Pluto Pillow Review – The Best Pillow On The Planet?

Katie: Hey, guys, it’s Katie from Mattress Clarity. Today I’ve got an out-of-this-world pillow review because we’ve got the Pluto Pillow. That’s right, I like a good space pun. Anyway, this pillow is customized, personalized, just for me. That’s because Pluto gives you a questionnaire to fill out online. You give them all your stats, and they use their fancy algorithm to basically design the pillow that’s perfect for you. Now, there’s about 25 different variations that they work with. I’ll have, basically, a hybrid design. We’re talking a solid foam core and a plush outer cover. Now, if you want to know more about the process and whether or not I like my pillow, hop on the rocket ship, because we’re heading to Pluto. Katie: Before we talk about how they make the pillow for you, I just want to know how many of you are into this, “give your information, have someone create a pillow for you,” idea.

Comment “yes” below if you’re all about it, or “no” if you’re like, “I’m not so sure, I kind of want to see how this goes.” Definitely let me know. I’m curious what you think about it. Now, let’s talk about how they make this pillow. First of all, go to Pluto’s website. They’re going to have a questionnaire for you. It’s very thorough. They ask you your basic stats, your height, your weight.

They’re also going to talk to you about your sleep position, what you like and dislike about the pillow you had before. They leave a box at the end where you can basically give them all the information you want. I do want to mention that their customer service is great. They reached out to me to clarify some things that I put and ended up helping me decide to tweak my answers a little bit. I’m so glad they did. I really like my pillow, so much, in fact, that I want to talk to you more about it right now.

I want to do a deeper dive into this pillow and show you all the design components and the materials that they use. I do want to remind you that your answers to the questionnaire are going to be different than mine, so your individual sleep profile will look different. As a result, your pillow is definitely going to look different than mine, unless we’re the same person, which we’re probably not, so just keep that in mind. They’re all going to have a hybrid pillow in the pillow idea or design involved. They’re all going to have a foam core and a plush outer cover. They’re just going to look a little bit different.

For me, this is a polyethylene polyester blend on the outside. Now, the polyethylene is there to help you sleep cool. It has a coolness to the touch. It’s got a little bit of a slippery feel to it. That’s because I told them I sleep hot. Now, you can access the inner core with this zipper. You can unzip this outer pillow and reach the inner one, which is essentially a piece of solid foam. Mine’s ventilated for breathability. I believe this is a piece of memory foam, although it is really responsive. It’s got almost a little bit of a bounce to it, but it is on the softer, plusher side, and it is on the thinner side. Now, the rest of this pillow has got polyester fibers in here. This is going to give me that feel, that down alternative, but I’m not going to lose any support because I’ve got this foam core. Now, this outer cover is machine washable and dryable, but you’re not going to want to wash the core.

Right now, the pillows just come in one size, and they’re $85. There are so many things I like about the Pluto Pillow. They do a great job of asking you the right questions, to begin with, all the things that they really need to know to help design the right pillow for you. I do think it’s going to be a great fit for those who are looking for that best-of-both-worlds, hybrid feel. You’ve got that solid foam core that’s not going to go flat. It’s going to maintain its shape and give you support. This polyester outer cover, the outer pillow, is soft. It gives you that softer, down alternative feel overall. Of course, it’s nice that you can remove this cover, machine wash and dry it, as well. I can’t speak highly enough about the customer service. They did a great job of contacting me and reaching out when they read my answers to my questions.

They wanted to see if I want to tweak my pillow. You know what? I’m so glad I did, because I got a pillow that I actually really love and sleep with every night. Here are a few things to consider about this pillow. First of all, you’ve got to be on board with this hybrid pillow and the pillow design. Although it is customized to you in terms of firmness and loft height, outer fabric, it is always going to have that solid foam core and this plush outer cover, no matter what. Also, this polyethylene’s cool-to-the-touch cover is a little bit slippery. Sometimes, especially with softer pillowcases, it can slip off at night. If that bothers you, it’s something to think about, as well. Right now, the pillow only comes in one size and it is about $85. That may not be in everyone’s budget. I want to talk to you about how your sleep position affects what kind of pillow you end up with. In the questionnaire, they’re going to ask you what your primary sleep position is and what position you wake up in.

For me, for example, I told them I tend to fall asleep on my side. Sometimes I roll onto my back, but I mostly always wake up on my side. They designed my pillow accordingly. Now, the one nice thing is that you could unzip this pillow, take out that inner foam core, and I could just use that plush outer pillow to sleep on my stomach. It would create a flatter, probably softer, surface.

Overall, I had a really good experience sleeping on my side and my back with this pillow, which is great, because that’s what it was designed for. Well, if you can’t already tell, I really like my customized Pluto Pillow. The whole process was seamless for me. I really appreciated that extra customer service. I also really like the packaging. They gave me a cool box with a little piece of candy in it. Thank you. Also, they gave me a little recap of all my answers and basically reminded me of what I asked for. Now, it does come with the 100 Night Sleep Trial. I would recommend giving it at least two weeks of that sleep trial to try it out, especially if you’re getting a pillow that’s very different from the one that you’ve been sleeping on before.

Now, definitely comment below. Tell me if you’re into this personalized idea or not, and check out my full review. The link is in the description below. Now, I’m going to go take a nap, so I’ll see you later. Thanks. .


Today I’m taking a look at these Homfy hypoallergenic – soft pillows I have been using them for a little while so I thought I would give him a try before telling you about him when they arrived in the packaging they were kind of smooshed up so they look like they’re gonna be small but they expand out to a nice size pretty fluffy they have a moderate height and thickness they’re they’re fluffy but not too fluffy and they measure 20 by 26 inches. One good thing I noticed about these is there’s no I’m smell to the pillow some pillows when they first come in the packaging they have kind of an odd odor that sort of dissipates. You don’t notice anything completely neutral the shell is 100% cotton very soft the fill is a hundred percent polyester microfiber which is hypoallergenic and great for those with allergies it has a no shift construction which is nice meaning it’s not going to lump up you know the filling on one corner because I have some pillows though you know they’re comfortable for a little while and then it gets lumpy on one side so this helps it kept spread out it says that you can actually wash these pillows on the gentle cycle which is nice I’ve never washed pillows I have just kept you know with them multiple pillow cases on them so you know it protects the pillow itself and just change the outer one it says you can do it on low heat and tumble dry so that’s a nice feature to be able to wash the pillows.

It’s really great for me to have extra pillows I use multiple pillows I use one for my head I’ll use one for my side and in between my knees which helps with my hips for sleeping I also you can keep an extra one on the bed because sometimes my four-year-old will want to come in in the middle of the night and his own pillows these are really nice comfortable soft pillows I’ve been able to use them for any position they’re comfortable between the knees I’ve used them laying on my back and on the side and it gives good support nice fluffy soft material which is good, And so they are the homfy hyper allergenic soft pillows thanks for watching

The Purple® Pillow: Official Kickstarter Video

How do you know if the pillow you’re sleeping on is garbage? Warning, what you’re about to see is actual actual science. Strike! Strike! Actual garbage. I’m as shocked as you are. Ahhh. So that’s how you know if the pillow you are sleeping is full of garbage. Unfortunately expensive or cheap most pillows on the market are simply…Terrible. And this is exactly why the real-life comfort scientists that brought you the revolutionary purple bed put their inventive genius to work on designing a completely new kind of pillow. Presenting, the Purple Pillow. The only pillow designed to perfectly respond to your individual sleep type. Huh interesting. Still comfy? Thank you sir. You’re, you’re free to go… Huh…But before we get too far into the Purple Pillow let’s take a quick look at what’s inside other pillows on the market.

You see for years pillow technology has refused to grow up. Like your brother who’s still waiting for his Hogwarts acceptance letter. I caught the snitch! Yes! They basically take some loose softish stuff and put it inside of a bag This is a problem though if the inside of a pillow is just loose fluff no matter how you shape and shift your pillow to fit your neck as you sleep it all falls flat this is the reason that no matter what your bedtime pillow looks like your morning pillow looks like this… The halfpipe a u-shaped gulch caused by a complete evacuation of the pillow fluff to either side the wedge The wedge. The flattening of fluff resulting in no neck support and basic sadness The untamable bulge caused by an overstuffed or over firm pillow; results in a 90-degree neck sleep position and a future job as an evil henchmen The curvy girl these curves are always either too much to handle or there just isn’t enough for true neck support oh and its memory foam so no thanks.

Others tho have tried to fix the problem of loose fluff with this memory foam but memory foam has its own problems. It starts softish, then as it warms the cells compact it loses its shape and becomes a hot sweaty brick. Unlike any pillow before it Purple Pillow uses a patented comfort grid system that gives locally but not globally and even the design the grid itself is specially engineered to sink a bit more in the center where your head rests while remaining comfortably supportive under your neck where you need it I mean just look at that beautiful neck alignment and it doesn’t matter if you sleep back, side or undecided the Purple Pillow will give you the exact support you need every time and that there is the magic of science everybody! But what if you find you need more or less support? Well for those who crave adjustability the Purple Pillow is equipped with an adjustable air booster that you can raise or lower to your exact comfort needs.

It’s a completely new sleeping experience. It doesn’t feel like the pillows of old, it’s got kind of like a blobby feel, like sleeping on the belly of a friendly fat man which trust me is a good thing. Also we’ve said it before, weight is quality in the Purple Pillow is quality and it’s adjustability makes it the perfect pillow for everyone. Yup, that’s 80 comforts per minute. Mama that’s comfortable! So you can go ahead and take all your old pillows and burn them! Actually don’t because many of them are full of toxic chemicals that we just don’t want to breathe and hey to all you chronic pillow flippers always craving the cool side of the pillow well you are always sleeping on the cool side of the pillow.

It reads much cooler in post sleep temperature than the competition. If you or someone you know sleeps you need the Purple Pillow. Click here to go to Purple, no pressure. ::Action:: Mom! I caught the snitch I caught the snitch mom! Yes! Yes, yes! The snitch is mine! .