How to make a paper umbrella that open and closes- Step by step process.

Hello Guys, welcome to Cool Ideas. In this video we will make a beautiful looking umbrella… ..that opens and closes. Let’s begin with a A4 sheet. Make it a square. Initial process is simple. Just fold the sheet form the sides. Now fold it in half. Now repeat for the other side. Now fold this sheet like this… get this square shape. Now we will do 4 folds in this step. This is the first fold. Now what we will do here is, we open the fold… ..reverse the crease. ..and fold it again to reveal this triangular shape. Repeat the process for the other 3 sides. Now in the next step we will do 8 folds on 4 sides. These are the first 2 folds. Now open the fold, reverse the crease… …and reverse the fold. Open the fold, reverse the crease and reverse the fold. Previously we didn’t reverse the fold but here we will be reversing the fold itself. Again repeat the same process. We are gonna repeat the process for this side… …and also for this side. After all the folding is done our piece is ready. Now we will make a different colored piece which is 1/4th of the original.

How to get 1/4th of the original you may ask? Well this is the way to do it. Now we will make a red colored piece form this red paper. Similarly make a yellow piece and we have 3 pieces. Now we are going to cut these pieces. We will cut the yellow piece on the red line as shown. Now make another small cut on the top. Now we will make two angled cuts. for that, mark two lines as shown. and cut the piece. Finally our yellow piece is ready. Let’s make the white piece. Again we will cut on the ‘red line’ as shown. Now we are gonna make two extra cuts at the center so mark two lines at the center and other two at the bottom. cut the piece on the markings. Now its time for the red piece. I am not making the angled cuts so I will make a cut on the top. Now its time to fold the white piece. Start folding these edges.

You can see that the arrow like structure will pop upwards. Just repeat the process for the entire circle. After finishing this, start reversing the creases joining the white arrows. Now watch carefully. Pick an outward fold and hold it. Now start putting these edges inside the fold you are holding. As you can see I am holding these folds from the inside.

Now just repeat the process. Start putting the edges inside the folds. There is no need to hold all the folds. Once folding is done, you can start leaving the previous folds. See these small folds? Notice how they are folded. Because sometimes these little guys refuse to fold properly. If that is happening then just fold them one by one as shown.. and everything will be fine. Now its time to put together all the bits and piece. Apply glue on the yellow part. Now paste the white part inside. This should be done properly so take your time and do it slowly. Our umbrella is almost ready. Now we are left with the easy things. Take a wooden stick and paste a small piece of white paper on it. You can also use a chopstick or a bamboo stick which are easily available in the market. Insert the stick inside the umbrella. Now its time for another strip. This paper strip will glue the umbrella with the stick. As you can see it is looking very rough so paste a finishing strip. Now put the red colored piece over it. Also paste a strip on the lower portion of the stick.

Now its time to make the mechanism which makes this umbrella fold and unfold. I am using a glitter tape. I have pasted a small piece of paper on half of the glitter tape. Just paste the tape like this. Our umbrella is ready. As you can see it can fold and unfold. You can also apply glue and stick the top portion if you want… I have done in this orange umbrella.

or you can leave it as I have done in the blue and the yellow one. So that’s it for today guys. If you enjoyed this video then give it a thumbs up. and subscribe for more creative videos. Thanks for watching. .