How To Choose Running Clothing (And 2 Surprising Products to Avoid)

Hi guys I’m Shelly Willingham from 5K Running Tips After a glorious summer, it’s time to starting to thinking about the cooler weather when you’re out running. But to ease the transition, this week, I’m going to be sharing some inspiring winter weather gear ideas that I hope you guys will love. And today I’m kicking off with how to choose running clothing. We’re going to talk about that to look out for when buying clothing and finally I’m going to talk about 2 fabrics you need to be really careful of. Lets get started. Running clothes you typically need are tops, bottoms, socks, hat, sports bra and running shoes. To be comfortable when you’re running, you need to get it right. There are a few features you need to look out for when shopping for running clothes. As a guide try to get clothes that are moisture wicking and quick drying. Wicking fabrics move moisture away from the skin. It works by absorbing and spreading moisture out across the fabric to enhance the evaporative drying rate.. That just means that they don’t hold moisture.

You will be kept dry and won’t get cold. Good examples of fabrics that are moisture wicking and quick drying: merino wool, nylon and polyester. The 2 products that you should be very careful of when buying running clothes and gear The first on is cotton and the second one is bamboo Cotton is not a good option because it holds moisture. As you sweat cotton absorbs the moisture and if the cotton is touching your skin, it’ll quickly make you cold. The other product to avoid when buying Running Gear is Bamboo Bamboo has been big in the outdoor and adventure scene. it’s often marketed as a green product with the same characteristics as wool. Be careful of bamboo though, many bamboo fabrics are just a type of rayon and share all of its pitfalls.

So there just a quick run down of the different fabrics and how to choose running clothing. I hope you’ve found this video interesting. I love to see your running pictures, so be sure to tag me on instagram @shellywilling – the link is below in the description. If you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to my channel for more helpful tips. thank you for watching I appreciate your time!