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Well we are starting off our show this morning with a brand-new item that I think is absolutely beautiful you know when we talk about making over our bedroom instantly you know giving new life to our room for a brand-new season of course much easier than painting the walls it’s simply replacing the sheets on your bed and this brand-new set that we have for you from Highgate Manor is absolutely beautiful especially if you’re really into the big trend and home decor with mixing all of your prints here is a gorgeous damask pattern sheet that comes in the most stunning colors 500 thread count cotton blend rich sheet that’s absolutely stunning and is really going to add so much elegance into your bedroom so it’s brand-new today and because it’s brand-new we’re launching it at ten dollars off the price that it will be it is on three flexible payments for our show and it’s on free shipping and handling today the colors as you can see are absolutely beautiful whether you like the Aqua that’s on the bed that rich sage green which is like a spa we’ve got a beautiful gold a lilac the Pearl and the slate gray I know a lot of us love to decorate with grace we have that as well the sizes are full queen king and california king and the exciting thing is is no matter what size bed you have everybody pays the same thing today which is under twenty dollars our special guest is Karen LeBlanc is absolutely amazing she’s a decorator and design journalist and really all of your home decor tips hi miss you good to see you too so I am super excited about the damask print sheet set from Highgate Manor I wanted to bring you something that’s traditional but a fresh current interpretation so we’ve taken this timeless motif the damask pattern which you’ve seen a lot of woven jacquards we’ve translated it into a print put it on this comfy cozy sheet set in this nice serene on trend color palette and what we’ve done if you look closely at the top sheet you’ll see this beautiful large-scale damask print again that timeless motif it’s a tonal design so we’re looking at aqua so you’re looking at almost like a beautiful on the light aqua base and a darker turquoise tunnel print and we have of course the top sheet with a four-inch helm and I want to show you the hem here on the top sheet because it has this beautiful plate finish this really nice high-end designer detail and then look at the pillowcases these are so beautiful they can function on top of bed is an actual pillow sham because they’re just so stylish and again you have that 4 inch finished edge you have the nice pleated him and if you flip it over you’ll see that this beautiful damask tunnel print is both front and back all the way around now we paired it on the bed with pearls so we have the sheet set and pearl is just lovely this is so summer and spring fresh there aqua and pearl combination and the color palette itself I’m super thrilled about because we’ve done this in a nice soft restful serene color palette so again we have these we have the sage sage which is almost like a moss again with this tunnel demas different we have the platinum which is you can see the darker almost great exactly that tonal so it just still very soothing and again the gold and we have lilac yes very so just the right dose of color for something very serene and restful for the bed exactly well we already have an update even though these are brand-new we are already losing sizes in the California king so if that’s the size bed that you have definitely be in the ordering process if you want to make over your bedroom with this beautiful design Highgate Manor is all about refined luxury and that’s what this sheet set really embodies the job via Slee the the design is absolute pure elegance and so beautiful but the 500 thread count cotton blend this is actually a weightier sheet so you can feel the luxury you can feel the quality there’s nothing flimsy about this gorgeous absolutely the hand again just is so soft and feathery soft to the hand and that is because we’ve taken the best that cotton has to offer and we’ve blended it with just the right dose of microfiber so what we have is this amazing sheet that performs its wrinkle resistant it holds its color and it’s going to be resistant to shrinking and pilling and we’ve done that by taking cotton and mixing it with the microfiber so this is sixty percent cotton forty percent microfiber again the best of both worlds is created with this with the sheet set and so soft to the hand the yarns are brushed I have to point that out because that really does affect your sleep experience it’s very soothing to the touch and it’s mercerized which means it’s treated for that low maintenance high performance fabric exactly I was showing everybody the gold because I just think that this is pure elegance I think it is yeah it’s very rich it’s very luxe maybe if you’ve got the Burgundy’s in your room maybe you’ve got the Grays in your room I mean so much is going to go back with this or if you want to take the Aqua if you’re somebody that almost always doubles up on your your set of sheets because you like to get four pillowcases go for maybe the Aqua and the gold and switch out the top sheet fitted sheet because look at how absolutely beautiful springtime elegance this looks I love to mix colors I absolutely do I think that sheets these are show off sheets these are sheets that are part of your decor just like you dress your favorite outfit and you accessorize with your jewelry earrings think of your sheets as the ultimate accessory when you dress your bed so mixing and matching pattern in color right here i’m holding the lilac and the platinum i think this is just a gorgeous color combination but you can get really bold there’s a no-rules approach to pairing your colors you could do a lilac and sage you have so there’s just so many ways that you can play with these sheets and kind of create your own personal signature look and when we talk about creating our own signature look I think it’s really important to always be grounded in something traditional but updated with something fresh so traditional being this beautiful damask print this timeless motif damask has been around since the Middle Ages it was a woven technique that you know dates back to the Silk Road but what we’ve done is we’ve modernized it in this fresh current color palette the gold the pearl the Aqua the platinum the lilac and the sage all very popular colors right now in home interior yes and because this is such a gorgeous print if you look at this bed it looks absolutely stunning and stylish without a comforter without a dube but imagine like draping a maybe a white crisp white duvet right and holding it back to reveal this beautiful aqua isn’t that just such a sharp look it really is and you look at the sheet set and you think you would see this rich luxe design we have the break I want to lay back with the gold but you look at this and you think okay normally you would see a comforter with this beautiful design this is your sheets this is taking luxury to the next level and like you’re saying if you want like that crisp white duvet or if you’re somebody that loves to mix the patterns and which is you know so big right now if you look through all of the design magazines you’re mixing stripes in with your damage you’re missing making different prints and patterns into our home decor this is a great way to do that or again if you want to just get multiple sets and mix the colors together here is that slate gray back without beautiful gold does this not look like a million-dollar it really does this whole BTR looks that act or a lot of show homes as part of my job as a design gentleman and the damask is obviously a timeless popular decor element and these colors you’re seeing right now so this we have I have the lilac and the Pearl and again very serene but fashion-forward the lilac purple in all its hues super hot color right now in home decor so again if you really want to bring kind of update and refresh the look of your bed think of sheets I think we tend to take for granted the design power of a good sheet collection and they’re so fun to play with because you know back in the old days you have your standard white which everybody use because well they reason you can bleach them but we have so many great design choices at Highgate Manor that you really can discover your own design voice by playing around with different colors and patterns of your sheets and showing these sheets off as part of the way you dress your bed again lutely stunning you really are it it’s elegant it’s instantly elevating the look of your bedroom it is refreshing your bedroom for spring which we loved you know pre-event our home decor for a new season this is ten dollars off today it’s brand-new you’re the first one seeing it we’re launching it in our show today so enjoy the ten dollar savings and no matter what size bed you have and i am talking full queen king and california king and i mentioned we are becoming very limited on the california king so if you want that one please be in the ordering process but if you want that and california king be in the ordering process everybody pays the exact same thing though no matter what size bed you Phyllis so I have to just gush about the pearl doesn’t this almost look like have a beautiful almost lace effect Lynn tonal damask print doesn’t just kind of come across this is almost beautiful bridal lazy look their story depending on the color way I think that the damask sheet set really takes on different carry all right Karen thank you so much for being a part of our shiny anytime it was so fun always a pleasure having you here we’ll stay in the ordering process for your brand-new sheets and i do want to point out these incredibly plush amazing pillows that are on our bed our art eight our today’s special from concierge they are coming up is it tonight at midnight or monday these are coming up on monday so if you’re thinking gosh i need to refresh my pillows their old i didn’t get a good night’s sleep you have two pillows as your today’s special coming up for you monday night at midnight so i just want to show those off because those are sitting on the bed for you all right in today’s at

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