Faux Wall Panels – Brick -Stone – Wood – Faux Wall Panels

Have you been thinking about getting Faux Wall Panels? At Texture Plus, we give you over 850 options to choose from and we make it really easy to install these 2 x 4-foot stunning, high quality panels that look amazingly real! Our beautiful Faux Wall Panels can be used indoors and outdoors. They come in brick, stone, wood, bamboo and metal, all are made of durable, lightweight material that stands the test of time, so we are confident giving you a 25-year warranty. We also beat other competitor’s pricing for our 2 x 4-foot Panels. These Faux Wall Panels are incredibly easy to install using construction adhesive and screws; no special equipment or expertise is needed. Enhance your project with the look and feel of real brick, stone, wood and more at a fraction of the cost! Texture Plus makes it easy for designers, contractors, architects and DIY homeowners to create endless, affordable possibilities. To order your Faux Wall Panels, visit textureplus.com or call 800-863-8468 today!