Floor Moisture Barrier – When Do I Need It?

On a concrete subfloor, if your product has pad attached already, you still need a Moisture Barrier, a painter’s plastic, a Visqueen plastic, a product similar to that. It’s a very, very thin 6 mil. product. We sell a product that comes in rolls of 150 feet. That’s all you MUST have when you’re on a concrete subfloor, and your product has pad attached. Now you could also purchase our 2mm foam that has a moisture barrier attached. That will give you 2 milimeters more foam, obviously. That gives you more comfort when you walk, and gives it a more quiet walk. So either way, you either have to have plastic, or a foam with a plastic. When your product has no pad attached, and you are installing over a concrete subfloor, you must have the pad, and you must have the moisture barrier. If you’re going over concrete, and you have no pad attached, this is the bare minimum of what you must have.

If you have pad attached to your laminate, this plastic film is your bare minimum, and that is sold separately, or you can upgrade to this product. Like I said, a little bit more comfort when you walk, a little bit more sound killing, and a little bit warmer. Your options for laminate are without pad, or with pad. And then depending on your subfloor, that’s the key element here, determines what else you may or may not need, whether you just need a plastic, whether you need a foam with a plastic, or the sound killing felt with a plastic.