2 Concierge 1000TC Egyptian Cotton Bed Pillows

We’re gonna move on to wow I can honestly say that I have never offered anything like this now this is the only airing of the entire event of this 1000 thread-count pillow set so we all know that dream number of a thousand thread-count well we are bringing you that same comfort that same level of luxury and I know that’s a word that I keep saying so much but in the bedroom we want that luxurious experience so you’re not just getting one for 3495 you’re getting the 2-pack of pillows lowest price ever marked down from $50 and you’ve got two flexible payments with free shipping and handling so we are in our final quantity of this set if you are on a pillow that is anything other than comfortable supportive cool lulling you to sleep every single night you owe it to yourself to pay $34.95 which is kind of what you would pay for a lower grade pillow to get the best of the best so come on out here again Ellen Bunner and tell us about these I’m gonna curl up and take a nap oh my gosh don’t want me too close to these because these are not only a thousand thread count they’re Egyptian cotton they are you kidding I’m not kidding these are the most luxurious pillows we have ever done and so if you’ve been searching and I think that that is as I searched that a lot of people do from for years to find that perfect pillow right am i right are hard to find a pillow that has everything you want this one I’m telling you is unbelievable it’s jumbo sized so it’s 20 by 28 inches so it’s 2 inches longer than a standard it has that gel fiber in it did you feel this it feels did I feel that I was changed as a person forever I may never be able to just sleep on another pillow and it’s just so funny because oh you’ve never had a down pillow uh-huh I mean down pillows are hundreds of dollars for a pillow yes this is the closest thing to a down pillow that I’ve ever felt and the difference is we used a hypoallergenic fill but with that gel fill its clustered like down yes really mimics so what down you don’t eat where you have the little sharp right edges doesn’t have staying power down doesn’t continually loft it really flattens exactly the difference is if you think about pillows this pillows that you can get in a bin you know the discount store and you know you touch up and it just goes Boing you know it’s like a solid surface right right and you kind of just the whole thing do you see how this one reacts how every anywhere you touch it it just springs right back yes it’s a really unbelievable pillow what’s great about this besides the fact that it’s machine washable and you know it doesn’t get any better than that when you lay your head and just look and look at the way that I’m pressing my arm down in perhaps we can show from the side if this is your head notice it’s conforming to my wrist so if that’s your neck and you want the pillow to conform to the back of your neck or however you’re laying on the pillow it does it so it’s not just your head up against the pillow and then your next kind of you know just left there exactly it really it really reacts you wherever the pressure is put on it so what I really like about it and you can see I mean it really has a different feel so during the night we move we move around and so whenever you move on this pillow it will move with you it won’t just kind of you know you won’t roll from side to side over like one big piece of fluff this really has that individualized comfort remember it’s 1000 thread count cover a hundred percent Egyptian cotton and Egyptian cotton is the finest cotton in the world it’s grown in the perfect region it’s harvested by hand these are mercerized and sketching finished just like you find on our finest sheets yes it is one of the highest and down alternatives we’ve ever done a pillow and you can machine wash it and remember it’s even jumbo size so it’s going to fit in your standard case but it’ll really fill it out you know so it’ll work in a queen case I know you’re in love with these two right he’s just so and and I slept a full eight hours but I’m suddenly so tired it is amazing what luxury um pillows are like a down comforter yeah it’s just it’s like it’s like losing yourself in a cloud it really is yeah and I love that we have this price point I love that these are $34.95 for two of them so you can get two for your bed maybe you want to get four for your bed because you love to surround yourself with multiple comfortable pillows but I also love that at this price paint at price point you can put these on your guest bed a lot of times our guest bed pillows are the hand-me-down pillows or there’s something that you picked up for 10 or 15 dollars that are not very comfortable luxury your guests every single night 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton that is the best that is the best of the best and they sold the majority of our quantity at $50 you’re getting them for 3495 needless to say our phone lines are busy on this one so if you need a new set of pillows whether you need a new set of pillows or not go ahead and get your backup set right now I was there 3495 and you know you I would get it at this price I would get a set to watch TV on the living room floor yeah I mean quality these are you know it’s not just the random stitch at the side these are completely rolled and piped on the edges they are again that luxury thread count I’m telling you trust us on this one oh when you in this home you will just be so happy because a good pillow is really hard to find pillows have a really short lifespan you should change them every two to three years this is a pillow that you could honestly spend $50 for one because think about it the cover itself 100% cotton that’s rare you don’t see that anymore in any foundation pieces but not just any cotton Egyptian cotton long staple fiber cotton a hundred percent a thousand thread count so in one little tiny square inch you have a thousand Egyptian cotton threads woven tightly together when you do wash this it’s going to hold up beautifully for you but it really is about that fill this is the down alternative that again it I it’s like a gel fiber so it really reacts to your body to the pressure point so when you lay down on it it’s going to really surround your your head and your neck and your shoulders it’s the perfect middle ground pillow if you’ve ever bought a down pillow you know when you lay down into it it stays flat that’s right or maybe you you’ve then said oh I need a firmer pillow so you get that and it’s too firm this has a little bit of firmness to it so when you lay down on it it supports your head your neck your back it just kind of molds around your body to give you that comfort and again you are wrapped in luxury with the 100% Egyptian cotton