Hey guys! It’s Jana! And I am sitting in the spare room which has turned into like the new kids rooms storage area so today I wanted to show you everything that we got for the kids bedroom so this would be kind of like a kid’s bedroom haul and so all of this over here is all the new stuff that we’ve bought so far and then the rest of the room is their stuff from their rooms since their rooms are empty now I’m glad I didn’t figure out what I wanted to do with this room because at this moment we need a first storage so I just wanted to show you everything that we got I think everything is super cool obviously or I wouldn’t spend my money on it but anything that I can I will link down below if you want to get it for yourself or for your kids so go ahead and hit subscribe thumbs up check all the links down below be sure to share this video so we can grow our family here on YouTube and let’s see what we got so this is the tuft and needle pillow as it expands Oh that’ll be nice so this is for Emma’s room and since we are doing bunk beds we got two of them two pillows we got a couple storage bins for Quin he picked out the navy he also picked out a red but I didn’t get it because it look kind of orange I didn’t like it so we got two blue storage bins so this had that bean bag that you put all your stuffies in that’s what this was Emma just couldn’t wait but here’s another one so this one is navy with stars the other one that Emma got was grey with stars because her room is going to be like blues and grays so pretty cute so let’s get it out so this thing is so cool guys those of you who didn’t see it on another video so it’s an empty beanbag chair pretty much essentially and then you just fill it with your stuffies and zip it up and you got a beanbag chair and storage for your stuffed animals I am in love multi-functional toy storage yes please save those target bags I love Target bags, do you love target bags? we got a desktop lamp for Quin’s room because daddy is making them desks which is nice oh and it’s LED that’s nice no light bulbs Quin’s room I’ll just separate as I go along I guess there must be another one of these somewhere so we got blackout curtains for Quin’s room so he picked these out so it’s white on the top and navy on the bottom here’s a throw pillow for Emma’s room so cute another throw pillow I love those so cute because Emma’s room is going be like mountain scenery thing that I’m painting on it’s a mural that I’m painting on her room anyway you’ll see that later I found this artist on Etsy and you can just buy the design and then you can have it put on anything or print it anywhere it was just a download so look at this isn’t that awesome I think they are so cool that is just so neat and then we have this one the bear and then we have a fox a fox since Emma loves animals she just loved these and I’m really excited about these so these will go on her wall here’s something for Quin’s wall if I can get it out that’s not it why would you why would you put staple there I don’t know that’s not good I almost punctured our poster where’s my scissors poster for Quin’s room isn’t that cool I love it so Quin’s favorite colors are red and blue so he wanted red and blue bedding and kind of spiraled out of control and they came more USA but it’s kind of hard to get away from that I guess if you do blue and red I guess we could have went the French route but anyway yep we’re going USA, USA a okay so with that poster we got frame nice big black frame and on his other wall we got this old vintage flag I thought that was really cool so I’ll get that ironed up this is actually part of his furniture this is his nightstand we just needed the color to match because daddy is making their desktops and he wanted it to match and we’re also putting wood planks across one of his walls to make it I don’t know a little different so we had to get the match but the box with the nightstand is somewhere around here so we will be putting that all together here’s a little lamp for that nightstand which is awesome because it is touch I love the touch it looks pretty cool and sleek I was happy we ran into that so he can read at night oh gosh so this is Quin’s bedding so red and blue right but it is very cool I really like it They’re neat colors so it is a queen he is getting the guest bed that is actually done in my office so he can have like a man bed so I think that’ll be really cool alright Emma picked out these cubbies little gold polka dots on there very cute she picked that out when we were in California actually that’s where she got the pillows too really so daddy is also making Emma’s bunk bed it is going to be so amazing sneak peek but I am so excited about that so we got some star lights that are going to hang across it just for a little nightlight I thought they were cute so for Quin’s bed we have a mattress protector some bed sheets so these are really nice little plaid and I got two sets so it’ll be easier to clean and switch out the sheets much better than just having one I hope so these are for Emma’s windows these are curtains for her windows they’re black out so it’s just like a nice woven grey I like it okay we moved this haven’t even opened yet I am pretty sure that it’s Emma’s bedding cute yeah I haven’t seen this okay that should look really nice okay so we got some stripes here so it has some blue grey darker blue stripes in there that looks really nice so we have two sets of these one of them is not here yet it will be here Monday but we got two since she’s having bunk beds we need it two Stay okay I also got some extra pillows for the shams both the kids bedding comes with shams so I grabbed a couple of these here’s the other one here’s the second curtain for Quin’s so good good good need to iron that oh boy I got a lot of ironing to do I haven’t opened this one yet either this one should be Emma’s sheets yep two pairs of sheets I guess I should have gotten four so it’s a nice light gray so it’ll go with the stripes let’s see how it feels though because they didn’t have any more of that brand of sheets oh that should be good alright so we need to wash those this is the curtain rod that Emma picked out a crystal ball now these were already installed but the kids got ceiling fans so we had to get the rooms wired we didn’t even have it wired so but they are loving the fan guys it is keeping it so much cooler in there these two big boxes behind me these are Quin’s bed so I will just insert a picture from the internet of what the bed actually looks like because I’m not getting all these pieces out we got to build that when we put the room together this is Quin’s curtain rod looks all industrial and cool all manly like I also got Quin one of those stuffy beanbags so this is just Navy and white striped so that should go good in his room we got office chairs for both the kids so it’s the same chair but different colors so Quin got the black and then we got Emma the grey we got some storage cubbies yeah so we bought four of these these are going to be you know like the ends of their desk because my husband got a big long plank and has been sanding and staining and polishing all those up for the desktop but these are going be its legs so that’s what the cubbies were for the little box is that they got so they’re going to have the box on the bottom on each side and then their books on each side so that way the toy room won’t be a toy room anymore because they can’t handle it so they have to keep their rooms clean Emma has a desktop lamp so that’ll be nice boop boop love it down to the finest detail everybody got atrash can need that what else is happening oh so a couple big things over here in this box is Quin’s nightstand and then we have two mattresses right here yeah so that’s for Emma’s bed two twins so that’s everything we got so the only thing that we are waiting on in the mail is one more set of Emma’s bedding for the other bunk and daddy to finish making the bunk he’s doing amazing by the way you guys are gonna love it we actually had a big metal Q specially made just for Quin for his room on his accent wall I think it’s gonna look really cool because you know what a lot of like stores like craft stores like Homegoods and where else did I check Hobby Lobby and stuff they just skip right over Q man like you can’t even get online LMNOP…RST like they totally skip Q and I get it there’s not a lot of Q people out there but there’s some of us but anyway I got it over on Etsy I’ll link his stuff down below if you are interested in a huge metal letter for some reason I was maybe you are I am so excited to put this all together we had a little hiccup with the painter but it is still happening we had a little scheduling miscommunication but that’s okay it’s all coming together we got all our stuff here we’re ready to rock people we want this to happen especially before we go on summer break so the kids have their rooms but anyway so I just wanted to share all the stuff that we got I think it’s all really cool and I will link everything I can find down below for you so you could check it out so thank you so much for watching go ahead and hit subscribe thumbs up check all the links down below be sure to share with your friends so we can grow our family over here and I will see you next time

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