Clay Pottery Slab Building : Clay Hump Molding Finish Tips

Okay once we have let this piece set up to leather hard which means you can run your finger across it and not make much of an indention but it is still soft enough to put your fingernail through, we can take it out of the mold. First I am going to take a little stamp that I have carved which has my mark, the little pottery mark which is a little e and I am going to press it right into the bottom of one of the little feet. Now I am going to flip this over and take out the mold and you will see that we have got our nice cobblestone texture that we rolled into the clay a minute ago and now we can just address these edges and smooth them out and make them look finished and nice. Do that with your finger. Be sure to support the sides because this piece is still a little bit soft. You can use your sponge to help a little bit too. You don’t want any unfinished edges or pointedness you just want it to look good in the final piece.

So now that we have finished the edges off we have ourselves a nice little hump molded footed bowl. .

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