Purple Sheet Set Review (SOOO stretchy and so Purple)

Hi today we’re going to unbox the purple sheets inside this beautiful box there’s one flat one fill it and two pillowcases those sheets are come in many different colors but we decided to order of course the purple ones now it takes longer or more time for the purple sheets to be ordered or to be shipped out it’s like customized just for you for your purple mattress so check this out now through this video you can obviously stretch it and feel it and you can stop feeling it’s so soft now we have this bag and inside the bag is the set it’s so seriously soft and stretchy you can reuse this bag I love this purple like and I have anything that goes with it in my bedroom but hey come on there’s no purple mattress purple sheets set now I want to also remind you that this is a queen size but it also fits full and full extra-large purple is running their special during the month of May with a purchase of a mattress you get this whole set that’s why I wanted to share it with you I purchased these on up I was curious about the color itself mostly I know they come in gray as well but seriously I just wanted to see purple in my room it’s so soft I can’t tell you how soft they are seriously I have to feel for yourself that’s why you need to take advantage of their special during the month of May again but the purchase of a mattress you get this whole set and it’s worth it so that’s it for now this is our video of unboxing the purple sheet set they’re small about it an hour right up let me know if you have any comments and thank you for watching