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Hi. I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. I hand-pick the best deals in the country exclusively for subscribers. Huge deals right here, none of these are paid products and you see them before anyone who watches me on your local TV station or USA Today. Today, I want to show you how it’s done with the best bedding bargains we may see the entire season. We’re going to get to these bad boys in a moment and I’ll show you some reviews but first. Because many of you know labor day is usually the top time to lock in sheet savings… today’s deal beats those price drops. 75 percent off an entire luxury bed sheet set with deep pockets… ultra soft and wrinkle free is 25 dollars today with free shipping. I bought and love this deal but I’m not alone. Look at the more than a hundred people who bought and have given the sheet set nearly perfect reviews. That perfect price…. 24.99 with tons of color options. Welcome to my bed and right under the duvet here, as I lift it, you can see the sheets.

Virtually wrinkle free considering I’ve down a lousy job making my bed. They are soft and wonderful. So that’s my bed. These are the sheets that have held up well over an extended period of time. Held up well for washes and dries. One flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillow cases is what you get for this set with deep pockets. If you’re wondering how would you wash them: machine wash, cold, tumble dry low. They are fade-resistant and wrinkle-free based on everything I have seen. These are very limited time deal drops. If you’re watching this after I’ve recorded it, I’ll show you in a moment how to get on my deal list but everything you need, right under this video window. If you liked today’s deal, or you just want to click that thumbs up button, that helps me more than you’ll ever know.

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Can You Guess Bed Sheet Thread Count?

– I mostly sleep naked but I don’t think we can do that on camera. (upbeat funk music) – Alright, let’s get in bed. – Well these are a little rough. – And these are a little newspapery. – I’m not really satisfied with this, it’s kind of itchy. If I have a slumber party, the person I like least would probably get these sheets. (chuckles) – I’m not a fan of these. I think these are like the 150 or whatever.

– These sheets are like a cape for Halloween. – Probably like 250. – Oh 250, that’s very specific. I’d just go with 200. – 300 thread count. – 200. – Well 200 is right but oops I didn’t realize cotton felt like this. – You win. Alright what do we got here? Ooo! – This is significantly better. – I like it. – Ooo these are better. Now I understand. – These are quite nice. – I can have sex in these sheets. – Yes. (laughs) – These are more bangable. – See to me, all sheets are bangable unless it’s a plastic tarp. – I prefer sheets with dark colors. – Yes for periods. – I like touching myself. – I’m gonna get out of bed now. – These are not Netflix and Chill sheets these are like, Sunday morning breakfast in bed, I love you sheets. You know? – I think the thread count is probably, I’m gonna guess 400. – I say 500. – These are 700. Fo sho. – Oh bloody hell we know nothing. – Killin it! – I’m so close! – Well I’m just gonna fart in here. – These seem like an executive would own these. – These are like the not classy 1% though.

This is like the Donald Trump of sheets. – They’re really thick. – Yeah. This feels like an army uniform. – Yeah I’m not a big fan of this. – Also yeah the color throws me off. I wouldn’t really want to bang in these sheets. – I like this color. – So sex rating, low. – I’m gonna say 850. – I would say 400. – Shit I don’t know, 1000? I win! – 1000 thread count. – What! The higher the thread count, the better though.

Or is it sometimes it’ll suddenly drop off and be shit again? (grunts) – Ooo! – Yes! – Yeah were getting into cotton territory. 6- It reminds me of a super hero in the night. – Jesus Christ. – Ok they’re very thin but they’re very soft. – Wiggle your toes. – This just feels very elegant and flowy. – Sex rating? – This is not, this is like a 10. – I would feel bad about banging in these risking not feeling this again. – I don’t know like 3000. – You’re gonna say 3000? I wanna say 1,200. 1800 thread count. If it’s good enough to clean camera lens, it’s good enough to rub on my body.

– I thought you were gonna say butt. – Or my butt. – I think there’s a clear winner. – Yeah. – Microfiber. – Microfiber for the win. – Shockingly enough, microfiber was the upset. It’s a cheaper sheet but yet far superior. – Definitely softer. – Yes these are my favorite. – I love that microfilm. – Microfiber. – I love that microfiber. I love it. .