DIY Platform Bed With Floating Night Stands (Plans Available)

Picture yourself walking into your room and absorbing the feeling of accomplishment This is the feeling I get when I walk in this space Let me take a few seconds to give you the detail on this build the majority of this platform bed was made entirely from 8-Inch lumber from Your local hardware store featuring two floating nightstand with the idea of saving space and not jeopardizing Functionality the next only has a place to store your lamp but on the inside I also have a place to store a book and IPad and anything that you want within arm’s reach and also let’s not forget the electrical outlet providing you two ports to charge your lamp Or any device and one of my most important features of this build is the on and off switch That control the undermount led puck lights and with the added lights these gives off a luxury feel within the space and with the whopping 116 inch headboard back with Led strips to set the mood in your space Hey, what’s up guys? I’m going with Diy creators and today I’m going to making a modern platform bag for the bedroom actually be getting a ton of requests to make a bed and actually we Do the bed so you know I like like you know? I love leds, and I’ve had to find a way to incorporate them and with this build This is basically a temporary bed for me and what I mean by that is there’s a lot of work I need to do in this room gotta paint the wall.

I replaced the floors a lot of things I want to do and this bed is not what I had in my dream bedroom But it’s a space right now And it should for the time being actually like the way this one came and hopefully you guys are in this one, so if you check out in the video description You should see all the information about the bed how much it costs and other details about it? So if you have any question you can check there you can just ask me any comments And I’ll get back to you and with that being said let’s do it For this project you do not need a ton of tools But there’s a ton of cutting and I would totally recommend a miter saw if you don’t have one. Maybe you can borrow one you can rent from your local hardware store your next option would using a circular saw and You’d probably want to use a jig to cut those just so you have some consistency I do have a jig that I made a while back So you can check that out or you can check out into one of the circular saw cutting guides And that should help you along with this project There’s a ton of cutting with this project and majority of it is all repetitive So I’m just going to make all my cuts and then you can see here’s all the finishing pieces that I’ve cut down to size And now that everything is cut I can now move on to sanding Now you only need one sander for this project, but since I had the luxury of having two of them I decided to put both them to use I used one with 80 grit sandpaper on it and then I use the other one with 120 grit Sandpaper on it now keep in .

If you have a thickness planer, and this is probably the time to use it That is number come pretty rough So there’s a ton of work prepping them and smoothing them out and I do this process over and over again And then I finally finish sanding them off with 120 grit sandpaper I’m not sure how well this works, but I was doing everything in my power to speed up the process for the bed frame I’m going to use a glossy latex black paint so applied paint I’m using a foam roller and this gave me the best chance of getting a good finish without putting out a paint sprayer For the backing on the headboard I use plywood and those gonna come in 8-foot section So the thing is I need to extend those and I use plywood Glue and also pocket hole screws just to extend it to the width that I need The bed Frame is painted black and to keep a consistent look I painted the bottom part of the headboard as well So that it blends in at this point the plywood is pretty heavy on its own, but more and more add foot on it It’s going to get heavy in heavier each time so it’s important secure the plywood in place as you the pieces Of course having a helping hand with total make your job a whole lot easier But if you don’t have the luxury of that the clamps work, just fine After adding all the lumber the headboard became extremely heavy if I had to guess it was probably between 300 and 400 pounds Being that I’m so close to the edge is best to pre-drill so that I don’t split the lumber So secure the lumber to the plywood I add a two screw per board approximately every 24 inches Due to the size of the headboard your eyes will be drawn it more than anything else on the bed So in this case Doujin design the way you like Maybe you want to carry the wood across the entire width of the plywood in this case for me I wanted to see that line going back and forth I wanted that stagger look I just continue the same step over and over until I get to the last row For the finish I use a dark walnut danish all apply with the rag now if you like the color darker You can always add more and more layers, but I was pretty satisfied with the tone of this one now Let’s move the focus over to the floating Nightstand each Nightstand will have the same set up make life a little easy I’m going to cut out the junction box opening so that we can install those later on Using a Jigsaw will make quick work of removing this section if you don’t have a jigsaw you can always drill a bunch of holes And then chisel out the rest if you feel like you like a challenge And you want to do this by hand you can always use a coping saw go this route.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s still an option To assemble the Nightstand I’m going to use dowels Now dowels can be frustrated in the work with because you have to be pinpoint on to make sure everything line up You should mark both pieces of wood at the same time that way you have a reference when you use the dowel jig This dowel jig by Rockler actually have a center line them it you place the center line on the marking You’ll be more than likely to get a straight hole drilled Before applying glue.

It’s always best to test to make sure everything fits. Well as a reminder mark both pieces the same so I know which to go together to ensure that my Accuracy was on I just marked drilled mark drilled And I did the same thing all the way around for each side on each box wasn’t sure about a quarter inch dowels, so decided to beef those up with and This pretty self-explanatory I’m just going to add a ton of glue in the hole on the joints and also on top of the dowels as well And after this part is done. It’s time to bring out the clamps once the glue dries That’s what the majority of the strength comes from so you want to be sure that you clamp this down as tight as possible If you don’t build often enough and don’t further need to own clamps which you could do is use screws and Wood glue at the Joints Then use wood filler to cover the screw heads My intention is to have the end table an inch or two inch lower than the top of the bed next going to measure And mark the inside of the end table Then I’m going to drill a few pilot holes going all the way through the headboard just to mark the backside of the end table I want this switch to be somewhat hidden But also in the location that I can get to it easily and this switch is meant to turn on the puck light that’s going To be below the end table the light that I plan put here comes in a kit And it also has a tail on it, so what I’m going to do to keep the your hidden I’m going to drill up, but at an angle so the way you come out through the back so at this point It’s a good idea to just mark everything while the end table is in place even though outlet and with the end table removed I Can now drill all the holes out for the bolts to pass through the last bolt? I just drew actually fell into the opening of the outlet so I had to redo that one The NCA was meant to be removable this way you can remove it and move the headboard around that will notice I have tape on My drill bit as an indicator so that I didn’t exit out the other side of the table This is the location that I plan to put the on and off switch for the puck legs Since I can’t get my drill to drilling from the inside I’m going to attach a piece of wood and drill in from the backside and this way I can avoid any major tear outs I drew the 3/4 hole, but it seems like it’s a tight fit So I just have to wobble out the hole just a little bit to accept the switch after and applying the Danish oil as I did previously now going to add wipe-on poly urethane as a top coat for this finish after applying the first coat of polyurethane And then went back with a 400 grit sandpaper sand that down then I applied one more coat onto it You can do it a third time to get it even better finish, but I was happy with a second coat Since I wanted to achieve the glowing effect behind the headboard I decided to add some Strips of wood going around and this would serve a couple of things one is a resting area for the leds sit But also help kicks the bed off the wall So when I plug the power cord in it doesn’t interfere with the headboard not I have the headboard in the room I’m going to add the electrical wire and that’s going to go from one outlet to other outlet Here’s the puck that I shown previously in the video I’m just going to cut the plastic Connector off of it Pass the wire through that was drilled and then screw the light into place These led puck light comes in a kit, and I really like the low profile of them and I have links to these down in the video description, you have the on off switch for these I’m going to use some spade Connectors which are called push on Connectors or many different names ? Terminated those to a piece of wire pass the wire through the hole and then I can insert the switch So getting a switch in the hole was a pretty tight fit, but I made it I left all the wires pretty long so I can pass them the pre-drilled hole that was done early on in the video and now that all the cables pass through I should have the wiring for the puck light the electrical and also the wiring for the switch and After getting the end table under the headboard I can now install the bolts Now I can fasten all the down and keep everything neat and out of the way before screwing the will into place I actually tested out the leds just to see get the best glow and I found that place in it one inch away From the Edge actually gave me a go that I actually like turns out the led strip was pretty close to of the going around the entire perimeter So I didn’t have to add or cut any off Drew the half inch hole then forced the Connector through the hole I probably could use a different method here because I had a tough keeping the cable flat while it was passing through the hole Since I have a ton of option the receiver would sit in this general area allowing me to pass the Ir receiver Just outside the hole and to keep everything in place I’m just going to apply a ton of hot glue to create a plug that I can plug in the wall I’m going to take an old extension cord cut off the end and I’m going to use that wire so that I can make the connection Since I’m actually hiding the two outlets behind the bed I need to bring some outlets back to the front of the bed, so I’m going to try to keep these hidden as well But the cool thing these outlet Is they actually have a uSb port on them? These outlets are fairly simple to hook up you have a green wire goes the green terminal Ground you have a white wire or in this case.

It’s a yellow wire and that goes to the silver screw Which is your neutral and the next wire you have left over is the black wire that goes to your gold terminal? That’s your hot leg coming in this old extension cord that I have actually have two white legs on it So I need to do a continuity test to figure out which one is the hot leg or the neutral once I find the hot Leg I colored it with a black sharpie So the outlet on the far hand only has one wire at that location this actually has two wires the one that comes from the other outlet and the other one that goes to the wall and Since I’m in the us I’m only going to address the outlet that I’m most familiar with If thinking with electricity is not really your thing what you do is work on a circuit with it unplug or powered off Once you’ve wired it up You can the inexpensive tester like this one to take it your circuit is correct Or is incorrect will also tell you that if you hooked up a wire Backwards or if you have an open ground or hot or even a neutral now? It’s really important that you use a junction box so that nothing gets out of place Now that I’m done with the time to work on the and here.

I’m going to use terminal block now I was planning to explain what I was doing here, but then I realized that after I finished wiring this up It actually looked pretty complicated so I’m going to create a diagram just to give you a basic and Simplified version of what I’m doing here now the reason why I went this route because I to easily disconnect the end table if I needed to move the bed at a later period Because I will be getting rid of this bed at some point So to clarify this area.

I have my power card here this will get plugged in the wall And this will give power to my outlets here I have a transformer that would be powering the leds and also to pluck lights I mean this headboard is really heavy, so I’m really surprised to see how the hand table. Hold is up like a champ After the headboard goes up I won’t be able to get behind it because it’s so massive and so much work I have to do to get there With the headboard being so heavy I used a three inch screw going through the headboard and right into the wall I only have one in the middle But if you want to be extremely safe you can always had three of them one in the middle and two on the head Once you attach the bed frame. It. Ain’t going anywhere to hold the bed frame that yet I’m going to use these thick brackets and the biggest thing about this design is being able to take it back apart And that’s why I designed it the way.

I did because at some . I’m going to get rid of the bed This is just a temporary fix for my room So somebody’s going to get this bed, and I’m going to use to get it out of here by taking it apart in Addition to add in the brackets I was planning to add dowels what a two piece of wood meat But it was so strong decided to go away from that now after in the bracket you can see it interferes with a piece of wood I had So I have to notch that out just so I can get the wood to fit I wanted the support piece to be flush with the top part of the bed frame Using the combination square was a huge help after setting the depth going around I can then take a combination square eliminating the use of a tape measure after a piece along the foot side of the bed Then actually help out when it comes to lining up the center beam because I didn’t have to measure or find what the center was Somehow I forgot to pick up enough corner brackets which I plan add here in the middle But I didn’t want to break away from the project and go pick up any so I use these L brackets and these actually worked Out just fine I just staggered them one on one side one at the bottom and one at the top did the same thing on the opposite side I Only put one full day of work into this project the other days was like in small spurts So actually felt like I was never going to get done with this project until I started adding these support pieces I Add a two screws per connection point that would be at both ends and also in the middle To secure the lip of the bed to the frame I’m going to use some corner brackets on the inside and also on the outside going to the total of four per side Now all I have to do is line up, and then I can move on to screwing it from the inside Well, if you ask me it looks strong enough, and you’re probably wondering what do I do at the end well here? I’m going to use a mending plate And I’m using this plate to attach it from the bottom and this is a perfect situation for that because that keep the two pieces of wood flush with each other Also, added some smaller bracket that was secured a lip from the inside After adding the bracket to the outside this provided the strength that I was looking for now You cannot see this bracket when you look at the bed unless you bend down and look under it But one thing I could’ve did was actually the spray-painting that I would have blend in better now I did take a lot of and maneuvering to get the bed Fine-tune that I have the proper spacing on both sides now all I have to do is attach the bed frame to the headboard Throw the quarter inch plywood on top just throw a few screws in it secure it in place Throw the bed on there, and we’ve done I really had to cut a victory dance out of this one because I just went crazy.

I was so happy this project We’re done. Hope you guys like this one. Hope you like this one And that’s it for this one guys be sure to like subscribe And I love to hear your thoughts on this one if you have any questions, just leave them down in the comments And I’ll get back to you as soon as I can and be sure to follow me on at Diy creators 2015 and I want to give a big shout out and thank you to my friends over on Patreon for supporting the channel if you’re Able, please consider supporting the channel as well, so we can continue to make content like this.

Have a good one guys you .

Percale vs. Sateen Sheets – What’s the Difference?

Katie Golde: Hey guys, it’s Katie from Mattress Clarity. Today, we’re talking about the difference between percale and sateen sheets. Now, if you’ve been sheet shopping in the last century, you probably have seen these labels, and you may not know what they mean. They refer to different types of weaves. It’s important to know what they are because they affect the overall feel and experience you’re going to have with the sheets.

I’m going to talk about the similarities, the differences, and who I think they’re a good fit for. We’re also going to get an up-close look at both different types of sheets so you can get the best idea on what’s going to be the right one for you. Let’s dive into these sheets. Katie: I do have one quick question for you. I want to know, after you watch this video, if you’re more “Team Percale” or “Team Sateen.” Which one do you think is going to be the best fit for you? Don’t hesitate to comment below.

Let me know. Write “Percale” if you like percale sheets, “Sateen” if you like sateen. I’m checking back, and I want to know which one you like. Personally, I’m Team Percale, but I think that they’re pretty much great across the board. Of course, if any questions come up, leave them there, too. I’m always checking back. I want to talk to you about these sheets. First of all, both percale and sateen sheets are woven with different fabrics from all different manufacturers. You’re going to see them in cotton, bamboo, and linen. What it means is how they’re woven, but the other thing that they have in common is that they’re both used with long-staple fibers.

For example, the ones I have in my lap right here are long-staple cotton. That means is that they’re more durable and they’re softer compared to short-staple cotton, which is not going to hold up as much. If you see these weaves in any fabric just know that they’re going to be synonymous with a higher quality sheet. You can’t go wrong with either. Let’s dive into each one, and I can give you an idea of which one’s going to be the best fit for you. Now, it’s time to learn a little bit about more about the percale sheet. They are very popular. You’ll see them all over the place.

In fact, I’m sitting on a set of cotton percale sheets, as well as holding them up right now to give you an idea of the fact that they are everywhere. I want to talk to you about how they’re made first and why that results in the kind of fabric that it does. Percale, the weave itself is very simple. It’s a one-under/one-over weave. Think about summer camp potholder loom making, very simple basic construction. That results in a crisp, lightweight feel. These are cotton sheets, so bear that in mind. They can come in different fabrics. There’s something called a “Hand-feel” in the sheet world. That means how does it feel on your hand? I’m going to show you. It definitely has that, again, crisp is the best way to describe it. The cotton rustling is happening. It does drape nicely over my hand, it is really soft. It does hold its own. It’s got its own structure. For a better example, think of a nice hotel sheet or a nicely crisp laundered menswear shirt or womenswear shirt. Again, I hope you’re getting that vibe that I’m trying to share with you.

That’s the feeling of percale. It is lightweight. It’s a great fit if you’re in a warm climate, you’re a hot sleeper, you have the night sweats, or something like that. Go with percale. It’s going to be nicer for you but keep in mind that it does tend to wrinkle a little bit easier than other weaves. What you’re going have to do, if you either have an iron on you or take it right out of the dryer when it’s a little bit warm and put it straight on your bed. What’s the deal with sateen and why is it as popular as percale? A lot of that has to do with the complexity of the weave.

A sateen, you’re going to go one-under/two-over, one-under/three-over, even one-under/four-over. Although that might seem very simple in the difference, it creates a very different weave, different fabric overall. As a result, a very different sheet set. These sheets are a little bit thicker. They have a buttery feel to them. I’m going to hold up and do the hand feel for you so that you get this idea here. You can see how it’s draping a little bit closer to my hand. It’s extremely soft, a little bit thicker. Hopefully, you can see here, there’s a little bit of luminosity, a little bit of a sheen. I’d go so far as to say a “Silkier” feel overall. If you think about it, putting that on your bed with your beautiful pillows, your comforter, it’s all going to create such a rich, luxurious feel. I think that’s so appealing to people. Now, again, I mention that it is a little bit of a thicker fabric overall, so that’s going to be great for those colder months.

Maybe you like to sleep cold and so you want that warm sheet set. The sateen is going to be the right fit for you. It is durable. Make sure you follow the care instructions to keep it as long as possible. It may not be as durable as percale, but the nice thing here is that it doesn’t wrinkle as easily. By now, you’ve had a chance to learn a lot about both types of weaves and hopefully have a clearer idea of which is going to be the right fit for you.

I want to briefly recap them again. The percale sheets are going to be crisp, lightweight, breathable, and very durable, all great qualities. Remember, they are going to be a little more prone to wrinkles. The sateen sheets are, without a doubt, going to look amazing on your bed. They’re buttery soft, they have that nice sheen to them, but because they’re thicker, they’re going to sleep a little bit warm. Keep in mind, they might be better for the winter. Now, the weave is just one of the many factors to take into consideration when shopping for sheets. Don’t forget you’ve got fabric, color, thread count, and, of course, you’ve got price. If you want to learn more, check out our YouTube channel Mattress Clarity. You’ve got a whole bunch of sheet stuff going on there. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’ve got any questions. Now, I’m exhausted.

I’m going to go take a nap on these sheets, so I’ll see you later. .

Palm Leaf Fish Garnish

Welcome back to another cooking video. I’m Chef Devaux and today I’m going to teach you how to make a very simple little garnish out of just a palm tree leaf that will look stunning on any sushi platter. Okay let’s get right into it, let’s get going! Okay to make this garnish you’re going to need a palm leaf like this and you just want to tear off one of the strips like so. Now here I’m just going to cut the end off, there we go. Now you’re going to need two of these.

Before you start getting to making the garnish you’re going to want to remove the little stringy bits and clean these before you get to any making of the garnish. Okay, so now you’ve done that, just place one between your thumb and your index finger and make a loop, make sure it’s big enough and then you make a second loop and hold it all together with your index finger.

Now you want to take the second strip and just feed it in through the middle and going through the outside of the first loop and feed it in 80% of the way through. Then you want to go through the inside and the outside of the opposite side, just like that. I’m just going to feed it in a little bit more, there we go. And now you want to go through the outside and then the inside, and then you want to do the same on the other side. So again you go on the outside and then the inside. There we go that’s basically it. Now all you have to do is just tighten this up.

So you want to pull on the excesses here and you just keep pulling and threading it through and just moving it about until you’ve compressed the inside and taken all the slack out of it. Once you’ve done that it will hold together in one piece, so just a little bit more, this is just a little bit fidgety but you get through it and just keep going. There we go, that’s it. Now you just need to do a little bit of trimming to finish it off. I like to do a little zigzag pattern on the inside fins like this, it gives it a little bit of a fishy vibe and I think it really adds to the design.

Okay so do the same on the opposite side, just like that – okay great, and now I’m going to do just a straight cut for the outer fins, there we go and that’s it. That’s how simple it is to make a palm leaf into a fish design that you can use for garnishing your sushi platters or any other dish. Alright, I hope you enjoyed seeing how to make this simple little garnish. If you want to check out some more of my garnishes, check out this video right here. Thank you for watching, see you next week. Bye! END .

The Purple® Pillow: Official Kickstarter Video

How do you know if the pillow you’re sleeping on is garbage? Warning, what you’re about to see is actual actual science. Strike! Strike! Actual garbage. I’m as shocked as you are. Ahhh. So that’s how you know if the pillow you are sleeping is full of garbage. Unfortunately expensive or cheap most pillows on the market are simply…Terrible. And this is exactly why the real-life comfort scientists that brought you the revolutionary purple bed put their inventive genius to work on designing a completely new kind of pillow. Presenting, the Purple Pillow. The only pillow designed to perfectly respond to your individual sleep type. Huh interesting. Still comfy? Thank you sir. You’re, you’re free to go… Huh…But before we get too far into the Purple Pillow let’s take a quick look at what’s inside other pillows on the market.

You see for years pillow technology has refused to grow up. Like your brother who’s still waiting for his Hogwarts acceptance letter. I caught the snitch! Yes! They basically take some loose softish stuff and put it inside of a bag This is a problem though if the inside of a pillow is just loose fluff no matter how you shape and shift your pillow to fit your neck as you sleep it all falls flat this is the reason that no matter what your bedtime pillow looks like your morning pillow looks like this… The halfpipe a u-shaped gulch caused by a complete evacuation of the pillow fluff to either side the wedge The wedge. The flattening of fluff resulting in no neck support and basic sadness The untamable bulge caused by an overstuffed or over firm pillow; results in a 90-degree neck sleep position and a future job as an evil henchmen The curvy girl these curves are always either too much to handle or there just isn’t enough for true neck support oh and its memory foam so no thanks.

Others tho have tried to fix the problem of loose fluff with this memory foam but memory foam has its own problems. It starts softish, then as it warms the cells compact it loses its shape and becomes a hot sweaty brick. Unlike any pillow before it Purple Pillow uses a patented comfort grid system that gives locally but not globally and even the design the grid itself is specially engineered to sink a bit more in the center where your head rests while remaining comfortably supportive under your neck where you need it I mean just look at that beautiful neck alignment and it doesn’t matter if you sleep back, side or undecided the Purple Pillow will give you the exact support you need every time and that there is the magic of science everybody! But what if you find you need more or less support? Well for those who crave adjustability the Purple Pillow is equipped with an adjustable air booster that you can raise or lower to your exact comfort needs.

It’s a completely new sleeping experience. It doesn’t feel like the pillows of old, it’s got kind of like a blobby feel, like sleeping on the belly of a friendly fat man which trust me is a good thing. Also we’ve said it before, weight is quality in the Purple Pillow is quality and it’s adjustability makes it the perfect pillow for everyone. Yup, that’s 80 comforts per minute. Mama that’s comfortable! So you can go ahead and take all your old pillows and burn them! Actually don’t because many of them are full of toxic chemicals that we just don’t want to breathe and hey to all you chronic pillow flippers always craving the cool side of the pillow well you are always sleeping on the cool side of the pillow.

It reads much cooler in post sleep temperature than the competition. If you or someone you know sleeps you need the Purple Pillow. Click here to go to Purple, no pressure. ::Action:: Mom! I caught the snitch I caught the snitch mom! Yes! Yes, yes! The snitch is mine! .

Side Sleeping Will Never Be the Same. #purple

Hi, I’m Goldilocks. What’s a scientific way to tell that your bed is terrible for side sleeping? I give you: The Side Sleeper Test This is Terry, an actual purple scientist. And these are the three bears And because this is a mattress commercial Here’s an attractive model! When sleeping on your side, the best spinal alignment is straight. If your spine is bending, it’s straining. And with 8 hours in that position Just make sure you befriend a chiropractor, like ASAP. Let’s observe the spine curvature of the attractive model on different beds. Remember a straight spine is the goal. First, the flat bare ground Ouch! $3,500 Memory Foam mattress No thank you! Pillow Top bed Uh Uh $5000 Air Bed: Hard Setting Soft Setting If spines could talk (scream) Leading Bed in a Box Now, watch the difference with Purple… …A Straight Spine Purple cradles your pressure points while supporting everywhere else, Keeping your spine straight Now you can sleep as comfortably as a distinguished scientist in a fluffy bed of bears. So if you love your sleep AND your spine, Click above to buy your Purple bed at

No pressure, it’s Purple .

How to make a plywood Tatami Bed

Welcome back! Today I’m going to make a Japanese-style bed. These beds are lower than western ones, with the mattress embedded in a wooden frame. I’ve tried to come up with a design that would be easy to make using plywood, although other kinds of wooden sheets could also be used. Besides, this design is easy to assemble and disassemble, quite convenient if we want to move. I’ve designed two types of bed. This one is meant to be adapted to a common metal bed frame which you can find in any store. As you can see, the bed frame rests on these four corners which, in turn, join all the pieces. The other bed design is of the same size. However, for this design we’ll use a homemade plywood frame. In this video I’ll show you how I made the first of the two models, although both beds have similar makes.

By changing the length of some pieces we can adapt this design to any bed size. Now let’s take a look at how I made it. This time around, in order to save time I’ve ordered some pre-cut pieces from the same warehouse where I bought the board, since the parts are quite large. I’ll start by cutting these pieces at an angle. They’ll be used to make the headboard thicker. I’ll also machine this rebate to work around the floor plinth. I’ll also glue these pieces together, onto which I will later screw the bed side rails. Now I glue the three upper side rails together to make them thicker. I machine these pieces like this and put them in place with glue.

I sand these parts now that it’s easier and screw the bed side rails in like this. Now I can start assembling the bed. I cut these two pieces in half to make four supports for the bed frame. First I screw this one onto the side rails, keeping it 1mm away from the edge. I remove the piece and then screw it onto the headboard. This way, when screwing it back on, the screws will put pressure and the joint between the side rail and the headboard will be tighter. I’ll use the same system for the back. I’ve numbered all the corners to make future assemblies easier. With these last screws I finish putting the bed together. Now it’s time to set up the nightstands. I glue these parts together and add a little salt to stop them from moving due to the glue’s viscosity. Once the glue is dry, I sand the inner part now that it’s easier and continue assembling the nightstands.

I finish sanding all the pieces that make up the bed and apply three coats of satin water-based varnish. I’m going to put everything back together at the workshop to see what the finished bed looks like. I love how the edge of the plywood looks. Of course, we could apply some dye to change the color, but I like the natural look of birch wood. .

33 – How To Edgeband Plywood

Marc: Plywood is an excellent material for building furniture. But it suffers from one major flaw, ugly edges. (rock music) Despite what some may think, plywood is not a four letter word. Actually it’s more like seven letters and you definitely should not be afraid to use it in your projects. Some of my favorite pieces contain plywood. The panels of this amoire, the doors of this jewelry box, the top of this hall table, and this entire desk system. Yep, all plywood. Plywood is flat, it’s stable, and it comes in lots of varieties. And you could even use plywood as a base for your favorite exotic veneers. Now, descent plywood should run you at least $40 a sheet, but even the most expensive plywood presents the same old challenge. How do you treat the edges? Now the most common solution is edge banding. Edge banding comes in a number of varieties including; thin veneer, thin home sawn veneer, and then a more substantial solid wood strip.

The thin veneer edge banding usually comes in rolls like this and it can be purchased plain or in the iron-on variety. Now personally I prefer a good quality iron-on banding. By good quality, I mean a nice, clean face and a good chunky layer of glue on the other side. Now, I usually pick this material up at my local hardwood dealer. So why not use the regular stuff, without the pre-applied glue? Well, I find it difficult to get the proper clamping pressure across the edge and it’s a lot messier.

It also takes a lot longer to dry, so pre-glued is the only way to go in my shop. Now, it’s no secret that veneer edge banding gets a pretty bad rap. Most people see this stuff and immediately think that it’s gonna peel off or just become a problem down the road and that’s not necessarily true if you use the right material and you apply it correctly. Let me show you how. Here are the basic tools you’ll need for the job. Nothing really fancy. Start by bringing the iron up to temperature. I like it just shy of the hottest setting. Next, I cut a strip of edge banding just a bit over sized. Now with the work piece in a vertical position, I begin heating up the first 5″-6″ of the veneer. And keep the iron moving in order to avoid burning. Also notice how I occasionally tilt the iron on an angle to ensure good contact between the glue and the edge of the plywood. Once the glue is melted, go over the area with a roller to ensure full and complete contact.

This is really the step that makes a difference between a quality edge banding job and a crappy one. I then repeat the entire process on the remainder of the edge banding and this is a system that I use whether the piece is 1′ long or 6′ long. And here’s a little tip for you. Try to keep the bulk of the material to one side of the ply. This makes life a whole lot easier when it comes time to flush the veneer to the surface. Trimming the ends is fairly easy. With the veneer face down, simply scribe the edge with a utility knife and snap the piece off. I have two methods of removing the bulk of the overhang. The first is with a utility knife.

Simple and effective, but it can be difficult if you’re working on an assembled case or odd shaped parts. The second method is to use a simple block plane. After a few swipes the edging will be flush with the surface. Just take care not to gauge your ply. It’s very easy to do and it looks terrible. (scraping) The final step is 180 grit sanding. This will remove any excess glue and smooth out the edge. When it’s all said and done, you should be left with a seamless transition between the face and the edging. (funky music) So what do we do in a case like this? You’re gonna confront this a lot in standard case work. We’ve got a fitted piece in the middle here between two other pieces.

I’ll show you how that’s done. Once again, I cut an over sized strip of edge banding. The first order of business is to square up one edge. This is easy enough to do using a scrap piece of plywood, a square, and a utility knife. Just watch your fingers and lightly score the veneer before breaking it off. I place the square end of my new strip against the adjoining piece and apply some heat.

I’m really only focused on the first few inches here. Notice that I only roll toward the joint. Rolling away will cause the piece to move and result in a gap. Now that the first few inches are secure, I heat up the rest of the strip. Be sure not to glue down the last few inches. Using a square, I score the loose end of the strip so that it’s just slightly over sized and by slightly, I mean no more than about 1/64th of an inch. Now I lift up the loose end and bend the tip down so it pushes against the adjoining piece.

I then apply heat and pressure. That little bit of extra material is what gives us a perfect joint. (funky music) Now if you want to step up the quality and you want something that’s a bit more durable than veneer, you could always use these home sawn strips. Now I usually cut mine to about 1/8″ thick and about 3/4″ wide. And since most plywood is just under 3/4″, this gives me that little bit of extra material I need to ensure perfect coverage. I have two ways I like to attach thin home sawn strips.

The first is simply glue and clamps. I apply glue to both the strip and the ply. Now here’s a little tip for you. If you use scrap pieces of veneer to prop the piece of ply up, the strip will be roughly centered on the edge. I then use a small strip of alder as a call, which will distribute the clamping pressure across the surface. The second technique is about as low tech as it gets. I just use strips of tape as little clamps that secure the strip until the glue dries. Obviously this is not ideal in terms of clamping pressure, but this trick may get you out of a bind sometime. Once the glue is dry I use a flush trim saw to carefully trim off the excess material. (sawing) To flush up the edging, I start with a block plane to remove the bulk. (scraping) I follow up with a card scraper in order to avoid gauging the ply and finally, a light 180 grit sanding. The final option is to use a more substantial piece of solid edge banding.

This technique is great if you need a really durable edge or if you want to be able to route a profile into it. You can’t really do that with these thin strips. Once again, I have two techniques. The first of which is the standard glue and clamps. The second method I use is for when you’re in a bit of a rush. I use 1/4″ brad nails and glue. Before shooting the brad nails, I place a small piece of tape over each spot that I plan on driving a nail through. Now I’m not a huge fan of this method because nails don’t apply consistent pressure across the surface like clams and calls, but in some situations this may be the only option and since we’re making holes, we need to repair holes and that’s why I put the tape down first.

The tape ensures that the filler goes in the hole only and not in the surrounding grain. Now flushing the edging is the same routine. You start with the block plane, move to the card scraper, and then a little bit of sanding. (funky music) Now you want to have a little bit more fun with your edges? Here’s one of my favorite tricks. If you take a thin strip of one species and glue that on first, then glue on top of that, another species, you get the look of a fine perimeter inlay.

The doors on this jewelry box were done this way, as were the tops of our office desks. Fine furniture can mean different things to different people. While I probably wouldn’t use iron-on edge banding for my ‘fine furniture’, I wouldn’t hesitate to use solid wood edge banding, but you know, that’s just my opinion. And although I try to use solid wood in all of my projects, there are just times when plywood makes the most structural and economic sense. So as you can see, if treated properly, plywood can truly be a beautiful thing. Thanks for watching. (soft banjo music) .

How to build Eiffel tower scale model (Part 3/3)

Coming in this episode I seed some grass Put impatient people to wait in a queue and get this whole sh*t completed Take a comfy chair and relax Well hello there! As you can see I started this third episode by making this final third of the tower Next I will build the third floor, the sky deck And then I can attach this to the parts I have done earlier I have to admit that this looks quite nice Now the only thing that is left is the surroundings I’ll turn this ugly brown area into beautiful grass and put some trees and also little people standing under this tower I really like these little people here They kind of turn this tower alive I will put just a couple more of them and then this whole project is completed It’s now time to say thank you all for joining me on this pleasant journey This has become a really nice model I will now keep a little holiday from these projects But after that, on september maybe I will continue doing some new models There are for excample London eye, Sydney opera house and Empire state building on my list And then of course, because I have a plenty of football fans following me a new stadium project will also be out still in this year alright that is the last one…

Let’s put it in place like this… Yeah Huh! Now it’s all done! Have a nice summer and see you! .

Magical houses, made of bamboo | Elora Hardy

When I was nine years old, my mom asked me what I would want my house to look like, and I drew this fairy mushroom. And then she actually built it. (Laughter) I don’t think I realized this was so unusual at the time, and maybe I still haven’t, because I’m still designing houses. This is a six-story bespoke home on the island of Bali. It’s built almost entirely from bamboo. The living room overlooks the valley from the fourth floor. You enter the house by a bridge. It can get hot in the tropics, so we make big curving roofs to catch the breezes. But some rooms have tall windows to keep the air conditioning in and the bugs out. This room we left open. We made an air-conditioned, tented bed. And one client wanted a TV room in the corner of her living room.

Boxing off an area with tall walls just didn’t feel right, so instead, we made this giant woven pod. Now, we do have all the necessary luxuries, like bathrooms. This one is a basket in the corner of the living room, and I’ve got tell you, some people actually hesitate to use it. We have not quite figured out our acoustic insulation. (Laughter) So there are lots of things that we’re still working on, but one thing I have learned is that bamboo will treat you well if you use it right. It’s actually a wild grass. It grows on otherwise unproductive land — deep ravines, mountainsides.

It lives off of rainwater, spring water, sunlight, and of the 1,450 species of bamboo that grow across the world, we use just seven of them. That’s my dad. He’s the one who got me building with bamboo, and he is standing in a clump of Dendrocalamus asper niger that he planted just seven years ago. Each year, it sends up a new generation of shoots. That shoot, we watched it grow a meter in three days just last week, so we’re talking about sustainable timber in three years. Now, we harvest from hundreds of family-owned clumps. Betung, as we call it, it’s really long, up to 18 meters of usable length. Try getting that truck down the mountain. And it’s strong: it has the tensile strength of steel, the compressive strength of concrete. Slam four tons straight down on a pole, and it can take it. Because it’s hollow, it’s lightweight, light enough to be lifted by just a few men, or, apparently, one woman. (Laughter) (Applause) And when my father built Green School in Bali, he chose bamboo for all of the buildings on campus, because he saw it as a promise.

It’s a promise to the kids. It’s one sustainable material that they will not run out of. And when I first saw these structures under construction about six years ago, I just thought, this makes perfect sense. It is growing all around us. It’s strong. It’s elegant. It’s earthquake-resistant. Why hasn’t this happened sooner, and what can we do with it next? So along with some of the original builders of Green School, I founded Ibuku. Ibu means “mother,” and ku means “mine,” so it represents my Mother Earth, and at Ibuku, we are a team of artisans, architects and designers, and what we’re doing together is creating a new way of building. Over the past five years together, we have built over 50 unique structures, most of them in Bali. Nine of them are at Green Village — you’ve just seen inside some of these homes — and we fill them with bespoke furniture, we surround them with veggie gardens, we would love to invite you all to come visit someday.

And while you’re there, you can also see Green School — we keep building classrooms there each year — as well as an updated fairy mushroom house. We’re also working on a little house for export. This is a traditional Sumbanese home that we replicated, right down to the details and textiles. A restaurant with an open-air kitchen. It looks a lot like a kitchen, right? And a bridge that spans 22 meters across a river. Now, what we’re doing, it’s not entirely new. From little huts to elaborate bridges like this one in Java, bamboo has been in use across the tropical regions of the world for literally tens of thousands of years.

There are islands and even continents that were first reached by bamboo rafts. But until recently, it was almost impossible to reliably protect bamboo from insects, and so, just about everything that was ever built out of bamboo is gone. Unprotected bamboo weathers. Untreated bamboo gets eaten to dust. And so that’s why most people, especially in Asia, think that you couldn’t be poor enough or rural enough to actually want to live in a bamboo house. And so we thought, what will it take to change their minds, to convince people that bamboo is worth building with, much less worth aspiring to? First, we needed safe treatment solutions. Borax is a natural salt. It turns bamboo into a viable building material. Treat it properly, design it carefully, and a bamboo structure can last a lifetime. Second, build something extraordinary out of it. Inspire people. Fortunately, Balinese culture fosters craftsmanship. It values the artisan. So combine those with the adventurous outliers from new generations of locally trained architects and designers and engineers, and always remember that you are designing for curving, tapering, hollow poles. No two poles alike, no straight lines, no two-by-fours here.

The tried-and-true, well-crafted formulas and vocabulary of architecture do not apply here. We have had to invent our own rules. We ask the bamboo what it’s good at, what it wants to become, and what it says is: respect it, design for its strengths, protect it from water, and to make the most of its curves. So we design in real 3D, making scale structural models out of the same material that we’ll later use to build the house. And bamboo model-making, it’s an art, as well as some hardcore engineering. So that’s the blueprint of the house. (Laughter) And we bring it to site, and with tiny rulers, we measure each pole, and consider each curve, and we choose a piece of bamboo from the pile to replicate that house on site. When it comes down to the details, we consider everything. Why are doors so often rectangular? Why not round? How could you make a door better? Well, its hinges battle with gravity, and gravity will always win in the end, so why not have it pivot on the center where it can stay balanced? And while you’re at it, why not doors shaped like teardrops? To reap the selective benefits and work within the constraints of this material, we have really had to push ourselves, and within that constraint, we have found space for something new.

It’s a challenge: how do you make a ceiling if you don’t have any flat boards to work with? Let me tell you, sometimes I dream of sheet rock and plywood. (Laughter) But if what you’ve got is skilled craftsmen and itsy bitsy little splits, weave that ceiling together, stretch a canvas over it, lacquer it. How do you design durable kitchen countertops that do justice to this curving structure you’ve just built? Slice up a boulder like a loaf of bread, hand-carve each to fit the other, leave the crusts on, and what we’re doing, it is almost entirely handmade. The structural connections of our buildings are reinforced by steel joints, but we use a lot of hand-whittled bamboo pins. There are thousands of pins in each floor.

This floor is made of glossy and durable bamboo skin. You can feel the texture under bare feet. And the floor that you walk on, can it affect the way that you walk? Can it change the footprint that you’ll ultimately leave on the world? I remember being nine years old and feeling wonder, and possibility, and a little bit of idealism. And we’ve got a really long way to go, there’s a lot left to learn, but one thing I know is that with creativity and commitment, you can create beauty and comfort and safety and even luxury out of a material that will grow back.

Thank you. (Applause) .

Homemade Sushi | Fleur & Mike

Hello, guys, and welcome back to our kitchen. Today I’m so excited because we’re making sushi. Thank you so much to Elizebeth Pinchuk and Ceci Couture who requested that we make sushi. The main thing with sushi is actually the rice and we’ve made this in advance because it needs to be cold before you roll it, otherwise it will wreck the whole thing. So what we have done is cooked up our rice with rice wine vinegar. I’m actually gonna be making California roll. Mike’s inventing his own. I’m gonna pop my bamboo mat on there. I haven’t made sushi in a long time. I’ve made it before but I haven’t made it in about five years probably. And then you flip it over so you have a nice, flat cling film base. So mine, I have to do something really technical with. I just put it down and that’s it. Pass me the nori, please.

There you go. – We have the seaweed. Well, you make sure we got wet hands. Apparently, you should still be able to see some seaweed through your rice. I’m going to do exactly the same with my rice, though we’ll be doing something slightly different in a second. Need more water. Oh, you’re not wrong. You know what? I’m gonna put a mug of water for finger dipping right here.

Work well done, sous chef. I’m gonna leave a little lip. I’ve got a lip. It’s quite a fun sushi. It’s also quite fun to make with little kiddies, if you have any kiddies, or any nieces or nephews. So then I’m gonna flip mine over because mine is gonna be inside out. Ooh, don’t know if I’d be doing that right now. Are you ready? I’m gonna start to fill mine up, so I’m kind of doing my own crazy mixtures. So I’m gonna start with some prawns. So I’m gonna measure how much chive I want, which is about yae much and you pop. So I’m gonna add some cream cheese in. Mike, that is way too much cream cheese. No, it’s not, this is gonna be good. Can I have a little bit of cream cheese for mine? You’re not allowed any ’cause you didn’t request it. This is not your cream cheese. It’s my cream cheese, it’s my recipe. Fine. Now I’m just putting some wasabi all the way along. Now it doesn’t look like I put much on, but trust me, it will knock your socks off.

I’m gonna take a piece of cucumber like this and then I’m gonna pop it… pop it in the middle. I’m also gonna take some avocado and then I’m also taking my seafood sticks, you can use fresh crab if you want, but it’s pretty hard to find. Section off a bit, ’cause you don’t want a whole one, you probably want like a half of one. This is how we roll. You take it and roll it over.

This is not gonna work. – It’s the moment of truth. You’ve got to squish it together ’cause the avocado needs squishing down. Squish it like that. Or maybe it will. And then you take it over and you roll it again to the edge and you squish it so it’s kind of square. Interesting. And moment of truth. Are we ready for this? So yours has turned out pretty well. There’s a slight issue on the basis that you’ve done this before, I have not. You have, you’ve done it with me before. Never. I’ve never actually rolled one. I’ve never rolled one. He’s lying to you. He’s copying me. He wouldn’t have done this otherwise. I would have done this exactly what I knew what to do. Copying me again. Whatever. And then… It does look really tasty. A little bit of water on the edge, which Fleur didn’t note to do, which I did.

There we go. Right. Let’s take these off and let’s make some more. And then we can get chopping. I’m gonna add… Smoked ham and cream cheese and cucumber. Okay, I’m going for a veggie one, which is, just using all the vegetables. Smoked salmon. Mine’s gonna be awesome. Nice. – Over filled. See, your technique doesn’t work. Gonna squish it out in the end. Whereas mine on the other hand…

Oh, wait. I forgot to turn it over. So it’s not gonna like yours. Yours looks rubbish now, mine looks amazing. That… Just wrap it in another piece of seaweed. That’s cheating. It’s not. You snooze you lose. There’s cream cheese everywhere. It’s chopping time. You’re doing the chopping. Wet knife, wet fingers because you don’t want to stick to everything. I’m gonna chop the end off first and discard that because we do not want it.

Goodbye. This is the one I’m excited about. – This is Mike’s original one. – This is my original new style. It looks good. So I’m gonna put some ginger on here and I’m gonna put a massive lump because I know Fleur loves her ginger. I’m also gonna add some wasabi and I’m gonna add a big chunk of this ’cause I like a lot of wasabi on mine. And then some soy sauce for dipping. So excited. Can we eat them? Now please. We can. We can eat them now. It’s the moment of truth. I’ve got mine. My favourite food in the world. It’s amazing. I’m not holding back, I’m going for a second.

Can we make sushi at home all the time? Hmm. If you haven’t already subscribed, then please do. And a massive shout out as well to Elizabeth Pinchuk and Ceci Couture for recommending this recipe, because I really wanted to make sushi anyway sp. Mm, good recipe. – Thank you. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments section below. And we will see you next Wednesday. Bye, guys. – Bye. .

Underground House – DIY | How to build a house under the ground

Hey Guys What’s up friends? It’s me the Interesting and I’m Ficus You have asked us to make a house under the ground And today we’ll do it And if you, Yes, You haven’t subscribed to our channel yet Make sure to do it right now So let’s get started Guys, we need to dig a big pit. You can understand And for this we need a shovel, right? Let’s take 2 of them Now both of us have a separate shovel Stop it, People are looking at us So guys, now we are removing the top layer of the soil with grass when our house will be ready, we’ll lay a roof on the top in order to disguise it so that it’ll be not visible Snowman for the Poor It digs quite well but still it’s difficult.

We’ve already been digging around for 3 hours Guys, we are so tired of digging that we realized that this is really difficult so we decided to call an Excavator Guys, this is the fastest transport in the world Sergey, can you imagine this land is thousand years old Really? Maybe we’ll find some caveman there I need your clothes I’ll be back We thought that we can dig up such a pit by ourselves But we couldn’t Whoa, amazing Its cool, isn’t it? Guys, really cool Guys, today we’ll not have time to do anything, so tomorrow we’ll start constructing our house Yes, and it’ll be beautiful It’ll be really awesome, guys Look how high it is, exactly an outstretched arm Really It seems to me, we overdid it Guys, our venue can’t be changed and we’re back in the hardware store In my favorite “Leroy Merlin” Damn! It’s very difficult to choose the boards.

All of them are with knots, so they need to be chosen accurately Guys, without my help they can’t do anything, really For our house we took a cypress. It smells very cool. But you know it’s a street plant so later we’ll place it outside Guys, we have fully packed up the car with the goods from which we will make our house It’s really full.

Look at the top These are OSB sheets from which we’ll make the framework Today really we’ve got a lot of things and above all there are more passengers today so we don’t have enough space in the car Alight, Hurry up! Let’s move, we need to build the house How should we call our tree? Arthur? Is it suitable name? We watched a movie about King Arthur Yes, exactly Guys, I think you all know about the movie King Arthur, we really enjoyed watching it. Alright guys, we have arrived to the pace with all the materials From which we will construct our house And everything is so calculated, so now we should start the construction And what do you think we should do first? Well at first we need to make a ladder Then start making it And now I am leveling the walls, so that these boards fit well inside We’ve already done with the floor Guys, It’s started raining. We need to do it faster It’s already so cozy feeling inside Here we go Our box is ready. Only thing left is to put the roof and make some decor in the house so that we feel inside cozy and comfortable Aren’t you scared? No I can already imagine the picture.

Here we have the shelves, tables and chairs. It all closes and it has a small hole leading outwards This is for the fresh air to enter inside the house because we’ll close it completely. And in case of rain or something, there will be ventilation We have already begun to paint the walls of our house Look, What happened to this! You had such a nice shoes Yes, it was nice Well it’s an acrylic paint, everything will be ok Aha, need to clean them Guys, now it’s time to cover this area with soil so that our house will be unnoticeable for others Wow! Cool I heard something sputtering.

I thought that you are going to cover me inside Come and have a look inside, I’ve almost painted it and it looks cool Wow, it’s so awesome and cozy inside Wow, we got here Christmas tree Christmas tree- Arthur, guys! Woah! Superb! but who is it? This is drawn by Ira. It’s you and Ficus It’s really nice I really like it, guys Just the halo from above, it’s clearly not about him It’s exactly about me We bought such big solar lighting lamps, which are charged from the Sun and lights at night It’s just perfect, because here we have got such holders You take it from the street, put it here and you’ll have a light at home. So now we let it charge to use it later Guys, we’ll really have an exhaust fan. We bought such a fan which we’ll fix it over here Here it is And now we fix it here. So guys we have such a fan inside. It will be pump in fresh air when the door is closed Cool Fresh air from the street This is protection against mad drunkards and drug addicts Wow, it worked immediately Yes So bright! Don’t even have to close anything Just because it’s already dark here I’m terribly tired today But I’m very glad that we made this house.

I have incredible emotions. I just can’t show them, because I’m very tired We did everything in this house to make it comfortable for living. You look at this wall. It’s really kick-ass Roughly speaking, this is not a wall, it’s like a studio You can bring here people for photography and make some money. It’ll be cool, right? Everything is stylish. By the way, it’s Dima who was actually designed the interior So without his help, it wouldn’t have been so attractive inside No, It was actually a good team work Ok, we were an excellent team Today you need to spend the night here, remember? Yes, by tradition Did you hear it guys? It’s the exhaust fan working. Really it can be felt Can you imagine? Here you can even walk. In the evening, anybody can pass around it and nothing will fall apart He won’t even notice it. Yes, that’s true Yes Well, it’s necessary to moisten a little bit with water so that the grass would be well sprouted.

And then it will be completely unnoticeable as everything will grow together with the ground and it’ll be alright Guys, agree with us that we got a cool underground house. Yeah? I thought that our house would be 3 times smaller We are delighted and hope you are too. So please give it a like Yes guys, please support this video and leave your comments down below Write us guys, what kind of house should we make next? We really like this category.

So subscribe to the channel Click on the bell to not miss out the new videos Thanks for watching Bye everyone .

Homemade Sushi | Fleur & Mike

Hello, guys, and welcome back to our kitchen. Today I’m so excited because we’re making sushi. Thank you so much to Elizebeth Pinchuk and Ceci Couture who requested that we make sushi. The main thing with sushi is actually the rice and we’ve made this in advance because it needs to be cold before you roll it, otherwise it will wreck the whole thing. So what we have done is cooked up our rice with rice wine vinegar. I’m actually gonna be making California roll. Mike’s inventing his own. I’m gonna pop my bamboo mat on there.

I haven’t made sushi in a long time. I’ve made it before but I haven’t made it in about five years probably. And then you flip it over so you have a nice, flat cling film base. So mine, I have to do something really technical with. I just put it down and that’s it. Pass me the nori, please. There you go. – We have the seaweed. Well, you make sure we got wet hands. Apparently, you should still be able to see some seaweed through your rice. I’m going to do exactly the same with my rice, though we’ll be doing something slightly different in a second. Need more water. Oh, you’re not wrong. You know what? I’m gonna put a mug of water for finger dipping right here. Work well done, sous chef. I’m gonna leave a little lip. I’ve got a lip. It’s quite a fun sushi. It’s also quite fun to make with little kiddies, if you have any kiddies, or any nieces or nephews. So then I’m gonna flip mine over because mine is gonna be inside out. Ooh, don’t know if I’d be doing that right now. Are you ready? I’m gonna start to fill mine up, so I’m kind of doing my own crazy mixtures.

So I’m gonna start with some prawns. So I’m gonna measure how much chive I want, which is about yae much and you pop. So I’m gonna add some cream cheese in. Mike, that is way too much cream cheese. No, it’s not, this is gonna be good. Can I have a little bit of cream cheese for mine? You’re not allowed any ’cause you didn’t request it. This is not your cream cheese. It’s my cream cheese, it’s my recipe. Fine. Now I’m just putting some wasabi all the way along. Now it doesn’t look like I put much on, but trust me, it will knock your socks off. I’m gonna take a piece of cucumber like this and then I’m gonna pop it… pop it in the middle. I’m also gonna take some avocado and then I’m also taking my seafood sticks, you can use fresh crab if you want, but it’s pretty hard to find.

Section off a bit, ’cause you don’t want a whole one, you probably want like a half of one. This is how we roll. You take it and roll it over. This is not gonna work. – It’s the moment of truth. You’ve got to squish it together ’cause the avocado needs squishing down. Squish it like that. Or maybe it will. And then you take it over and you roll it again to the edge and you squish it so it’s kind of square. Interesting. And moment of truth. Are we ready for this? So yours has turned out pretty well. There’s a slight issue on the basis that you’ve done this before, I have not. You have, you’ve done it with me before. Never. I’ve never actually rolled one. I’ve never rolled one. He’s lying to you. He’s copying me. He wouldn’t have done this otherwise. I would have done this exactly what I knew what to do.

Copying me again. Whatever. And then… It does look really tasty. A little bit of water on the edge, which Fleur didn’t note to do, which I did. There we go. Right. Let’s take these off and let’s make some more. And then we can get chopping. I’m gonna add… Smoked ham and cream cheese and cucumber. Okay, I’m going for a veggie one, which is, just using all the vegetables. Smoked salmon. Mine’s gonna be awesome. Nice. – Over filled. See, your technique doesn’t work.

Gonna squish it out in the end. Whereas mine on the other hand… Oh, wait. I forgot to turn it over. So it’s not gonna like yours. Yours looks rubbish now, mine looks amazing. That… Just wrap it in another piece of seaweed. That’s cheating. It’s not. You snooze you lose. There’s cream cheese everywhere. It’s chopping time. You’re doing the chopping. Wet knife, wet fingers because you don’t want to stick to everything. I’m gonna chop the end off first and discard that because we do not want it. Goodbye. This is the one I’m excited about. – This is Mike’s original one. – This is my original new style. It looks good. So I’m gonna put some ginger on here and I’m gonna put a massive lump because I know Fleur loves her ginger. I’m also gonna add some wasabi and I’m gonna add a big chunk of this ’cause I like a lot of wasabi on mine. And then some soy sauce for dipping. So excited. Can we eat them? Now please.

We can. We can eat them now. It’s the moment of truth. I’ve got mine. My favourite food in the world. It’s amazing. I’m not holding back, I’m going for a second. Can we make sushi at home all the time? Hmm. If you haven’t already subscribed, then please do. And a massive shout out as well to Elizabeth Pinchuk and Ceci Couture for recommending this recipe, because I really wanted to make sushi anyway sp. Mm, good recipe. – Thank you.

If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments section below. And we will see you next Wednesday. Bye, guys. – Bye. .

This is a Computer? — Game LÜT

Pull your limited edition Resident Evil sake and Ace Attorney wine out of a Fallout Nuka Cola Mini Fridge because I’m Jake and this is Game LÜT! Get comfortable in a Loki Cardigan and put your incredibly awesome Super Nintendo sneakers made with actual SNES controllers up on this furniture. Wait a second…that furniture is actually an entire gaming PC. Wow! The Volta V is a beautiful and expensive computer with a case made entirely out of wood. You can get it in either walnut or bamboo and choose the components that suit your needs best. But if the cost for this work of art is a tad bit too pricey, then check out this excellent angular art by Ale Giorgini. Now go super saiyan with a Goku lamp or if you want to heal yourself try a LED potion desk light.

But if potions aren’t in your game, how about a Mario Mushroom which is actually a radish made to look like one using this Radish Shaper. Fun radish fact: radishes have an enzyme called allyl isothiocyanates which give it its tangy taste. It’s also found in mustard and wasabi. Now you can write this fact down on a note and then organize it with Justice League Paper Clips. They’re super…man. Instead of shaping radishes, slice them with a Mass Effect Omni-Blade made from orange resin and complete with a flip out blade. Speaking of Mass Effect, stand in front of some water valves wearing Mass Effect board shorts or an N7 bikini. It’s the perfect way to show off your muscular body, or you could use Street Fighter 2 Muscle figures like these for Vega, Ryu and M. Bison. But it’s still cold out so cover yourself with a Legend of Zelda hooded bathrobe and link it together with a Return of the Jedi opening crawl scarf to stay on the warm side. We should probably get fully dressed, so which shirt shall it be? A Death Note Akira mashup? Or how about letting everyone know you can do a barrel roll with a Fox McCloud’s Tactical Flight School shirt? Oh wait, why not this Attack on Endor one that’ll go great with your C-T3A-PO tea bag holder.

Ok now that’s a lot of LÜT so you might need a Space Invader Arcade Cabinet Backpack to hold it all. Walkin down the street with that baby on your back will make everyone passing by Marvel….bed sheets. Links to all the Lüt can be found in the description below and if you want more Game Lüt, there’s a playlist right over here. Alright, I’m going to go chase a ball or do something And as always, thanks for watching. And I am gonna go check you out, right now.

Oh yeah. Dont…wait. Stop. Yeah that’s right. Links to all the Lüt can be found in the description BLABLABLABLA Links to all the Lüt can found in the description bel…*weird noise* I don’t think he can fit in there. Alright is it…is it good? Paperclips! Because I’m Jake and this… You didn’t like this? Because I’m Jake… Because I’m Jake…you’re a little slow over there. Are we ready? Yeah sure go for it. Okay everyone be quiet! Is this where the camera is? .

How to Make Zongzi 粽子 (Bamboo Sticky Rice Dumpling) | Dragon Boat Festival

(music playing) Hey guys, it’s Angel. Today I’m going to show you how to make Bamboo Wrapped Sticky Rice also known in Mandarin as Zongzi. Now in Taiwanese we call Zongzi (Bahzhang) and the reason why I’m showing you how to make this is because Dragon Boat Festival is coming up soon. Now if you guys aren’t familiar with Dragon Boat Festival it’s actually an annual celebration most famously known for Dragon Boat racing and also the sticky rice so I’m really excited to share this recipe with you and share this annual tradition with you.

And if you’re interested in learning more about the history of Dragon boat day or Dragon Boat Festival my grandfather gave me a translation that he wanted me to share with you guys and I will post a link to that on my blog. So with that, let’s get started. Let’s start with the bamboo leaves. Now this recipe makes a dozen Zongzi, which means we will need at least 24 leaves that’s 2 leaves for each Zongzi that we’re going to be wrapping. So I highly recommend that you wash and prepare about 30-35 because as you go through the washing process you’ll notice that some will break or some may not be the ones that you thought they were, not the right size, so definitely wash and prepare more. You can start by soaking your bamboo leaves in hot water for about 30 minutes. Now they will float in your sink so you might need to put something heavy like a pot or a plate on top so that way they stay submerged in the water. After 30 minutes they should have absorbed water and become super soft, so then what you’ll need to do is take a clean dry sponge, wipe and clean off both sides of the bamboo, and that’s just to wash off any dirt.

Then, bring a pot of water to a boil, and like to add a little bit of vinegar and a couple pinches of salt to help with the disinfecting, then put your bamboo leaves in stem first. Let that gently boil and soften up, and once that’s soft you can go ahead and fold over or submerge the entire leaf. Let that boil for 20 minutes and add more water if needed.

Once that’s done cooking go ahead and rinse with cold water, and if you need to use some scissors to trim off the ends. Sometimes the stem will be a little bit too long, or sometimes the top of the leaf will be a little bit frayed. So go ahead to give that a quick trim to make it all nice and neat. Now, if you’re like me you can do what I did the other day and prepare and wash your bamboo leaves the night before, and just put them in a plastic baggie while they’re still moist and put them in the fridge.

Now, for the ingredients. Let’s start with the meat. Sticky rice is typically filled with pork so, you can use pork belly or lean pork shoulder. Sometimes I also like to add Chinese Sausage, so I’m going to cut up a few sausage links too. Since this is your recipe, you can also add other ingredients like salted duck egg yolk, boiled peanuts, and even chestnuts. And to give this more flavor we’ll also need half a cup of dried shrimp, one cup of dried mushrooms. I’m using these really cute small ones so I can put 2-3 in each wrap. Half a cup of dried shallots, two tablespoons of cane sugar, one teaspoon of salt, a quarter teaspoon of five spice powder, and a quarter cup of low sodium soy sauce. Let’s start by mixing the soy sauce with four tablespoons of water reserved from soaking the dried shrimp. Then, add your cane sugar, the salt, five spice powder, and stir to mix as best you can.

Next, prepare the rice. I’m using 3 cups of glutinous rice, also known as sticky rice. Wash and rinse your rice really well, before letting it soak in filtered water for 20 minutes. Now, let’s cook. Preheat a non-stick pan on low heat and add a bit of oil. Or it’s best to use pork fat if you have some one hand. Add your rice and stir fry for 2-3 minutes to make the rice more fragrant. Feel free to add tiny bits of water if needed to help prevent the rice from sticking to the pan. When you’re done, transfer the rice to bowl. Next let’s cook the filling. Start by browning your pork and your sausage. Add the dried shrimp and shallots too at this time since they take a while to soften. After browning, add your sauce mixture and cook until a small amount of liquid remains. That’s when we’ll add the mushrooms.

Then continue to stir fry until the sauce is glistening and has fully caramelized, then transfer to a bowl while we prepare our string. Now one of the signature technique and looks of bamboo sticky rice is the string wrapping. So here’s how I suggest tying them: Using a ball of cotton twine, find a place in your kitchen to hang your string. This is super helpful. Then measure about 27 inches of string length from top to bottom and wrap 6 times, which will give you 12 strings to hang your Zongzi from, because remember we’re making a dozen. Cut the string and cut again and now you will have 12 evenly length strings. Next, remove the string bundle and tie a knot leaving a loop as a hook at the top. Now, this is kind of hard to describe so I’ll just let you watch and follow along. Once you’ve looped your knot, tighten and check to see if you’ve done this right by pulling one string on each side of the bundle. If the loop and knot doesn’t move then you’ve successfully tied you’re string. Now, it’s time to wrap. Pick 2 bamboo leaves of similar size and shape and layer them slightly overlapped one over the other, steam and tip facing at opposite ends.

I usually like to place the smaller one on time facing closest to me. Then, fold into a cone shape and add a bit of rice, on top of that your pre-cooked filling, and then topped with more rice, making sure to pack everything in tightly. Once you’re done carefully fold the top over then the sides, and finally the top of the bamboo leaves making a triangle shape. Next, go to your hanging string bundle and place the bamboo wrap about halfway up, wrapping the string around once and pulling down firmly making sure that it’s snug. Bring the string up to tie a knot leaving a bit of tail at the end so it’s easy to unwrap when we’re ready to eat. Continue to make your Zongzi and wrap all of them up until you have made your full dozen.

In the end, your bundle should look like this. Now it’s time to cook. Bring a large pot of water to a boil, and gently place your sticky rice bundle into the boiling water, including all of the string. We’ll want to cover with a lid and boil for 1 hour and 25 minutes or until the sticky rice is cooked and done. During this time feel free to add more water if needed. Once it’s done cooking remove the bundle and let it cool on a plate for a few minutes. To serve, just pull on the string end to untie, unwrap the bamboo leaves and serve your sticky rice with a side of sweet chili sauce or spicy chili sauce. So this is how you make bamboo wrapped sticky rice for Dragon Boat Day. It’s definitely worth it, it’s smells amazing. I can smell the bamboo infused rice and I can’t wait to eat this. Now if you love eating these, I highly recommend that you double the recipe and make 2 dozen because they do go quickly and the great thing about these is that they freeze really well. Just put them in a plastic bag, you can put them in the freezer they last for a couple months then when you want to go eat them again, just defrost them, for a couple hours and you are good to go, to either reheat in the microwave or you can steam them again.

I hope you guys like this recipe, please share this video with anyone else who you think might be interested in Dragon Boat Festival or how to make Zongzi. I’m really hoping that together we can keep this recipe and these traditions alive. Until then, have a Happy Dragon Boat Festival and I will see you guys next time. Bye! .

Sleeping Pad – NO Fire Retardants! Northern Naturals

Guitar Music Playing Softly Sleeping Pad Video So you can rest easy Hello my name is Lynda Leonard and I am the owner of Northern Naturals. I wanted to invite you into my home and into my living room and show you this sleeping mat. I am really happy with this product. One of the wonderful things about it is that it is a great alternative to a futon partly because it rolls up so easily and its smaller and its easier to store. They have these straps on it so its easy to tie it and keep it together. And as I roll this out you get to see that it is about the size of a twin bed. It’s made with 100% cotton batting… and its got a 100% cotton cover on it which has a really nice weight to it so that it is very, very durable and very, very strong.

It comes in both a conventional and organic cotton. So here’s a product that is durable, it’s going to last a really long time. It’s 100% cotton and it got 100% cotton fill to it. It’s easy to roll up . It’s easy to store. It makes for a great lounging mat. It makes for a great sleeping mat. And, The other thing I really like about it is that there are no fire retardants. So there is no out gassing, and there is no chemical smell at all. So we feel we have a great little product here and we are delighted to share it to you.

Guitar Music Playing Softly Music trails off .

Don’t Let Your Mattress Steal Your Sleep – Purple

Hey, hey look! They got one of those Purple Mattresses. *tv crashes to floor* I’ve heard about these. It’s supposed to sleep cool… and it’s specially designed to cradle your pressure points. *contented sigh* *surprised grunt* Oh… *tap tap tap* Huh?! Freeze! *Sleepy sigh* *lullaby music* .

Sealy Posturepedic Sure Elegance Mattress Pad by Pacific Coast Feather


Kerf Bending Plywood – DIY Ottoman Table Build

The problem: Ottomans take up space, no room for coffee table. Ripping 16″ section off birch plywood panel. Marking the center to find where the corners will be. Seven kerfs spaced 1/4″ apart. Raising blade to leave just 1/8″ of material. Scariest part! Running the plywood to cut the kerf. Phew! Cutting the rest of the kerfs. Test bend. Set depth of circular saw to almost bite through. Plunge cut. These create space for hidden splines. Test bend. Scrap hardwood ripped to fit in the circular saw kerf. Cutting out splines. Ready for the glue up! Apply a lot of glue! Clamp and check for square. Insert splines and let dry for a few days. Old desk leg, apply adhesive and sandpaper. Perfect for cleaning up the inside curves. Fill any left over voids. Sand smooth. Not bad! Placing together leaves a void.

Let’s fix it! Marking so it will be flush with the flat surfaces. Cut out on the bandsaw. Round edges on disc sander. Creating the center strip. Setting blade to cut 15° Slicing one side. Flip and slice other side. I went as far as needed, killed the table saw and took out the piece rather than run it entirely through unsafely. That’ll do. Marking out the profile for a lap joint. Cutting out on the bandsaw. Gluing in place. Apply polyurethane. Line inside with a slippery material. Trim flush with razor blade. It fits! This one fits too! Move two together to add the flush insert. Glamor shots. .

Put Vinegar On Your Plants And This Will Happen

There’s a handy ingredient probably sitting in your pantry just waiting to provide an array of super benefits Vinegar did you know you can safely use this ingredient in the Garden to? Check out a few clever ways you can use vinegar white and apple cider where your veggies and plants spend their days one Vinegar Kills weeds Instead of spending a lot of money on toxic chemicals to get rid of the weeds in your garden pour Apple Cider Vinegar directly on the weeds The acetic acid will stop weed growth without damaging the soil To get rid of ants ants don’t like the smell of vinegar so you can keep them at bay by mixing one part water and one part vinegar in a spray bottle and attacking ant hills with the solution both white vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar work well three fresh and flowers Cut a pretty bouquet of flowers from your garden and keep them fresh by adding two tablespoons of vinegar and a teaspoon of sugar to a quart of water and add your flowers for feed your plants some plants like Gardenias Holly and begonias thrive on Acidic soil you can give those plants some extra Love by Spritzing a mixture of one gallon of water with one cup of white vinegar five test the Ph level of Your soil the Acid levels in your soil can affect how well plants grow You can run a simple test on your dirt by placing a bit of soil in a container And then adding half a cup of vinegar if the vinegar begins to fizz and bubble the soil is too alkaline add Sulfur or peat moss to even out the soils acidity 6 remove Allergens from your hands if you’ve been digging in the dirt with your bare hands Make sure to rinse your hands with white distilled vinegar The Vinegar will remove Allergens and other Debris so you don’t start itching 7 keep common pets out of your garden Animals that love to get in your garden like raccoons rabbits moles rodents and Deer also Happen to hate the smell of vinegar.

So it will keep them out naturally without causing them harm All you have to do is slip a few rags in your apple cider vinegar and place them strategically throughout your garden reese oak them once a week to make sure they maintain their maximum effectiveness and eight clean pots mix one part water one part white distilled vinegar Soap glazed Clay or plastic plots in the solution for at least an hour to remove stains and mineral deposits Have you ever used vinegar in your yard, please share your experience in the comments below? .

$139 Plane Seat Vs. $24,000 Plane Seat

– Dude, Ben, have you seen this video? Casey Neistat 21 thousand dollar– what? There’s a shower here? – Yeah, nah, I have seen this. It’s unreal. It’s the OG suite video. Why don’t you just do that? Why don’t you do a planes one? Isn’t that how Worth It works? You just see cool shit on the internet, and you’re like, “Buzzfeed, pay for me to do that.” – Maybe, is that how this works? – You tell me.

Isn’t this your show? Wait, are we on your show right now? – Are we? – You know what I hate about airplane bathrooms is the flush sound. (imitation toilet flushing) – Today, on Worth It Lifestyle, we’re gonna try three different airlines at three drastically different price points to find out which one is the most worth it at its price. – Worth it! I’m all about vacation, traveling, I love it more than anything.

My least favorite part of it is the plane. – I do have a treat for you today. Not gonna be flying on an overbooked airline. Isn’t that crazy how that’s a treat, though? Airplane! Alex, look at the airplane. It’s gone now. It’s too late. You missed it. (jazzy music) – My name is Jamie Perry, I’m the Vice President of Marketing for JetBlue. You’re gonna be flying on Airbus A321 aircraft from LAX in Los Angeles to JFK in New York.

JetBlue’s been around for just over 17 years. We were founded with the intention of bringing humanity back to travel. Bit more space, free Tvs, free Wi-Fi now, snacks and beverages for customers, no overbooking, just being a bit more human in the way we treat people. – What happens if someone is caught joining the Mile High Club on JetBlue Airlines? – Well, that doesn’t happen as often as you would think, but it’s something we discourage. Have a look in the lavatory, I’m sure you’ll understand why it’s not as easy as some people might think it is. When you design the interior of aircraft, you notice that there is very little that you can actually change. We have made a lot of little tweaks to our aircraft over the years that are designed to improve the customer experience. It’s a little thing here, a little thing there, but it all aggregates up. – Can you tell me about JetBlue’s pricing? – We try to be the cheapest or close to being the cheapest.

We certainly intend to offer you a far better experience than anybody else does at a better price. – You know what I actually want on an airline? And this sounds kinda crazy, is a straight-jacket. – You just wanna be like a baby swaddled up. – Yes. – You need a nice little pacifier. Have someone tuck you in. (upbeat music) So these look brand new. It’s like premium leather. They even have like the leather padded belt.

– They have the folding up headrest. (moaning) – I think I’m gonna join the Mile High Club with this seat right here. – No. Your first thoughts. Go. – It seems like I’ve never been on an airplane before, but I just can’t believe that I can actually do this. – It’s the things you take for granted, you know. Also, Alex is freaking out over this guy right here. Cup-holders. – It’s the little things that make all the difference. – This is truly the most leg I’ve ever had. – We’re in coach. – Buckle up, soldier. It’s gonna be quite a ride.

(seatbelt clicking) Wait, this isn’t– this is two of the same one. (drums rolling) Do they have my game on? – Yes, they do. – What? Usually I hate getting on planes ’cause you get disconnected from the world, but we stayed plugged in. Can I get cookies and Cheez-Its? Thank you very much. – You’re welcome. – I’ll just get Cheez-Its, please. I asked for one, he gave me two. That’s a good guy right there. – Doesn’t get better. – Cheers. (drum rolls) – Welcome to Ben’s Bathroom Breakdown here at JetBlue. Pretty close quarters, very clean. (toilet flushing) Clean, small, functional. One thumb up. Let’s get the meals going here. – I got the Soba with the Korean-style chicken. – I got the grilled chicken with brie cheese sandwich. The chicken is delicious, brie is delicious. The bread could be a little bit fresher.

– This one was really good. People are sleeping so I’m gonna whisper Flight Fact. – I say you just let it out there. – Did you know that when you’re flying, you actually taste things differently than when you’re on land. Your senses are dulled when you’re in the air. – So you’re saying if I ate my sandwich on land, it wouldn’t tasted impossibly better. Maybe that’s why all flight food gets a bad rap. – So we’ve been flying for four hours now. As comfortable as these seats are, sitting in one place for this long makes me restless. – I’m just ready to get out of this seat. – And those are the cabin’s fasten seatbelt sign. – Do not like bumping. (beeping) – I don’t mind it. What’s the worst that could happen? – I’m ready to check this one off.

I’m in a cab on my way to surprise my family who has no idea that I’m in New York right now. Hi! (child laughing) – Apple. Apple. – I stole some snacks from JetBlue. Hey yo! Wait, how’s your baby? – I don’t have a baby. – Are you sure? – I have two baby sisters, and they really made the trip worthwhile. – You mean worth it? – Damn it. – Alright, so we’re on our way to Surf Air which is our second airline. We’re going to the nice area, Santa Barbara. – Just try not to die. – Hey, hey, hey, stop saying that. Alex, can you knock on Ben? – Hi, I’m Sudhin Shahani, the Chairman and CEO of Surf Air.

We’re at the Hawthorne Hanger, and you guys are gonna be flying to Santa Barbara today. – Oh yeah. And what is Surf Air? – Surf Air is a membership based airline. What that means is members pay flat monthly fee that pay 1,950 a month, and they get to fly unlimited on our network of flights that go between LA, San Francisco, Tahoe, Napa, various other California destinations. – What is like the benefit of flying Surf Air? – Primarily time. It’s really easy, you pull out your phone, you book in less than 30 seconds, You come up to 15 minutes before departure. Our valet will take your car, you walk into the terminal, one of our club hosts will come and greet you.

You’ll board the plane– – Wait, no security? – Everyone’s been background checked, and pre-checked before and you’re a registered member. Very comfortable business class seat. You’re in the air two to three minutes after the door closes. – Boom boom boom. – Whole new way of flying. – Can I bring liquids on the plane? – You can bring liquids on the plane, yes. – So I don’t have to dump out my water bottle before walking in? – You don’t have to dump out your water bottle before. – That’s huge. So when we get to Santa Barbara, what should we expect? – Our concierge will greet you, give you the keys to the Surf Air Loan-A-Car which is a Tesla that you could use for the day. – Yes. – Nice. I like that. – Can I drive? Or should we have Alex drive? – Alex, you wanna drive? (laughing) – Let’s go fly.

Whoo! (luxurious music) – Let’s check out these seats. – Here we go! – Why would you– – I don’t like this. I’m going back. – If it’s just us in here, this is pretty legit. Check this out. – Oh, help me out here. Yeah. – If one was to join the Mile High Club in here, there is more than enough room to do it. – Welcome aboard. My name’s Austin. Josh and I will be taking you from LA to Santa Barbara today. If you have any questions, just come let Josh or I know. – I think I’m mostly happy about the fact that I don’t have to feel your shoulder rub up against me this type of flight like we did last time. – Here we go, buckle up. I thought there was gonna be a lot more turbulence, knock on wood, but so far, so good. Much better recline factor than I’m used to. This is a very comfortable seat, not gonna lie. – Let me grab that for a second. I wanna show you the leg room that Alex and Ben share right now. Way lot of space.

– And, we can have a casual meeting at the same time. Alright, everything checks out. The company’s yours. – I have this headset, I can use it to communicate with the pilot. Here we go, let us hear. – What’s up, guys? What? Hold up, they’re telling me that I gotta go fly the plane. – Are you serious? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Do not let him fly the plane. Many flights, especially the longer ones, have a special compartment, known as a ‘corpse cabin,’ which is built to contain people if they die while on board.

– Promise me one thing, if I die in this flight, you won’t abandon my body in the corpse cabin. – I’ll like probably just throw you out the window. (drums rolling) It’s time for another segment of Ben’s Bathroom Breakdown. Alright, so we’re in here. It’s like– Oh my God, there’s a hand. It’s like a little makeshift bathroom that folds out. It’s a nice toilet, but I’m definitely not using it. For a plane this small, this works. Alright, I take that back.

If Steven Lim can put his hand in while I’m using the bathroom, it’s gotta get a thumbs down for me. (whimsical music) – We just landed in Santa Barbara. And we got a hold of their Tesla. We got Alex on the wheel, are you gonna be okay? – So how was the flight? – Point A, point B, done in the most efficient way possible. It eliminated all the lines, the security, the delays. It’s been the least stressful travel experience that I can recall. – Oh, for sure. – I’m not leaving Santa Barbara without trying some wine so take me to the nearest wine stop. (whimsical music) – Cheers. – What’s the next plane? – So we’re back in New York, we’re gonna check out the most expensive airline we can find but before that– (imitating airplane engine noises) Airplane Fact! In the 1980s, the head of American Airlines removed an olive from every salad that was served on the plane. That saved the company 40 thousand dollars. What could you give up in life that would save you 40 grand a year? – Food.

– Alright, the last airplane to see. Singapore Airlines 24 thousand dollar double suite. – Dude, I have– my whole life, I’ve wanted to fly in one of these crazy– – Wait, I’ll do you one better. Singapore Airlines has given us exclusive access to the entire aircraft, grounded for a few hours. – We can run around like a bunch of little kids. – And they’re gonna serve us everything that they would normally give on the airplane, and no turbulence! – I wonder if anyone has joined the Zero Mile High Club? – Oh, like before takeoff. – Yeah, I bet pilots have really put the cock in cockpit. – Oh my gosh. – Sorry. (luxurious classical music) – My name’s James Boyd, I’m spokesman for the Americas with Singapore Airlines, and today, you’re gonna be checking out Singapore Airlines exclusive double suite. It’s aboard the A380 aircraft. It’s the largest passenger aircraft. We’ve developed an entirely new premium cabin.

We called it the Singapore Airlines Suite. If you’re traveling by yourself, it’s a single suite, but if you’re traveling with someone, we have something that is a first for aviation, and that is the double suite. We’re looking at hotels, we’re looking at the travel industry as a whole, and our goal is to reach beyond aviation to create the world’s best travel experience. – I’ve been waiting a long time to try this. – The first thing you experience is a welcome from our crew members.

– Awesome. Thank you. – Ooh! – This one’s mine? Oh my go– (laughing) What am I gonna do with all that space? – Dude, talk about leg room. – Whoa. – Wow. This is bigger than my dining room table at home. – This is bigger than my TV at home. Oh look at this! Little cubby-hold for my feet! – What’s the reline-ability? – Ooh! – What is happening to my feet? Wait a second! – I’m going all the way in. – I feel like I’m being tucked in like a baby. – Then, the presentation of amenities. – Thank you so much. This is cologne. Oh my God. (Steven laughing) Can we actually keep this? – Yes! – Oh yeah. – I missed. – We also give you a fantastic cotton jersey sleep suit.

– Sleeper suit. – When you’re up in the sky, and you’re getting all these treats, you’re basically in heaven, like this is heaven. Let’s go change in our PJs. – Okay, let’s go. (drums rolling) – Ready for Ben’s Bathroom Breakdown? I’m changing my PJs. See you on the other side. Alright, definitely most spacious bathroom we’ve been in. We’ve got lights, we’ve got paper towels, we’ve got a bench? This is a pretty fancy sink. What? We got a good looking toilet here. Let’s test the flush. Oh my God. That is the quietest flush we’ve heard yet. Oh wait, what? We got a comb drawer? First comb on Ben’s Bathroom Breakdown. It gets one, two, three thumbs of approval. I gotta get Steven in here. – Ooh. Alright, gimme the camera, I’m gonna do a little bit of– – Alright, get in your jammies.

– Jammy time. What is this, cotton? Wow, these are comfy. Boom! Look at this pants. See that? There is a piece of wood on the drawstring to hold it together. Now that’s quality. We get to play with the whole airplane. Money can’t buy what we’re about to experience. – No. – Well, if you’ve got about 300 million dollars at these prices, you might get one of these. – Ooh, man! – I wish I could go to work wearing this every day. Can you invite me to dinner on your side? – Yeah, let’s– join me for dinner. – Alright. – We like to present our passengers with a choice of beverage, and for many of our passengers, that really comes down to having that fantastic glass of champagne. The choice of Dom Perignon or Krug Grande Cuvee. – I’ve been hearing rappers talking Dom Perignon since as far as I can remember.

I gotta try the DP. Thank you for bringing me on this voyage. It’s been worth it so far. – Cheers. (whimsical classical music) That’s like biting an alcoholic apple picked from the vineyard. – I would never forget about the Krug. – Ooh, that’s heaven. Yeah, that’s the one right there. That is the best champagne in the world. (laughing) You know what we’re doing next? We’re gonna have champagne with caviar. – Yes, we are. – Are you kidding me? – Caviar, champagne, Steven Lim? What more can ask for? I don’t know any different, but that is damn good. I didn’t think it could get any better.

– I’m just going all in on this. – Eat that whole– wow. (laughs) Cheers! (ascending climatic flute notes) Damn, that is good! – It’s fresh! It is really fresh lobster! – Mhm! – And we’re in an airplane! We’re in the opposite of the ocean right now. Alex, you gotta try this, man. That’s good. This is not airplane food.

– No, we’re having like a five star hotel food right now. We’ve done it. – Food coma turned into bed time. – Wanna take a little nap? How do we sleep in this thing? – Your seat transformed into a life-like bed. Best night’s sleep you’ve ever had 35 thousand feet. (intense classical music) – Whoa, dude! The bed is huge! – It’s enormous. I never thought I would be getting into bed with you on an airplane. – Oh my gosh. Alright, let’s just do this. Ooh! Is that memory foam? Dude, what is happening? Look at this space. Oh. – Quality sheets. – I just have to check real quick, how easy is it to roll over to your side? – Alright, too close for comfort. – Wait, hold up, we can close all of these. Like we can close the shades. – Now, let’s get private. This is it. Good night. – Good night, world.

This has been Worth It Lifestyle: Airplane Edition. See you in the morning. – Later. (popping music) – What word can you use to describe that? – Exclusive. We just got to do something very few people ever get the chance to do. 24 thousand dollar airplane seat? – That’s what Worth It is. – Yeah. – You get to play in the playground of life. Which one is your Worth It winner? – Every one has so many good things going for it. Surf Air was amazing in that it’s this club where you get to pay a monthly fee, but go all up and down the coast. That being said, my Worth It winner has gotta be JetBlue. Affordable tickets, quality seats, it allows me to fly from the west coast to the east coast, back and forth, see my family as much as I want.

– If you need to go from here to China, what’re you gonna do? You can’t even take JetBlue. You can’t even take Surf Air there. Just for that reason alone, I’m calling it. Singapore Airlines is my Worth It winner, dude. – Whoa! 24k? – Here’s the thing, okay, I have a lot of family in Malaysia. The trip always sucks. Alex, who’s your Worth It winner? Put my mic here for you. – C’mon. – This has been awesome– where are we right now? Who knows, but– Peace. Can you imagine if everyday tasks, or like, going to the airport– let’s say you gonna take a dump, right? And you gotta wait an hour and a half, go through security, and do all that just to take a dump, right? That’s a problem. .

DreamFit Basic Microfiber Sheet Set



How to Use Cloth Diapers : How to Wash Cloth Diapers at Home

Did you know that today’s cloth diapers and today’s washing machines make washing really easy? Hi, my name is Erin with Austin Baby and I’m going to tell you how to wash your own cloth diapers. The first step that you’ll do is a preparation when removing the diaper. This is optional but it really does make washing a lot easier as well as the diaper pail. You’ll spray a few sprays of an enzyme which is odor control and and stain control. And that will actually eat the bacteria and make a lot less odor in the diaper pail and a lot easier wash. So after you’ve done that you’ll put the diaper into your diaper pail or diaper bag.

When you’re ready to actually wash the diapers, you empty that into the washing machine along with your diaper bag which should be water proof and washable. You’ll do a pre-rinse on cold water. And after you do that pre-rinse, that’s going to agitate all of the bodily fluids out. After you do that pre-rinse, then you will want to run a full load that’s heavy-duty with hot water and a detergent that is free of residues. It’s not good to use a common detergent that will leave residues because it will cause leaking and smelling with the diaper. And they won’t will not perform properly. So in that load because you have agitated the nasty stuff out, you can actually go ahead and add in any laundry that you don’t mind washing in hot water. Save yourself your own energy and energy used with the washing. And when that load is finished, throw it all in the dryer except for any water proof covers and dry it on low or medium heat. Or you can hang dry them in the sun where the UV rays will take care of any leftover bacteria and will naturally bleach them white.

That’s how to wash your own cloth diapers at home. Thanks, I’m Erin Sheppard with Austin Baby. .

Top 10 Best sheets

Rocks wiki’s best product advisor behind Amazon rocks wiki’s presents top ten best sheets starting with the list number ten she’d name 100% premium combed cotton sheet information 100% premium combed cotton imported our 100% premium cotton is specially combed to remove all but the finest and longest fibers number nine she’d name superior extra soft highest-quality sheet information 100% cotton flannel imported number eight she’d name 100% Egyptian cotton 650 thread count sheet information 100% Egyptian cotton making these 650 thread count sheets the ultimate in luxury number seven she’d name mazzani luxury bed sheet set sheet information 100% polyester microfiber imported number six she’d name cozy house 1500 series luxury bed sheets sheet information softer than silk ready for a restful refreshing sleep number five she’d name six piece bamboo bed sheet sets with stripes by cozy house sheet information a fresh feel like no other with soft bamboo sheets these bamboo sheets are a high-quality blend number four she’d name superior 300 thread count cotton may would print sheet set sheet information 100% cotton imported number three named HC collection bed sheet sheet information our 1800 series sheet set is made from double brushed microfibers and our softer and more breathable than Egyptian cotton number 2 she named superior 100% premium combed cotton sheet information 100% premium long staple combed cotton imported subtle softness number 1 she’d name 100% premium combed cotton 400 thread count deep sheet information 100% premium combed cotton imported thank you for watching our video about top 10 best sheets to get those sheets followed the description link bellow and subscribe to our channel for future upload

2′ x 4′ Poultry Plastic Flooring that Optimizes Bird Performance

This is Double L’s Red Rooster Poultry Flooring. They come in 2 foot by 4 foot sections. It has a 50% opening for great manure filtration. The openings are 3/4″ by 3/4″ and can be used with any size of bird. They come with reinforced premolded screw holes for fast assembly. Made with no break polypropylene gives it a smooth, nonporous surface which is easy to clean and disinfect.

The noncorrosive material will not harbor bacteria, rot, rust, or absorb water like wood slats. 4 foot sections can be easily carried out of the poultry house for cleaning with power washers without having to disassemble the floor. For all your poultry flooring needs, ask for Double L’s Red Rooster Flooring. .

Buffy Comforter Review – Is This Cooling Comforter Worth The Hype?

Sarah: Hey, guys. It’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Buffy Comforter. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve seen the Internet buzzing quite a bit about the Buffy, particularly about how eco-friendly it is. Let’s jump right in and see what all the fuss is about, shall we? Sarah: Before we get into what this comforter is made of, I just want to remind you that if throughout the course of this video you have any questions, comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and we’d be happy to help. The cover fabric of the Buffy is made from lyocell, which is a natural textile derived from dissolving wood pulp. In this case, wood pulp from eucalyptus trees. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with eucalyptus, but it’s got a reputation for antimicrobial properties, being great for anti-inflammatory purposes. The cover fabric of the Buffy was intended to offer this uniquely cool and soothing feel that really feels great against your skin. Also, I have to say, first impressions, it’s kind of a refreshing change of pace from cotton.

The eucalyptus is offering this very silky feel that almost feels silky, like bamboo, this really nice blend between the silkiness of bamboo and the crispness of cotton. I’m really loving that. Of course, there’s an eco-friendly factor at play here. Eucalyptus is a sustainably sourced material. Right away, I’m loving how fluffy it is. The eucalyptus really is just making this cover feel so silky and very uniquely soothing against my skin. Of course, the only way to really know how this performs is to roll around in it. Let’s check it out. Sarah: Now, as far as the comforter itself is concerned, the cover fabric feels very uniquely soothing. That’s definitely coming from the eucalyptus.

It feels just very cool to the touch. It also feels super silky. Then the down alternative inside is really super fluffy. It’s doing a good job staying evenly distributed within the comforter. However, I will say, this is just a matter of personal preference, but I do prefer my comforters to be a little bit more on the lofty side. I mean, so fluffy that you kind of get lost in it. The Buffy, it’s worth noting, is a lower lofted comforter. I wish that it were a little bit loftier.

However, I’m really loving how it feels against my skin which is, at the end of the day, the most important thing. I’m feeling how breathable it is. It might be one of the most breathable comforters I’ve ever tested, which is going to be particularly beneficial for hot sleepers like myself. I have to say, overall, I’m really loving it. As far as what’s inside the Buffy, that’s where, in my opinion, things get interesting. Inside here is a down alternative eco-fiber spun from recycled plastic bottles.

Of course, it doesn’t feel like plastic. It feels like a really fluffy down alternative. Obviously, this is a great example of sleeping green. This is a really eco-friendly comforter. It might be the most eco-friendly and ethically sourced sleep accessory that I’ve ever tested. The cover fabric, the internal fill, it’s all hypoallergenic, it’s all ethically sourced, very eco-friendly. For you eco-friendly sleepers out there who also happen to have sensitive skin or allergies, this might be a particularly good pick for you. Now, the Buffy Comforter also takes advantage of something called 37.5 technology. Basically, it’s a proprietary technology designed to employ active particles that are going to help keep you cool when it’s hot and keep you hot when it’s cold. If you want to learn more about the specifics of that technology, I do go into deeper detail in my full written review, which is linked below.

Sarah: Oh, sorry, I didn’t see you there. I was too busy enjoying my complimentary sleep mask that comes with every Buffy Comforter. Look, I have to say, this is one of my favorite parts about the whole Buffy Comforter. I’m loving the comforter, of course, but the fact that it comes with this sleep mask is a major bonus, in my opinion. Not only is it an adorable design, it’s very silky, it’s very cushy. It’s also filled with lavender, which is notorious for its calming aroma that just eases your transition into dreamland. In my opinion, that’s a major perk. There’s a lot that I’m loving about the Buffy Comforter. Just to name a few of my favorites, like I said, this is one of the most eco-friendly sleep accessories I’ve ever tested.

Between the sustainably sourced eucalyptus fiber and the recycled plastic bottles that make up the fill of this, this is a perfect example of what sleeping green means. Speaking of the eucalyptus, that’s another thing that I’m loving about the Buffy. It’s really offering this uniquely soothing, cool feel to the cover fabric that, as a hot sleeper, I’m particularly liking. Also, it’s hypoallergenic. It’s got great antimicrobial properties. If you have allergies or even just sensitive skin, this might be a particularly good pick for you. Lastly, something that’s particularly intriguing to me is the company’s trial period which, in my experience testing bedding, is unique to Buffy. Some of you might already be familiar with trial periods from bedding brands where you can try a product out, see how you like it, and if you don’t like it, send it on back for a refund.

With Buffy, you literally don’t get charged a single dime until the day after your trial period ends. You can enjoy this comforter for 30 days for free without spending a single penny. Then, of course, if during the trial period you decide that you don’t like it, you can send it on back. Buffy will handle all of the shipping costs. If you decide that you do like it after 30 days, then you’ll be charged.

Again, this trial period, in my opinion, is a really good deal. A couple of things about the Buffy Comforter that some folks might consider to be drawbacks. While Buffy does offer a very generous trial period, it’s certainly not the least expensive down alternative comforter on the market. A lot of folks go for down alternative because it is so much less expensive than real down, but with the Buffy Comforter ranging from about $120 to $190, depending on which size you chose, it might be a little bit more than you were looking to spend for a down alternative comforter. Another thing is about the wash care. While this is technically machine washable, the folks at Buffy say that it must be washed in a large industrial-size washing machine or you could damage the comforter. They actually do say on their website that they recommend that you dry clean this. Not everyone’s going to want to do that. If you’re looking for bedding or for a comforter that is really low-maintenance wash care, that’s something to keep in mind.

A personal preference that I mentioned earlier is that I do prefer my down alternative comforters to be very super lofty, super fluffy. While this is offering me some great fluff — it’s really feathery, it’s very soft — it is on the lower lofted side. Again, as a matter of personal preference, I did find that the low loft actually served to help keep me cool and maybe even made it a little more breathable. Again, something to keep in mind, this is a lower lofted comforter. Sarah: That’s it for me, guys. If you want every last detail on the Buffy Comforter, be sure to check out my full written review, which is linked below. I hope you found this video to be helpful. If you did, be sure to subscribe to our channel, give us a thumbs up, and follow us on social media. We’re always going to be putting out more content with one main thing in mind, “To get you the best sleep you can.” Like I said, if you need a personal recommendation, you’ve got some questions, please feel free to give us a shout in the comments section below and we’d be happy to help.

Thanks for watching, guys. We’ll see you next time. .

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

With real hardwood – There are two subcategories in real hardwood. There’s solid hardwood, and there’s engineered hardwood, and let’s show you some differences between them, and some examples of both. Solid hardwood is one piece of hardwood from top to bottom. As you can see in the cross-section here, this is one piece all the way throughout, from top to bottom. Solid hardwood comes in different thicknesses. Typically it’s three quarters of an inch thick, but it could be five-eighths uh… is the lowest I’ve seen. Sometimes you’ll see a half-inch thickness of the solid hardwood, but five-eights is a little more typical these days, but the most typical you’ll see, the most prevalent is three-quarter inch solid hardwood. So that would be measuring from top to bottom. It’s all one piece of wood, whenever the piece- the product is, the species, oak, maple, um… hickory, three-quarter inch all the way top-to-bottom. The only way, really, to see the difference between solid and engineered is to look at a cross-section, because from the top, just looking at the surface, you can’t tell the difference.

Even with laminate – you can’t tell the difference between a solid hardwood, an engineered hardwood, and a laminate necessarily just by looking at the surface. You have to look at a cross-section and see how the product is actually constructed. As you can see with an engineered hardwood, an engineered hardwood is made up of layers of wood. Typically it’s seven layers, but it can be anywhere from four or five to nine, I’ve even seen, but it’s layered wood, where the wood is actually put at ninety degree angles all the way across, all the way up, and then the top layer, and usually the bottom layer as well, is the real… oak, hickory, maple, whatever the the product is.

It’s that top layer is what they’re referring to. And the top layers vary in thickness. The top layers, just like in solid or in laminate, 0:02:12.700, 0:02:16.470 could have different features. They could have a gloss on ‘em. They could have a um… a handscrape texture, but the top layer is what’s the actual real wood. Now solid hardwood, some differences between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood, solid hardwood must be nailed down, nailed or stapled down to a wood sub floor. Okay? You shoot the nails, or the staples, typically right through the tongue at an angle and that’s how you install this. So, typically solid hardwood is not installed on concrete subfloors, concrete floors. There are some glues out there that um… that do work with solid hardwood. They are very expensive. They’re relatively new to the market. We don’t even carry them uh… because we’re not a hundred percent convinced that they are the right product to install. Solid harwood – we still go with the traditional nailed down, staple down to a wood sub floor. Now, years and years ago, solid hardwood was installed by face nailing and putting nails right through the face.

That’s still done, typically only around the perimeter of a room, uh… mostly there is a staple process now, through a nail gun, which you can go out and rent if you don’t wanna buy, and you’re gonna do this project yourself um… where the the staple actually goes through the tongue as I said and then… wood go through the tongue, and then the next piece would click together a tongue and groove, and then you’d continue on through this tongue, and so forth throughout your job. So one major difference between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood is that solid hardwood must be nailed or stapled down to a wood sub floor. So that typically eliminates um…

The population out there that has no basement, that their home is just built on a concrete slab, and they’re doing their project on the first floor. The engineered hardwood you have options in terms of how to install it. It can go down on it wood subfloor or concrete subfloor. On a concrete subfloor, you can actually glue it down direct. You trowel out glue, and put the actual pieces down. That’s very common, a little more difficult for the do-it-yourselfer, but still very common. The other way to install over a concrete subfloor would be to float. You’d actually glue the tongue and grooves together. Put a thin bead of glue in the groove side. Glue the tongue and grooves together and float over a pad. You’d lay a pad out first, just like in laminate. The other way to do it, if you are on a wood sub floor, is just like with solid. You can actually shoot staples through the tongue side, and install it that way. So, there are some installation differences between solid and engineered.

Typically must be mailed or stapled. Wood subfloor only for solid. Engineered you can glue, you can staple, or you can float. You have your options. Now, with solid hardwood, if you get a deep gouge, a deep scratch, um… something damages the floor itself, you have the option, and this is one of the great benefits of solid, you have the option of sanding the floor and refinishing it. The absolute great benefit of solid hardwood – it can be sanded and refinished. Typically multiple times. It’s typically job done by a professional, and they know just how deep to go to get that gouge out that you’re looking for, to replace or to to fix, and they do a very good job of not taking too much off so that you can do it multiple times if you want.

But if you have a deep gouge, a deep scratch, you want change the stain color, you do have that opportunity to sand and refinish. Now, if the the solid hardwood that you have in your home or your business had a handscraped texture to it, if it gets sanded remember that handscrape is gonna be gone, because they’re gonna take it down to a smooth, flat, level surface, and then they’ll apply the stain. So a definite benefit is that can be sanded and refinished, but keep in mind, with the sanding and refinishing comes a pretty good expense.

Um, could be upwards of two, three dollars a square foot, some cases even more cost to you to get it sanded and refinished. It typically – they do have some newer ways of doing it now but it typically is very messy, very dusty, Typically all the furniture in the home gets moved out. The job takes a few day- two to three days, and then all the furniture gets moved back in, so it is a process, but it is a great benefit to solid hardwood, there’s no doubt about it. SOME engineered hardwoods can be sanded and refinished. Typically, that’s not the case. Typically they can’t be. What it depends on, really, is the thickness of that top layer of the engineered hardwood, and if a professional can actually sand down and still stay within the top layer so that you can stain it, recoat it, and still have a beautiful floor. At Floors To Your Home we don’t recommend sanding and refinishing engineered hardwoods.

It’s just – there are too many people out there doing the sanding and the refinishing, and we don’t want to say to you that we guarantee you that you can sand and refinish this wood X amount of times. That’s just not something we do. We want to be upfront and honest with you and tell you that typically you’re better off on our engineered products not sanding and refinishing. So again, a great difference between the solid and the engineered: can be sanded and refinished, typically not on the engineered. Now, with solid hardwood, solid hardwood is typically the most expensive flooring product, wood flooring product, out on the market. People consider it the best of the best, and it’s a great product, there’s no doubt about it, but there are things you need to consider when you’re buying solid. Because of the nature of the installation, because of shooting the nails into a wood subfloor, you do have the opportunity to see what we call cupping over time. Now, because of changes in humidity and temperature, in your home and in the area you live, you can see, you WILL see, the actual individual boards of wood expand and contract.

Now when they contract, you can see boards – and i’ll show you a liottle example of this – you can see boards tend to come apart a little bit, (they’re not gonna come apart this much) but they will come apart a little bit, and they can cup, and you can see gaps in your floor where before that bevel was tight, the tongue and groove were tight, and maybe they came apart a quarter of an inch, or three-eighths of an inch or half an inch. It’s something that happens, again due to changes in temperature and humidity. It’s very possible that that could happen to you in your installation. With engineered hardwood, because of its layered properties, okay, because it’s not one piece of wood from top to bottom, because of these layers, it has greater stability against changes in humidity and temperature, especially when you float the product, you glue the tongue and grooves together, you will see – there will be expansion contraction, but because it’s a floating floor, the floor will move (you’ll never see it or feel it) the floor will move and take care of itself.

You will not seek cupping with this product. It is a benefit of engineered over the solid hardwood. Those are the main differences between engineered and solid. There really aren’t a lot of other differences. They both, as i’ve said before, they both can have gloss finishes. They both can have textured, handscraped finishes. They both could have beveled edges, any of the aesthetic features can be shared between the two of them. They both come in a variety of species, color stains, everything else is is relatively the same – widths, you know, anywhere from two and a quarter-inch width 0:10:23.890, 0:10:28.320 up to, I’ve even seen thirteen inch wide boards. That could be a solid hardwood or an engineered hardwood. You you really don’t need to pick one of those two to get a specific species or, you know, to get a natural hickory, or to get a three-inch natural hickory. They’re gonna be available in either an engineered product or a solid product.

But the basics of this, and the purpose of this, is to really just tell you the difference, and explain the difference, between a solid hardwood and an engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood, it’s pluses and minuses, it’s a great great product, the best of the best, must be nailed down uh… one piece from top to bottom, can be sanded and refinished. Engineered hardwood: also great product, a great product for those of you out there on concrete slabs, that can’t have the solid.

If you want the real thing, this is it. There is no difference from looking above. Your friends will never know whether you have solid hardwood or engineered hardwood. When you go to resell your home, this is still classified as wood. You can still put ‘W’, for word, on that and M L S sheet. You have wood in your home. Those are the differences. If you have any other specific questions on differences between solid hardwood, engineered hardwood and laminate, please feel free to give our customer service reps a call.

We’re standing by to answer your questions. We’re always happy to help and answer any questions you may have. Thank you. .

Can You Guess Bed Sheet Thread Count?

– I mostly sleep naked but I don’t think we can do that on camera. (upbeat funk music) – Alright, let’s get in bed. – Well these are a little rough. – And these are a little newspapery. – I’m not really satisfied with this, it’s kind of itchy. If I have a slumber party, the person I like least would probably get these sheets. (chuckles) – I’m not a fan of these. I think these are like the 150 or whatever.

– These sheets are like a cape for Halloween. – Probably like 250. – Oh 250, that’s very specific. I’d just go with 200. – 300 thread count. – 200. – Well 200 is right but oops I didn’t realize cotton felt like this. – You win. Alright what do we got here? Ooo! – This is significantly better. – I like it. – Ooo these are better. Now I understand. – These are quite nice. – I can have sex in these sheets. – Yes. (laughs) – These are more bangable. – See to me, all sheets are bangable unless it’s a plastic tarp. – I prefer sheets with dark colors. – Yes for periods. – I like touching myself. – I’m gonna get out of bed now. – These are not Netflix and Chill sheets these are like, Sunday morning breakfast in bed, I love you sheets. You know? – I think the thread count is probably, I’m gonna guess 400. – I say 500. – These are 700. Fo sho. – Oh bloody hell we know nothing. – Killin it! – I’m so close! – Well I’m just gonna fart in here. – These seem like an executive would own these. – These are like the not classy 1% though.

This is like the Donald Trump of sheets. – They’re really thick. – Yeah. This feels like an army uniform. – Yeah I’m not a big fan of this. – Also yeah the color throws me off. I wouldn’t really want to bang in these sheets. – I like this color. – So sex rating, low. – I’m gonna say 850. – I would say 400. – Shit I don’t know, 1000? I win! – 1000 thread count. – What! The higher the thread count, the better though.

Or is it sometimes it’ll suddenly drop off and be shit again? (grunts) – Ooo! – Yes! – Yeah were getting into cotton territory. 6- It reminds me of a super hero in the night. – Jesus Christ. – Ok they’re very thin but they’re very soft. – Wiggle your toes. – This just feels very elegant and flowy. – Sex rating? – This is not, this is like a 10. – I would feel bad about banging in these risking not feeling this again. – I don’t know like 3000. – You’re gonna say 3000? I wanna say 1,200. 1800 thread count. If it’s good enough to clean camera lens, it’s good enough to rub on my body.

– I thought you were gonna say butt. – Or my butt. – I think there’s a clear winner. – Yeah. – Microfiber. – Microfiber for the win. – Shockingly enough, microfiber was the upset. It’s a cheaper sheet but yet far superior. – Definitely softer. – Yes these are my favorite. – I love that microfilm. – Microfiber. – I love that microfiber. I love it. .

Vegan California Rolls for Beginners [+ uramaki technique]

Hi guys, Today’s very requested tutorial will be sushi for beginners. The rice on the outside method to be more specific. Now, this isn’t a professional version, just a simple way to do it at home. To make sushi that tastes right, you need the rice to be right. I am using this medium grain rice as it was the closest thing to sushi rice at the the store near me, but if you can get Japanese short-grain rice, it’s even better. First, wash the rice. See how this package says that I don’t have to wash it? Well, LIES! It’s just not as good if you don’t wash it. Just put one cup of rice in the pot and add water.

The water turns milky from the loose starches. Pour most of it away. Then, swish it around some. Add water, and you can see its even milkier looking. Drain that too. Repeat a few times until the water is pretty much clear like this. Drain out the water as best you can. Then add one cup of water. And time to cook the rice. You could use a rice cooker, but if you’re rice cooker-less like I am, you can do it this way.

Put the pot on the stove, cover and wait for the water to boil. This took about 4 minutes for me. You shouldn’t peek like I did. But I can’t help it. I always peek. Now turn down the heat to low. Let it cook for about 25 minutes. In the meantime you can prepare the seasoning. Sushi really just means seasoned rice so this is a super important step. But all you need is rice vinegar, sugar or your favourite sweetener and salt. In a glass, mix one teaspoon of salt, one and a half tablespoons of sugar and 2 to 3 tablespoons of rice vinegar and stir until dissolved. This ratio is just what I prefer; you might want your rice to be a bit more salty, sour or sweet so play with the proportions and find out what you like best. When the rice is done, the grains will be all puffed up and there shouldn’t be any water left in the pot. Fold in the vinegar mixture gently so we don’t squish the rice.

Now we let it cool. The thing about rice that many people don’t know, it that it can go bad if it isn’t cooled fast enough. That’s why I put it in a container like this and spread it out so it can cool more quickly. You can even put it in a cold water or ice bath. I usually just wait until it’s no longer steaming and stick it in the freezer, covered, while I make the fillings. Today we’re making vegan california rolls! Just replacing the crab or polluck with veggie tofu. This deep fried tofu has little bitsies of veggies in it and is pretty tasty on it’s own. It’s also known as q-tofu but be careful as not all brands are vegan. The rest of the ingredients are what you’ll find in a regular cali roll: avocado slices and cucumber matchsticks. I also have some minced scallion greens for extra deliciousness. To roll your sushi, get a few things together. I have my bowl of cooled rice, a bamboo sushi rolling mat, the fillings, a bowl of water to get my hands damp and a towel.

To stop the rice from sticking the the mat, I wrapped it in some plastic wrap. If you prefer not to use plastic wrap, you can also use a sheet of parchment paper as a barrier though it will be a bit trickier. I used plastic today as I thought it would be easier to show you the technique. Grab a sheet of nori and fold it in half across the long side. Then it’ll be a cinch to tear into two. Lay the nori with the textured side up, wet your hands lightly and grab a handful of rice. Spread it on the nori gently. If the rice starts sticking, just wet your hands a bit more. Just try to cover it evenly but don’t lay it on too thick. Even this is a bit too thick. And just for fun, I’m sprinkling some sesame seeds on top. Now, press down the rice firmly. You can use a spatula or just your damp hands. Now flip the nori over and it’s time for the filling.

Lay the fillings in the middle evenly. About this much. Too much and it won’t roll properly. Use the mat to roll the side closest to you, over the fillings and tucking in the other side. Squeeze gently, then release and keep rolling. When it’s rolled all the way, give it a firm squeeze along the length, try to be as even as possible. Then voila! Sushi roll! I find it’s easiest to cut after the rolls have rested for a few minutes so repeat until you’ve used up your ingredients. Then for the tricky part.

Cutting the sushi into maki. The best thing to use is a very sharp knife that has been moistened a little. My knives aren’t the sharpest so the best one for me is this small serrated knife. Which ever knife you use, hold the sushi firmly while cutting, don’t press down too much, just cut back and forth and like the knife do the work for you. I’m also cutting them not too thinly. Bigger pieces hold together better but they should be small enough for you to eat in one bite. And that’s it! Serve with soy sauce and wasabi if you like. And eat! Vegan sushi is so easy to make and can be so healthy as well. Please check out the links in the description for more vegan sushi suggestions. Be creative and use what you have on hand. As always thanks so much for watching this video. To find out what I’m working on during the week, follow me on Twitter or Instagram! Bye for now! .

Building a queen size bed from 2×4 lumber

I want to build a queen size bed for a friend using my plans. And I picked up most of the lumber from the Home Depot with my car. Now the plans actually call for a lot of 2 by 4’s and even 2 by 3’s, but I actually bought mostly 2 by 10’s, just because that way I got much better quality lumber. I’ll start by making the side rails and I want to use some of the nicest looking lumber for that, because that’s the most viable. And that side rail needs to be 7 inches wide. You heard that right, 7 inches. I’m actually using inches for this project. These big planer shavings sure fill up a dust collector fast. Now that I have the pieces planed, I can cut them to length. Now I need to glue on this rail, here and that will later support the slats. Now for the legs I need a whole bunch of pieces that are 2 1/2 inches wide.

But, I’ll cut these to a little bit wider from here so I can trim them down later. Now I’m gonna join the leg pieces together and here’s my long piece and this goes here, and this goes here. These 2 boards are gonna form the headboard with the posts on either side, like here and like here. And I want to give this a bit of a nice profile, so I modified the CAD model and freed up the template for this, and I’m just gonna trace that through, by outlining those lines with a carpenter’s pencil. And that will leave a mark on the wood. For the mirror image, I’m tracing my pattern through the back.

I’m just using a strip of wood to smooth out between the place that I traced through. Now, I’m just gonna round-over the edges before I put the headboard together. So, here’s my glued headboard legs and I could smooth the joints out with a hand plane, but I’ll just do it on my jointer. Here is roughly what my headboard is gonna go together like this. In my plans, I have this joined with dowels but, I’m gonna use some floating tenons, like these. They’re sort of like really big festival domino’s. And that should be much better. I cut these from a strip of Oak and rounded the corners on my router table. And I’ve already joined the foot board with those so, now let’s cut the joints for this one. I just worked up the spacing for the mortises and for each one of those I marked on which side the mortise goes so I don’t cut on the wrong side.

I’m gonna cut the slats on my slot mortiser which I haven’t been using that much since I built the pantorouter. But, this machine does slot mortises really well. I just transferred all the mortise locations for the rails. Now I can also cut those on my slot mortiser. I’m gluing blocks of wood between the slats and that will keep them from sliding around. I’m cutting down the slats in thickness towards the ends, which will allow them to rest a bit lower on the frame. And it also makes up for any differences in thickness in the scrap wood that I’m using. Before gluing it together, I’m rounding over all the exposed edges. Well, that took some fast action with the clamps and some hard pounding to get that joint fully closed. I guess that’s certainly a problem you could avoid, if you just used pocket holes. After that, I varnished all the pieces, but it was pretty boring so I didn’t take video of that.

Headboards are almost always pushed against the wall so I cut out this corner here, for a baseboard and cord around. A little bit, it fits. .

Bamboo Rayon Fabrics Intro

Hi guys, Happy Easter! How good is that? I bet you guys will have a lot of chocolate overload this time. So thank you so much for supporting us throughout this month and last month we have launched our pre-Easter sale so that is 15OFF, 15 percent off of roll purchase order. So if you haven’t actually started ordering please you can start ordering now because it’s ending on the 25th of April so only, you can count only a few weeks left and if you have ordered, we thank you so much for this and we would love to give back to you guys to roll out much more sustainable fabric.

So this month we wanted to focus on something that is inter-seasonal so we wanted to launch our bamboo range that is actually good for our Australian customer that is kind of like autumy and good for our European also US customer that is going towards spring and summer. So first of all I wanted to launch two fabrics that I’m gonna do a bit of a comparison. Now we’re gonna have a new product code for this the SNEW code that I’m telling you in a second they’re just only a temporary code. So this is SNEW85 as you can see, let me put it back a little, it’s a little bit shiny, it’s 100%bamboo rayon and is 140gsm whereas this one is less shiny as you can see it’s a bit matte, it’s bamboo rayon as well it’s 150gsm. So this kind of material is so beautiful that you can make a lot of things out of it, you know, you can even consider making this sleepwear or shirt, shirtdress, of you can even make it kind of a top, you know for casual wear that you can really go out to wear it at the same time youknow you can make it into a dress that you can make it into semi casual that go in to work etc.

Beautiful fabric, it’s so soft, this kind of material, if it touch on your skin, it’s got a natural softness and coolness on it. And then the two material that we wanted to launch is this is bamboo rayon fine twill, and this is bamboo twill. I’m gonna make it a bit closer and you can see the fabric has a bit of a shine on it in the yarn and the fabric is actually you can see the light pattern it’s a bit of a diagonal twill, hope you can see it. And this one has a more obvious twill as you can see. So this is SNEW88 and this is SNEW113. This is 230gsm whereas this one is 160 gsm so it goes thicker as we go. so here are the four new bamboo fabric that we would like to launch we will share with you. If you guys have any questions and would like to try and order some samples please feel free to contact our customer support email, so it’s if you have nay questions you can as myself my name is Edwina and you can contact me at

So I can’t wait to hear from you guys and thank you so much for your support. Have a great Easter, see you guys .

How to Choose Paint Colors

Hi, I’m the  designer, as well as welcome to Dunn-Edwards Paints’s “How to Paint” video series. Choosing paint colors for your home could be  a bit of a difficulty. While you may feel overloaded with many shade options that you don’t even know where to begin, starting with some standard shade concepts will certainly assist you find the ideal shade. In this video, we’ll share ideas for picking the best shade that’s right for you as well as your room.

Let’s take a look at the psychology of color and also how you can utilize it to make shade option simpler. When checking out a color scheme, there are warm tones as well as cool tones throughout the scheme. Warm and cool tones evoke specific moods in an area that ready standard guidelines to consider when selecting shade. Warm tones consist of reds, oranges, as well as yellows. These colors are energetic, spirited, as well as packed with action and also life. Red, the best of the warm tones, is the most passionate of all shades. Orange is a discussion shade. It’s used a lot in kitchen areas and also eating locations. Yellow, an intense and also joyful color, could cheer up the dullest space. Now, cool tones are the opposite of warm tones. These colors influence leisure and also meditation. They include greens, blues, indigos, and also violets. Green, the shade of nature, is a relaxing, cool shade fantastic for bedrooms and bathrooms. Blue, my favored color and also the shade of the ocean, highlights ideas of day spas and also calming areas.

Purple and indigo are a lot more spiritual and also thoughtful. These colors are great for meditation areas. White stands for purity, peace, and also intelligence.

These in proportion to various other components in the room, it’s terrific for workplace and locations where you have to think. Blacks and  browns are grounding colors. These colors are used in various tones throughout the house. Now, let’s look at the function of the area when picking shade. Most residences have the basic spaces we are all made use to, like living spaces or household spaces, dining spaces and also cooking areas, or bed rooms and also shower rooms. And also some bigger houses have offices. A variety of ideas relate to tint option for several various factors. Your decision to work to a color scheme controlled by warm, great, or neutral tones can be influenced b

y a number of aspects. As an example, the climate where you live– warm colors are usually more appropriate in cool environments and also cooler shades in warmer regions. Likewise, the orientation of your windows– a south-facing orientation will certainly suggest a cool to neutral shade preference, while a north positioning suggests making use of a warmer shade. Activity is another variable. Warmer colors have the tendency to favor task and also stimulation, while neutral and cooler shades prefer calm and reflection.

These results raise symmetrical to the strength of the shade used. Private preference is an additional important influence, as well. Rooms utilized by a single person will be programed to that individual’s certain taste, while spaces used by numerous individuals have to meet the requirements of a selection of choices. Numerous people might want to avoid the  extreme colors in these rooms. Bear in mind, these are basic ideas, not tough and quick regulations to obey. Have fun choosing colors and pay attention to your impulses. Now, consider several of these standard policies to begin with confidence constructing your shade palette. Policy one, do your research. Check out publications, draw paint swatches, as well as match the shades for all the existing pi

eces in your house, from your artwork, rugs, sofas, bamboo bath towels, materials, best bedding, as well as drapery. You’ll desire to identify just what functions are currently in your area that you would certainly think about long-term. Right here’s some info about organic bamboo fabric

Look at the flooring, closets, floor tile, window coverings, and also any kind of huge items of furnishings. Note the major shades that exist in these places and use them as a guide. Dunn-Edwards also provides a, on the internet, shade device called Explore the Perfect Palette, which permits you to develop and also save your favored shade systems. You might even apply shades to a picture of an interior to see exactly how the shade will certainly look in a real setup. And also as soon as you’ve selected your shade, you could get color chips online.

Policy number 2, look at the lighting in your space. Often times, in selecting the appropriate color of color, lights is a determining factor. If a room obtains little all-natural light, you may want to lighten up the space by painting it a light, cool shade. If a room gets a great deal of sunlight as well as you desire to make the room more tranquil, take into consideration repainting it a much deeper, richer shade. Policy number three, do not think that the color on the paint chips will look the very same on your walls. Do not think that the color that you see in

your buddy’s house will look the very same in yours.

You could have different illumination, flooring, furnishings, as well as additionally think about all the building information. Policy number four, be sure to examine the paint samples. Try a the shade on the wall surface prior to committing to a full area of the color. Visit your neighborhood Dunn-Edwards Paints shop and also select from numerous color chips that remain in the color array that you want. Do not restrict on your own to 1 or 2, as they might look different once you take them to your house.

Once you pare down your color options, you’ll want to choose at least 3 to four shades in that same array to test the paint before you paint the whole space. Currently, we’re intending to repaint this room. I brought this little guy, the Dunn-Edwards eight-ounce Perfect Palette Sampler. It’s the ideal amount that you need in order to see precisely how the colors you’ve selected will certainly look prior to your start of repainting. Each eight-ounce example covers concerning a four-foot by four-foot area with two coats of paint. Paint a two-foot by two-foot sample location of each shade on your wall surface, make certain to use a minimum of 2 layers of paint to ensure the most effective color, and afterwards live with the shade for a few days. See exactly how it feels and look at various times of day as well as during the night. See how the lights in your house and also all the surrounding colors influence your shad

e options. Does one interest you greater than others? Next step, get motivated. Ideas are individual to each of the people in our residences. It can originate from anywhere, such as your art collections, draperies, a favored location rug, or perhaps publications.

Last but not least, keep in mind that color shade’s are fun. To find out even more concerning the paint as well as painting, view the various other “How to Paint” video clips on the dunnedwards videos. For Dunn-Edwards Paints, Thanks for watching and have fun painting.

The Facts About Bamboo Sheet

bamboo bed sheetsThere are a great deal of ads regarding Bamboo Fiber Sheets. I could possibly wonder about the fact of these advertisements.

bamboo sheets queenJust what is actual and exactly what isn’t really? Are these Bamboo Sheet like they state?

So, I went down to my collection, OK, went on Google, and did some research study. Here is the Truth Concerning Bamboo Sheets. Very interesting information.

bamboo sheet Basically the research study that I did claims that bamboo sheets are around like you are getting, without spending for silk. And bamboo has some benefits over silk!Not each concurs, however the majority of really feel that bamboo bedding is the ideal.

Bamboo Towels are Eco-friendly!

Are you looking for a new and creative way to help save the environment? Perhaps you planned to “get around to it”, or simply aren’t sure what you can do to start going green. To help save the planet we all have to do our part, so remember, even the little things can add up, which is why one easy thing you can start doing today is to buy organic products.

These are products that are created without hurting the planet like other manufacturing processes. One such product you can buy right now, that you wouldn’t even notice, is to buy organic kitchen towels. These organic towels are available in an exhaustive amount of colors and patterns to suit even the pickiest consumer.

Almost every organic towel is hypoallergenic and the most common ones are made of hemp and bamboo. These towels can be used in the same manner as any other kitchen towel; drying dishes, cleaning up spills, and drying hands. Simply put, you won’t notice a difference between organic kitchen towels and their counterparts.

The plants used to make these towels, bamboo and hemp, are grown organically without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. When the fabric is being harvested and processed, harsh chemicals are not used, including the dyeing process.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at the two most popular types of fabrics used to make these towels and the advantages they have over regular cotton kitchen towels.


The bamboo plant is harvested using very little resources and can be harvested every 3-4 years, making it a wonderfully eco-friendly plant. Towels made from bamboo are naturally antibacterial and biodegradable. They are also very soft and more absorbent than a standard cotton towel.


Made from the flax plant, this plant is also grown without the use of any pesticides or chemicals. Most organic hemp towels aren’t dyed. While not as absorbent and soft as bamboo towels, they are generally less expensive.

When buying an organic towel, you must pay careful attention to the label, as it will be certified as organic. Of course the rules are different for each country, so be sure to educate yourself on what truly constitutes an organic product from the country in question.

While we can’t undo the damage to the planet as quickly as we have polluted it, even you can start doing your part today, which includes buying organic products such as kitchen towels. Article Source:

Eco Friendly Bamboo Bedding

Bamboo is commonly thought of in its construction and landscaping forms. Many, however, are catching on to the fact that it makes an excellent fabric. When processed (using natural and eco-friendly methods), bamboo fibers can be transformed into fabric that is softer than cotton with a drape like silk. It is less expensive and more durable but, most importantly, does far less damage to the environment even than organic cotton. It is luxuriously soft with what has been described as a similar feel to cashmere. Its cloth is an indulgence with its wonderful silky softness.

Bamboo clothing is for all seasons and for all skin types. It does not stick to the body or skin even on the hottest of days and will always make you feel extremely cool under any condition.

Bamboo Fabric is Green

Bamboo grows over 3.5ft/day at its maximum height during its peak growth. Unlike other forest trees which require a 60-year recovery period, natural bamboo plants are easily recovered within 2-3 years after cutting without leaving any adverse impact on the environment. A bamboo plantation requires less energy to maintain than any other trees or plants for fiber production. The bamboo plant can survive in drought and in flood.

Bamboo fiber is manufactured from 100% bamboo plant using top-of-the-line technologies. Most companies use raw bamboo that is 3-4 years old. Its vast root network assures its sustainability. As new shoots sprout, more sunlight is able to filter through, and greenhouse gases are converted into new green growth. The fiber is completely biodegradable in soil, making it eco-friendly. Bamboo fiber is praised as “the natural, green, and eco-friendly new-type textile material of 21st century.”

Bamboo plants thrive even without any pesticide. Research has proven that bamboo contains “bamboo kun”, a singular unique anti-bacteria and bacteriostasis bio-agent that when blended with bamboo binds tightly into the fiber. Bamboo fiber contains natural anti-bacterial components that, unlike chemical antimicrobial treatments, do not cause any skin irritation or allergies when added to clothing. The natural and unique features of anti-bacteria and deodorization of the bamboo fiber have been proven through research by the Japan Textile Inspection Association, which showed that the bacteriostasis is still present in the fabric even after being washed more than 50 times.

Bamboo Fabric is Gorgeous Bamboo fabric is destined to revolutionize the clothing industry. What is most notable of bamboo fiber is its unusual breathability and coolness. The micro-gaps & micro-holes that naturally occur in the bamboo fiber make its fabric moisture-absorbing and ventilating. This element enables bamboo fabric to absorb and eliminate moisture instantly. The textiles have many fantastic properties that when combined make this a truly amazing fabric – breathable and cool, nice luster; extremely soft; fast water absorption performance; and anti-bacterial. Those familiar with cotton, nylon and other textiles are amazed with the great difference and comfort bamboo fabric provides.

Bamboo Clothing has been tagged “Air-Conditioning Dress.” The fiber is highly absorbent, moisture-rich, quick-drying, anti-bacterial, deodorizer, brightly colored yarn & ultimate softness is breaking textile markets and fashionistas’ choices of clothing and apparel. Designers like as Kate O’Connor, known for creating ponchos and knits, have shifted from silk to the eco-friendly bamboo fabric. Other eco-fashion designers like Amanda Shi and Linda Loudermilk have followed suit.

Perhaps the best use of bamboo fibers is for babies, and lots of bamboo clothing is already available in the market, along with towels, blankets, and other linens. Whether at play or at sleep, babies are extremely comfortable when wearing bamboo fibers because the fiber keeps them cool and comfortable. Article Source: