’t get paid if you buy it quickly the construction so I have it up on its little stick right now so as you see this thing is over there I can still fit back there even though it’s propped up and that’s because there’s a flat part on the other side and then there’s a hinge and then it goes up I use the door hinges that you would use in a house the you know they’re nice big and strong and it seems to work so I have no concern or issues okay so I promise you if you buy it and build a bed like this you will not regret it this is actually fixed all my back problems from when I was living in a house I love this bed it’s actually the most comfortable bed I’ve ever owned so if you’ve liked this video go ahead and click Subscribe below and thank you guys for watching I’ll see you next time

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