Beautiful Tree Pot or Planter Making With Kitchen Tools | Modern Planter DIY Ideas //GREEN PLANTS

Welcome to my channel in this video i’m going to show you making beautiful planter using flour sifter these are the plastic flour sifters it’s a transparent sheet now i’m just applying the glue on the half of top edge of the sifter it’s a super glue and we can also use all purpose adhesive next place and paste the transparent sheet on the sifter and then allow to dry the glue for half an hour next i’m going to do the same work on the other sifters after half an hour i just cut and remove the excess sheet now a sifter pocket is ready to plant next put the coco peat into the pocket and then plant some shrub plants or any small or medium house plants or succulents after planting spraying the water we can also spray water from the back side of the planter thanks for watching

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