hey guys welcome back to today's video and thanks for choosing my video to watch out of these thousands of options in today's skincare video we are going to be trying a really unique product is a beauty product that has been squished to load the size of a nickel guys it is a compressed face mask today's product is by Beauty bits australia and it comes with 25 compressed sheet mask per pack and before we go any further if you're new to my channel guys don't forget to subscribe down below it really helped me out and don't forget to hit that Bell notification so you know every time I upload a new video no it's really interesting able to compress face mask other than the fact that is already compressed is that you get to add your own serum or toner to it doesn't come soak in anything already so you get to make your own personalized face mask and if you're anything like me you have about five or six serums on the go at once so before they expire this is a really great process to help get rid of them and use them up and the best part of this mask is totally the customizable aspect whether you have dry skin that you're looking to get rid of fine lines or wrinkles sun spots that you get to choose your own serum and build it and just relax alright guys so like I said these face masks come with 25 pieces and I got the sort of time there's two kinds there that i saw one was both of these are made with bamboo fibers but one of them contained charcoal and the others were just playing the bamboo so I got the assorted pack that comes with half charcoal half bamboo I don't always need that purification that charcoal give you so i thought some of them i would use for purification and some of them i would use just for hydration alright so as you can see they're all individually packed in their own little bubble which is super cool i'm assuming you just add the serum or lotion right into this little tub and it will swell up or grow like one of those little dinosaurs they add water to i'm so excited to try these out alright so the instructions are pretty simple it just says to remove the plastic backing and add your favorite moisturizer stamp or toner its unique straight in there and it will expand into a full-size mask leave on for 5 to 15 minutes remove and pat dry this is a side note i said that in my last face mask video at 10 to 15 minutes make sure you peel the mask off even if it's not fully dry because as soon as the mask starts to dry or becomes dry it pulls moisture back out of your skin totally counterproductive ok so because i don't have any fit or pimples right now I'm not going to the charcoal 1 i'm going to use just be plain white a bamboo mask I don't want to risk pulling out anything that you can already see I don't want to encourage any bit so white just moisture I think it will be alright let's jump right into this fun experiment with my top three skincare products so I'm going to totally customize my own face mask first i'm going to add Misha time revolution the first treatment essence this is not only going to help work as a toner for my skin but it's going to help moisturize at the same time as well I'm going to be adding another Misha product the time revolution night repair ampule if you haven't heard of this product before I will have it linked down below as well as all the products i'm talking about today but this is a Holy Grail item if you haven't seen my tent Korean skincare routine i'll link that down below as well this annual is full of my aside and tons of revitalizing and rejuvenating ingredients to help younger clear skin and certainly I'm going to be adding a drop of pure hyaluronic acid and this is by timeless guys it is super inexpensive it's just a pure basic hyaluronic acid as I'm sure you're all aware hyaluronic acid is an amazing skincare ingredient it can absorb thousands of times of its own weight in water when it gets absorbed into the skin that hangs onto that water and helps you really retain the moisture so with the combination of the three amazing ingredients that we are going to create my own perfect customizable sheet Basque now I'm going to change camera angles just what I add all of the ingredients to the pod so we can really see up close if the mask expand or swelled and so excited about only you right back here are going to our I just killed the top often be compressed to face mask we're going to go ahead and have a couple of drops of the first treatment instance first and see what happens we give them a nice good soaking whoa it's starting to grow already can advise you guys see this ok that was just a couple of drops and it totally started well already so now i'm going in with my mesa night repair ampule soak that in there doesn't seem to be getting any bigger going to add a bit more of the first treatment essence of the liquid if it goes keeps growing just going to go ahead and add a couple of drops of hyaluronic acid as well now we wait and see there was no this is a way better angle you guys can see that it has grown more than double in size but it looks like it stopped now just gonna let this sit for a couple more minutes and pop back on the other camera ok so it's been about five minutes as I last spoke to the mask as you can see it didn't grow any more than it did in those first few seconds even see disappearance has sent down to the bottom but there is a lot of the mask that looks like there's nothing in it so we'll open it up and take a look alright so my first impression right off the bat is that it is not merely saturated enough with product i thought that I used more than enough i used to both six drops altogether i don't know how many more drops you would want to use on one sheet mask but it definitely isn't wet it's not really sticking to the face in certain areas it definitely is sticky I can see this being great for if you have trouble area like it's just a patch here there that you could kind of cut this up and soak areas that you need to fix on your face anything like so you have some fine lines maybe blemishes on your forehead maybe you just want to target that area but if you plan on doing the whole face it is going to take a lot of product I'm actually so disappointed in this mask that i'm not even going to wait 10 minutes to take it off I'm going to take it off right now ok so in theory i totally get how this mask would work if you have more than enough skin care product to really soak that mask down I just want to go ahead and use tender off the serum that's almost a week's worth of serum on one mask but like i said if you have trouble areas or needed spa treatment this would be the perfect solution for you but for now i'm gonna stick to the pre-soaked sheet masks that already common dripping in serum that we're not wasting lay out the whole idea of having a compressed mask seems super cool and really easy and convenient especially for traveling but at this point I feel like you have to bring a gallon of serum along with you to fill it up so just like that was another face mask fail if you have any tips or tricks for compressed sheet masks and how to maximize them and leave them in the comments down below because I'm dying to know if you like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up I've got some wicked cool videos coming up for you guys in the future I can't wait for you to see them but until then you can keep up with me on instagram snapchat and Twitter until next time guys see that that

BedVoyage Rayon from Bamboo Bed Sheets CC

Hi, I’m Sharon Stuart from BedVoyage Introducing our wellness line of rayon from bamboo Bedding. Equal parts luxurious and casual. Bamboo fibers have natural benefits that help you sleep better. They wick and evaporate moisture three times faster than cotton, which keeps you drier and bamboo fibers adjust to your body’s temperature Releasing the heat through the micro gaps and holes, so you sleep cooler. You’ll love that your linens stay fresh longer Because bamboo is resistant to odors and bacteria It’s amazingly soft and comforting to your skin The fibers are so fine and round like a hair on your head, That makes them hypoallergenic and a non irritant to sensitive skin. We don’t coat our linens with formaldehyde or Flame-retardant chemicals like much of the cotton and microfiber industry So you may see a little wrinkle with bamboo But you can rest easy knowing that you’re sleeping on sheets with healthy sleep benefits In case you were wondering, rayon is the process of converting a tree or stock into a fiber Our linens are made from 100% organically farmed bamboo.

our five-star luxury details Consist of a flat sheet that is a foot longer than traditional linens So your top sheet will stay tucked in at the foot of the bed The fitted sheet is 18 inches deep to fit most pillow top mattresses and has a tight elastic all the way around, so the corners never pop off The pillowcases are a little roomier, so it’s easier to insert your pillow Make your sleep life better with BedVoyage Linens .

Beekeeping for Beginners — Hive Set Up

Hi Im Tricia, an organic gardener. I grow organically for a healthy and safe food supply, for a clean and sustainable environment, for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Increase the yields from your fruit trees and your vegetable garden and reap the sweet reward of honey by setting up a beehive in your own backyard. Today we’re gonna review what equipment you need and how to setup your hive.

First we need to select a dry level location that we can access year round. Ideally you’ll face the hive entrance towards the southern exposure. The bees will fly straight out of the entrance so make sure it’s not facing directly into a sidewalk, the neighbor’s yard, or your own family or pets play area. You can set up your hive to face a hedge or fence and the bees will quickly learn to fly up and over the barrier keeping them out of your hair, literally. Be aware of any pests in your neighborhood and plan accordingly.

For example, if you have bears in the area install an electric fence preemptively to keep them from getting a taste of the honey because once they get one taste they may just charge through an electric fence in the future. If you have skunks in the area build a stand for your hive to sit on that’s at least eighteen inches tall. What happens is the skunks at night will rile up the bees, then wait for them to fly out of the hive and eat them like candy. You can set up your hive either directly on the ground or on a flat surface like this pallet. This redwood hive stand will resist rot. This is a solid bottom board it helps keep the bottom of the hive secure. There also screened bottom boards that can help with monitoring pasts such as mites. This entrance reducer fits snugly into the bottom board and is useful while the colony establishes itself and does the trick for keeping mice out of the hive.

Once you see an increasing amount of bee traffic you can rotate the entrance reducer to the larger entrance or remove it all together. Depending on the weather and the availability of pollen when you get your new bees you may want to install a feeder. This will encourage the new colony to draw comb quickly so the queen can lay eggs and the workers can store pollen. If you want to use the entrance reducer and the feeder at the same time your going to need to cut your entrance reducer to size. The entrance feeder is great because you can add the sugar syrup without having to open the hive. The sugar syrup is just a combination of one to one ratio of organic sugar and hot water, let it cool before feeding the bees. Next up are the two brood chambers, these nine and five eighths inch boxes are gonna be the core of your bees home. Within these two boxes the queen will lay eggs which will turn into larvae, pupae and immature bees all of which are referred as brood, hence the name, brood chambers, or brood box.

These two brood boxes are where the bees will store their food to survive the winter. A beekeeper will inspect the chambers to be sure that they’re healthy but you don’t want to steal the honey from these bottom two chambers if you want your bees to survive the winter. Once the bees have filled up these boxes to about eighty five percent with brood and honey and that’ll take about six to twelve months then you can add an addition.

In order to keep the queen in the brood chambers lay a queen excluder on top of the brood chambers. The queen is much larger than the worker bees therefore she cannot fit through these narrow gaps but the workers can. Now for the sweet part, these are the honey supers and these are six and five eighths inch pine boxes that you’re gonna add to the top of your chambers. Add one of these additions at a time to your beehive. Once your super is about fifty percent full of honey you can add another one. You’ll notice that i’m setting up an eight frame hive today. This means that there’s eight of these wooden frames that the bees will draw their honeycomb onto in each box. Commercial apiaries will generally use a ten frame super but those can be very heavy up to about sixty pounds and for the home beekeeper you want it a little bit more manageable when you take your super inside the house to harvest the honey. the inner cover is set on top of the last super it has a hole for ventilation and provides insulation from extreme heat and cold.

And at last the cover which will provide protection from rain and snow and in this case it will add a decorative feature to the garden. Optionally you can secure your hive with tie downs or straps. This pine hive is beautiful and if you want it to retain its function and appearance it’s important to paint it before the bees arrive. I’m going to paint mine with this natural non-toxic poly whey clear varnish, but you can use latex on the outside. I’m starting with two hives and to make painting easier I’ve stacked all the boxes.

One of the best tips for beginners is to start with two bee hives like i’m doing today so that you can compare and contrast them over time helping you to better understand what normal looks like. Since bees can differentiate between colors have some fun and paint your hives different colors if you wish, and you’ll help your new bees better find their way home.

Now that everything is dry my hives are ready for the bees. I’m using the redwood base, the solid bottom board, the entrance reducer, two brood boxes, the inner cover, and the roof. I’m going to store the two supers and the queen excluder until i need them. So be a beekeeper and grow organic for life! .