Lucidchart Tutorials – Create an org chart from Bamboo HR

To import via BambooHR, click Import Data in the bottom left corner of your screen, select Org Chart, and then select BambooHR from the org chart import window. Enter your company’s domain for BambooHR and Lucidchart will verify if that’s a valid domain. Click next to continue. You’ll be prompted to log-in and then select the fields from BambooHR. We also have a search feature in case your organization has many fields to navigate. Note: you only need to select the fields you want. Once all of the fields are selected, click Import Data. You’ll then be able to let Lucidchart know if you prefer to create one large org chart from your information, or if you want to create several org charts based on any fields in your data, such as Department, or Supervisor.

Click Next. We’ll notify you if there are any problems with your import, such as individuals with no supervisor and you can click finish to complete your import. And voila! Your new org chart is imported and you’ll automatically enter edit mode so you can begin editing names and roles, adding, moving, or deleting shapes in your chart. If you would like to move your org chart or work on something else in your document, just double click outside of the org chart to exit edit mode. Now you can drag and move your org chart as a whole, or start building with other shapes. .

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