Minimalist Baby Essentials- Baby Checklist

Hey everyone its Lisa from the blog farmhouse on Boone where I like to share my handmade home food from scratch and our simple farmhouse lifestyle here on Boone Street now today I have something a little different than what I’ve usually share it is my minimalist mom baby essentials baby checklist now if you follow along you may know that I’m do with our baby in one week and I also am one to keep clutter low and just things in general in our house I like to have you of them keep things simple and clutter free though baby gear is no exception to that so as a mom of four almost five kids I kind of figured out by now what it is that I actually need for a baby and so this of course is my opinion and it can vary from person to person I just want to share with you what I personally find necessary and what I’ve prepared for this baby as I mentioned I am NOT one to store items and have a bunch of clutter in my house so I don’t have bins full of things in the basement because I find that usually I keep so few outfits for a child at each given stage that the time they’ve outgrown it it’s pretty much trash anyway it’s stained up and just not good anymore so because of that I’ve just bought a few new things for this baby and the baby will in each stage probably own about three or four good pieces where I’m completely out and then I will most likely have no use for them anymore let’s start with the clothing I have a few organic onesies from Burt’s Bees baby and I will link below the reasons that we’ve chosen to go with organic on the clothing but just some basics we don’t know if we’re having a boy or girl so I like to just do some grays and whites and that is the theme of this entire thing so that everything can mix and match and I have to worry about owning a whole lot I just have about five onesies and then a few simple sleepers mostly the zip up once all organic again because zip up sleepers are so easy to change the middle of the night and things like that I find that there are some very adorable clothes but the babies always sleeping and cozy and so we don’t really need any cute clothes when they’re newborns basically just zippered sleepers and onesies so sleepers are just easy comfy and no fuss I only buy ones with foot ease because I do not like to deal with baby socks they’re always falling off and you’re always losing them so I don’t really need to own any socks for this baby because all the sleepers have buddies okay as far as bedding goes first I want to say that I have no crib and no bassinet for this baby and that’s because after four kids I know exactly what I’m going to end up doing and that is co-sleeping obviously again a very controversial topic so research that on your own I’m not recommending it but I am saying that is definitely what we do for a good six months the baby will sleep nowhere except for in bed with me and so a lot of these things I don’t even need yet a couple organic crib sheets just plain old white from Burt’s Bees baby I really like their essentials line because they just have all of the baby essentials in organic cotton fabrics and neutral colors which is totally perfect for my kind of minimalist style of baby gear and then my other favorite thing which I didn’t find out about until my fourth maybe third but I’m thinking fourth child are these muslin swaddle blankets so I actually made these with some cotton gauze fabric and they are the best swaddle blankets around one they are lightweight so no matter you know if it’s really warm in your house like it’s winter right now but we’d have a wood stove in our house stays really warm so I still don’t want the baby you know swaddled up with anything that’s too heavy and what I like about these is they’re stretchy and they’re you can make them oversized so you try to swaddle a newborn baby even in a conventional flannel swaddle blanket they are so tiny that you can’t even get them tight they’re always just falling off and just not big enough so these are awesome in my blog post that I have for this I will be linking some swaddle blankets you can buy I also plan to eventually do a tutorial on how to make these super cheap so I have a bunch of these made up for my last baby and I’ll be reusing them now what I also like about these is they’re so versatile so with my other kids I carry around like spit cloths and nursing covers and all of that well I find that these if I throw a couple of them in my bag can be nursing cover it can I can use it to wipe off spit I’ll just use this all day and then wash it really this kind of cuts down a ton of different things in my diaper bag also you could put it over if you’re in a public place and you change the baby you can lay it over the changing table so I find these to be a very versatile baby essential-1 heavy blanket you need one heavy blanket if your baby is born in the winter or fall or maybe even early spring to put over their car seat when you go out I again got this working in it cotton cable-knit blanket from Burt’s Bees baby I just thought it was pretty and I like to have one nice blanket to go over the car seat I should also note that I will not use blankets in bed until a baby is about to the baby like I said will sleep with me for six months but then after that when they go in their bed I still don’t give them a blanket like this we’ll just stick with the organic cotton crib sheet this is just for the car seat and stroller when we’re out and about four is gear this is gonna be pretty short section because as a mother of four and someone who’s very stressed out by clutter I just don’t do a bunch of gear so why not have a bunch of older kids so I can’t put a baby in a swing and just leave them there and so I use a baby wrap and I started using baby reps with my second baby and I thought they were basically life-changing but the second third and fourth baby they pretty much stay in that wrap all day every day until they’re about six months old now six months like I mentioned before is kind of when I start to think about getting baby on a schedule and maybe laying down some in their own bed or you know during a nap for six months straight I worry about no schedules and the baby goes in the wrap this time I have this gray stretchy knit wrap from Sally baby and I’m going to be doing a tutorial on tying this but I obviously need a baby first I’m going to wait to the baby’s born but it’s just basically a stretchy long piece of fabric I put this on put the baby in there cozy I pull their head out if they’re awake I put their head in if they’re asleep they can see everything hear my heartbeat feel close to me they’re comforted all day so I can keep going about my work and baby is comfortable and happy highly recommend wraps I absolutely love them they are literally my number one baby essential if I had nothing else I mean I’m sure I’d have to have a couple of things of clothing and diapers but it would be this I love my wrap I could not live without it the next thing on gear is a highchair obviously in Nita highchair I don’t use one at all until at least six months because my babies don’t eat anything for six months at around six months they want to start playing with food and picking things up I like to have a highchair I’ll eat in the blog post a convertible highchair that can be used as a highchair and then later on as a booster scoop that pushes up to the table so I like that to minimize even more what you end up needing obviously a car seat we just have a Chico ki Fateh car seat and of course a crib again I don’t have one set up yet and I won’t need it for about six months but obviously a baby essential for the checklist all of these things are linked in the blog post that you can see the collection that I came up with for my minimalist baby essentials checklist in the diapering and feeding category this post is in no way sponsored by cotton babies are accountable but I have been cloth diapering for four kids and this will be my fifth and so I have found out exactly what I like what leaks what doesn’t I have tried pocket diapers all-in-one diapers and then the all in twos and I’ve found a diaper that I love and that I will only use now and that is the konna Bumbry i have a bunch from my last child in the one size those are great once baby reaches about ten pounds but this time kind of this for fun just because I was excited to buy a few things for baby since I had it yet I actually bought some in the newborn size so the way the economies work is they’re basically just a waterproof cover and the reason they’re called a con of um is there a budget-friendly option so they’re kind of the cheapest cloth diapers on the market for very basic there’s pretty much nothing to them the way they work is they’re just a plastic cover that snaps and you can put any insert on top of them so I have some of these hemp ones from G diaper I’d have a couple of pre folds I have some flannels that I just made some of the Gerber pre folds and then some of these microfiber ones no matter what it works the same way you just take whatever you have and you put it on top and then just snap it and I’ve never found anything that doesn’t leak like this one doesn’t leak it’s the only one where baby can be left in it for a couple of hours and not leak through that’s my honest opinion and my sister is the same way she cloth diapering and we both feel that a Cana bump is the best brand that we’ve found for not leaking I have a stash of one size of kind of bums just in plain white that is from my last child they’re still good and usable and then I also bought three newborn covers just for fun and because I’m looking forward to cloth diapering my newborn the other thing for feeding is bamboo nursing pads so reasonable nursing pads if you’ve ever nursed before you know that while your milk supply is regulating they’re gonna need those or you’re going to need to pack extra shirts for yourself as far as wipes go at home I have a bunch of different little cloths that I use for reusable wipes I just throw them right in the diaper pail with the diapers that makes it really easy on the go I just use some unscented wipes for my diaper bag skip hop was kind enough to send me this and I personally picked it out on their website and I like it just because it’s neutral has a lot of pockets and it’s a good size I can fit my cloth papers couple extra outfits for on-the-go and my muslin swaddle blankets this should cover me it’s not huge sometimes I have to pack things for my other kids too like extra clothes or coats or something like that so it’s a perfect size for that and I mostly liked it for the neutral colors and it fits in with all my other items for bathing this list is short we don’t bathe our babies a whole lot first of all I can link an article below on why we don’t even bathe them at all in the first 24 hours after that I simply stick to dr.

Bronner’s castile soap which is just a coconut oil and a few other oil-based soap all natural nothing bad in it and I’ll put that in a foaming hand soap container with some water and maybe a drop or two of lavender essential oil and then that’s it that is all you need to bathe baby they don’t need to be washed a whole lot they’re not really out getting dirty and it’s just bad for their skin so once a week wipe down with some dr. Bronner’s is all I use so that’s it for the bathing portion of this video that’s it what would you add to this list you can leave that in the comments below I’m also gonna link the blog post which has a lot more information on all these items as well as the links and prices and all that kind of things so that you can see my checklist there also be a pinnable image so you could pin this later on Pinscher and you’re looking forward to collecting some of these things that you’re not quite ready and you just need a checklist there’ll be a printable image there to put on Pinterest for later thank you so much for watching this video and stopping by my channel I really appreciate it if you’re new please hit that subscribe button I share our handmade homes lots of DIY projects and sewing and things like that food from scratch and our simple farmhouse lifestyle here on food street thank you so much for stopping by the farmhouse

Newborn Baby Bedding

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