Purple Pillow Unboxing Video – A Bed for your Head (Over 7,000 Views!!)

Hey everybody, it’s Jenna and Steven
and we are so excited today because we got a package in the mail. This is the box.
We’re going to go ahead and open this. We got this from Purple and babe, if you want to go ahead. Whoa! We are about ready to unwrap
our Purple Pillow. This is, honestly,
one of the first pillows I’ve ever seen with clear and concise
directions on what to do. So, step one is to unwrap. Step two is unroll. And step three is unwind. So, here’s the purple pillowcase. Okay. It appears that there is a sample of the purple material. Nice. And the nice thing about this package
is it has His and Hers. And you know what it says? What? It says, Stop! This pillow is not made
for pillow fights.

Oops. ‘Cause you’ll kill
someone with this. Here, Babe, here’s your purple… And it’s heavy. Okay, thanks. Okay, so… You ready?
Do you want to hold the bottom? Okay, here we go. Ah! Okay, sorry, I didn’t do
very good at my job. So, this is… Can you stretch
this with me? Oh. This is stretching
our relationship already Okay. Okay, and now for the grand moment.
Okay, so this is actually a white pillowcase that came with it. I did not know that was included. Go ahead, Babe, you can do it. There you go.
There you go. Nice. And here’s our Purple Pillow. Yeah, even the purple won’t mix in. Now this is really unique. Look at that. Babe, do you want to try this? Feel that? So, this is how you resuscitate a pillow. Massage. Oh, is there a purple liner? No, I read about this. So, this is something
where you can pump the pillow up. I don’t know if this is
like an air mattress. Can you look at…
oh, you blow that up.

Whoa. That is weird.
That is very cool. Okay, I’m going
to read the instructions. Okay, it holds it shape. One-year warranty. It’s an air booster. Inflate it to the desired height
that you want your pillow. Slide it into the cover
underneath your Purple. Zip the cover closed
and head to dreamland. So, you can make this as tall or… Babe, I think you’re better at blowing.

Okay. Oh, don’t forget step three, which is, to unwind. Ah. Okay, I think this is good. So, these are really different
than I thought. It’s actually cooled.
Can you feel that? Go like this and you can feel it,
like, it’s cooling. So, if you are sleeping hot
and you are sweaty at night. Babe, when I sleep next to you
it’s always hot. Okay. And it’s weird ‘cause
it has this backing on it. But anyway, I guess
we put it back in the cover. So, we’ll tell you more
what we think, but if you want to get the links
to check out these Purple Pillows, we’ll put it in the description
and you can check it out..

The Purple® Pillow: Official Kickstarter Video

How do you know if the pillow you’re sleeping on is garbage? Warning, what you’re about to see is actual actual science. Strike! Strike! Actual garbage. I’m as shocked as you are. Ahhh. So that’s how you know if the pillow you are sleeping is full of garbage. Unfortunately expensive or cheap most pillows on the market are simply…Terrible. And this is exactly why the real-life comfort scientists that brought you the revolutionary purple bed put their inventive genius to work on designing a completely new kind of pillow. Presenting, the Purple Pillow. The only pillow designed to perfectly respond to your individual sleep type. Huh interesting. Still comfy? Thank you sir. You’re, you’re free to go… Huh…But before we get too far into the Purple Pillow let’s take a quick look at what’s inside other pillows on the market.

You see for years pillow technology has refused to grow up. Like your brother who’s still waiting for his Hogwarts acceptance letter. I caught the snitch! Yes! They basically take some loose softish stuff and put it inside of a bag This is a problem though if the inside of a pillow is just loose fluff no matter how you shape and shift your pillow to fit your neck as you sleep it all falls flat this is the reason that no matter what your bedtime pillow looks like your morning pillow looks like this… The halfpipe a u-shaped gulch caused by a complete evacuation of the pillow fluff to either side the wedge The wedge. The flattening of fluff resulting in no neck support and basic sadness The untamable bulge caused by an overstuffed or over firm pillow; results in a 90-degree neck sleep position and a future job as an evil henchmen The curvy girl these curves are always either too much to handle or there just isn’t enough for true neck support oh and its memory foam so no thanks.

Others tho have tried to fix the problem of loose fluff with this memory foam but memory foam has its own problems. It starts softish, then as it warms the cells compact it loses its shape and becomes a hot sweaty brick. Unlike any pillow before it Purple Pillow uses a patented comfort grid system that gives locally but not globally and even the design the grid itself is specially engineered to sink a bit more in the center where your head rests while remaining comfortably supportive under your neck where you need it I mean just look at that beautiful neck alignment and it doesn’t matter if you sleep back, side or undecided the Purple Pillow will give you the exact support you need every time and that there is the magic of science everybody! But what if you find you need more or less support? Well for those who crave adjustability the Purple Pillow is equipped with an adjustable air booster that you can raise or lower to your exact comfort needs.

It’s a completely new sleeping experience. It doesn’t feel like the pillows of old, it’s got kind of like a blobby feel, like sleeping on the belly of a friendly fat man which trust me is a good thing. Also we’ve said it before, weight is quality in the Purple Pillow is quality and it’s adjustability makes it the perfect pillow for everyone. Yup, that’s 80 comforts per minute. Mama that’s comfortable! So you can go ahead and take all your old pillows and burn them! Actually don’t because many of them are full of toxic chemicals that we just don’t want to breathe and hey to all you chronic pillow flippers always craving the cool side of the pillow well you are always sleeping on the cool side of the pillow.

It reads much cooler in post sleep temperature than the competition. If you or someone you know sleeps you need the Purple Pillow. Click here to go to OnPurple.com Purple, no pressure. ::Action:: Mom! I caught the snitch I caught the snitch mom! Yes! Yes, yes! The snitch is mine! .