Rolled Egg Kimbap (달걀말이 김밥, DalGyalMalI GimBap) | Aeri’s Kitchen

Hi, Aeri’s Kitchen friends, Picnic season is getting closer, so today, I will share a unique and delicious kimbap recipe using a rolled egg. It’s called… Compared to normal kimbap, this rolled egg kimbap needs less ingredients. You can replace the spam with these hot dogs, ham, or crab sticks. The key point for getting your rolled eggs perfectly round is to chop the spam, green onion, and carrot into tiny pieces. You can use a food processor to help with this too. Break the eggs and season them with some salt. Whisk them gently. Add all the chopped ingredients into the egg, and mix everything together. Now, pour half of the egg mixture into a preheated 8-inch nonstick pan with 1 Tbsp of cooking oil. Spread it out evenly and fry it on medium. Since the egg mixture has many chunks in it, it is better to roll the egg quickly before the egg starts to get cooked, or it will be difficult to get a nice shape.

After rolling up the egg, keep rolling it around to cook the whole surface evenly. It took about 3 minutes total to cook this rolled egg. The rolled egg may not be perfectly round. So, here is how to fix it. When the rolled egg is still hot, put the rolled egg on a bamboo mat for kimbap. Roll the egg with the bamboo mat to form it into a round shape.

Set it aside for a while. Meanwhile, make another rolled egg with the remaining egg mixture. A few minutes later, the rolled egg will be round like this. Now, let’s prepare the kimbap rice. Combine the cooked short grain rice, the salt, the sesame oil, and the sesame seeds. Mix everything together. Divide the rice mixture in half to make 2 kimbap rolls. We need 3 sheets of this dried laver for kimbap. Cut 1 sheet of the dried laver in half. Wrap the rolled egg with the half sheet of the dried laver. Then, place another sheet of dried laver on a bamboo mat.

Make sure that the shiny part of it goes to the bottom. Put half of the rice on the dried laver and spread it out evenly. Here, leave about an inch of space empty at the end. Put the rolled egg on the rice. Roll it up with the egg inside to make the kimbap. Squeeze the bamboo mat so that the kimbap will become firm. Use the same process for the other roll of kimbap. And then, slice the kimbap into bite-sized pieces before serving. You can eat this kimbap as it is, but to enjoy it even more, you can also serve it with yellow pickled radish. Make this delicious kimbap someday and go on a picnic with your loved ones. 🙂 Thank you for watching, see you next time Bye~~ ? .