Concierge Collection Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set

Geoff cowan with clearance on bedding I want to make sure it’s very clear i know the phone lines are busy and thank you for your patience if you hang in there i hope the size is still available there in that topper everything still comes with our 30 day money back guarantee everything because what we’re about to offer you right now is unprecedented right in the way of getting your bed made perfectly every single time now when we were coming out of break and i was like you don’t believe me how soft is i said i believe these are Wow right wow it’s almost like silk it is this bamboo right though bamboo yes $49.95 now not I’d be bad I had two conversations going on my producers in May is saying that he’d bought these for a wedding gift at full price so they were just short of a hundred dollars at full price and worth every penny of that today so if you’re already ordering the top up maybe ordering the pillows that we also offered you grab the sheet set because right now as it stands at the beginning of this presentation we have all sizes and all colors color wise we have the blue we have the ivory we have lilac and we have white now there’s a question how what are your white sheets right now white are your white sheets and be smart like Doug if you have a wedding coming up and you want to give the gifts oh my god absolutely feel amazing these really i’m not exaggerating no they really are amazing and you know i have been here a long time and i can tell you i don’t see bamboo sheets very often it is very rare that we get bamboo and a lot of people only sleep on bamboo once you have a set of bamboo sheets it is a little bit addictive and you can understand why absolutely once you feel these and maybe you never felt them clearance under fifty dollars any size you owe it to yourself to get these home and try it and you know if you go to and read the reviews first of all I think you can kind of visually see what I’m talking about the drape is unbelievable the sheen do you see how that beautiful Sheen and the coolness to these now I know right now it cold outside but what bamboo is known for is it silky hand it is natural so it is very breathable it is moisture wicking and it is naturally antimicrobial so it is just a great fabric treatment and if you are a hot sleeper you will love bamboo and what a lot of you have said is it has a soft silkiness of microfiber but it is natural you know what I think I’m not kidding you I’m watching these presentation looking anything why did I buy this before we start the show when I came out of josh levi sandy box i get these for myself now can I ask dog on a personal note white and Queen do we have plenty of those satellite seriously because this is one thing for sure I’m talking from personal experience when I talk about I’ve got a whole 150 remaining white queen leave me one set because I would be i was talking from personal experiences saying you know the white sheets that we have right now are as wide as they once were right it’s just one of those things with wear and tear now you have got a chance right now we’ve got all colors all sizes available in this amazing bamboo hyper allergenic smooth silky smooth I promise you I did not touch these until this presentation started because I wouldn’t experience it with you guys to get this set flat fitted to pillowcases for fifty dollars it now I will also point out this is more limited than what we had with the topper so know that we had just under 1,500 we got about just under 12 hundred of these remaining across the board in all colors all sizes but obviously as we go through the presentation we will definitely lose colors inside well this is what is fun about clearance is you can really upgrade you know you can get sheets that are you know easily at our price is a hundred dollars and you know in the marketplace you can spend much more than that and you can get an entire set for under fifty dollars and I was just reading reviews this has almost all our perfect 1080 11 are perfect five stars and these are people that purchase these sheets probably at $99 got them home laundered them slept on them took the time to write a review and I really love the color palette to I mean when you’re going to do sheets like this that are very special because bamboo is a lot of people love it because it is one of those sustainable resources I mean I used to live next door to my neighbors head bamboo and you can visibly see it grow from in the during the day you know what I mean it is one of those replenishable resources so we love it for that but it really is these feel like the most expensive sheets it is hard to even describe it in terms of thread count I mean it it is so so key it has such a coolness to it and you can see I don’t know how close you can get but you even notice when you look at it is a twill weave so it has a little bit of a different we’ve to it I mean you can see that it has that incredible finish this is one of those that you want to get it home you want to put it on the bed and experience it and I mean things are so important I was going to say not an important but almost some of the most intimate you know yes linens and clothing because you think about clothing even thing about a towel they’re only are momentarily even clothing you may have on for six seven eight ER but with with bedding your entire bodies in contact with worse for hours and four years and four years in most cases so for less than fifty dollars the flex pay on here I think we’ve got 2 flexpays here at 2498 grab it now another thing we’ve been offering is 0 HSN card no you if you do not have HSN card charge card we’re taking ten dollars off your first purchase now there’s no annual fees and all sorts of VIP services with the HSN card including additional flexpays on beauty on fashion on jewelry every single day the year but if you’ve never quite gone ahead and grab an HSN card will take another ten dollars off this price so this is what I say in the very beginning the quality is still there the beauty is still there at the moment sizes and colors are still there but and the 30 day money-back guarantee means that you can get it at home and sleep on it if this does not make you sigh and be welcomed in your room in your bedroom when you get in into your bed packaged up return it back to us within the 30 days and we’ll refund to the purchase price you know that’s such a great thing especially was betting you know I would say a lot of you probably have never tried bamboo because it really isn’t readily available it is one of those fabrications normally specialty catalogs high-end catalogs will offer bamboo maybe you can find it online but to be able to have it to bring it home to wash it to sleep on it to really test it out I wanted you to see this maybe just picked up that great mattress topper I know we have a featherbed coming up this has that deep pocket 18 inch accommodation the elastic goes all the way around so it is a great fitting sheet but I want you to see this even when I undid the corner here do you see the drape of this fabric it has a little bit of weight enos to it but yet it is still very very light it is very silky and cool but not slick you notice that absolutely it is again and I say this because I think of all the great features of bamboo and there is a lot what resonates I think with most people is the fact that it is natural it is breathable and it is great if you’re a hot sleeper let’s look at features you know this is one hundred percent rayon from bamboo it is naturally silky and so uncomfortable it is lightweight it is durable but at the same time it is very moisture wicking and that is important if you’re that hot sleeper you owe it to yourself differently to try a sheet that is really built for that if it describes your own personal summers right right right $49.95 8 for the last twenty four dollars and 98 scenes down at the moment we have sizes and colors across the ball but some are very very limited indeed and remember you saved me at least one set of the queen in white if you wouldn’t mind so much for 60 1799 is out of it

75% Off Luxury Sheet Sets For $25 – The Deal Guy

Hi. I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. I hand-pick the best deals in the country exclusively for subscribers. Huge deals right here, none of these are paid products and you see them before anyone who watches me on your local TV station or USA Today. Today, I want to show you how it’s done with the best bedding bargains we may see the entire season. We’re going to get to these bad boys in a moment and I’ll show you some reviews but first. Because many of you know labor day is usually the top time to lock in sheet savings… today’s deal beats those price drops. 75 percent off an entire luxury bed sheet set with deep pockets… ultra soft and wrinkle free is 25 dollars today with free shipping. I bought and love this deal but I’m not alone. Look at the more than a hundred people who bought and have given the sheet set nearly perfect reviews. That perfect price…. 24.99 with tons of color options. Welcome to my bed and right under the duvet here, as I lift it, you can see the sheets.

Virtually wrinkle free considering I’ve down a lousy job making my bed. They are soft and wonderful. So that’s my bed. These are the sheets that have held up well over an extended period of time. Held up well for washes and dries. One flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillow cases is what you get for this set with deep pockets. If you’re wondering how would you wash them: machine wash, cold, tumble dry low. They are fade-resistant and wrinkle-free based on everything I have seen. These are very limited time deal drops. If you’re watching this after I’ve recorded it, I’ll show you in a moment how to get on my deal list but everything you need, right under this video window. If you liked today’s deal, or you just want to click that thumbs up button, that helps me more than you’ll ever know.

If you’re not yet subscribed, please feel free to do that and to get all of my deals moving forward – oh yes, do you need something? Did you like the sheets? Tell me. That’s how I improve. What was I saying? I hate when I cut myself off, I look like an idiot. Here’s how to get all of my big deals moving forward. Click this subscribe button right now. Do you see it? Click right here. Also, right now if you’re not on a mobile device… you’ll a wheel beside that subscribe button. Click for more options. Make sure you have “send me updates” checked. That will ensure you get emailed every time I upload a huge deal. Want to see more deals deals are all located right my video window. Just click the “show more” tab and every link I have for every deal, is right there. .

MagicLinen Bedding Review – Should You Switch From Cotton Sheets?

Sarah Riccio: Hey guys, it’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. Today we’ll be taking a look at the Woodrose Linen Sheet Set from MagicLinen. Now, some of you might already know that linen has a very distinct feel and a reputation for being super durable, breathable, and eco-friendly. In this review we’re going to take a close examination of these sheets so we can determine what sets them apart, and for whom they might be most beneficial. Of course, if at the end of this video you’re not so sure this set is the right one for you, just google “Sleepopolis Best Sheets,” and we’ll help you find the one that is. All right, let’s get started. Sarah: These sheets are made from 100 percent linen, which is derived from natural flax fibers, so eco-friendly, sustainably-sourced material. That’s a perk for me. This particular set is made in Lithuania. Unlike some linen sheets, these are not blended with cotton or any other textile byproduct.

They have that distinct feel that only comes from pure, 100 percent linen. Linen fibers are a bit thicker than say cotton, for example, and they produce a stiffer yarn. They are going to have this coarse texture. Not coarse in a way that’s it’s rough, it’s still super soft. It does have a distinct feel, a gently massaging texture to it that is with 100 percent linen sheets.

This particular set is in Woodrose, which is, you can see, as the company calls it, a dusty pink color. I think it’s really pretty, but they do have other styles and colors available. What are you getting with this set? You get a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Something interesting about the fitted sheet is you can order it in two different mattress depth options. You can order it, either the fitted sheet is able to accommodate mattresses up to 10 inches, or up to 18 inches. 18 inches are pretty deep pockets so that’s pretty cool.

On this bed I’ve got the 10-inch fitted sheet. It’s got a really, as you can see, very tight, closely adhering to the mattress, snug fit, which I really like. While this does have a little bit of a coarser texture, linen is also known for being super breathable. It’s very light and airy. You can see how it drapes. Also, this particular set is stone washed. I go into a little bit deeper detail as far as what the stone washing process is all about in my full written review, which you can find on Basically stone washing is going to make them extra soft. While you’re getting all the benefits of linen, and you’re still getting that distinct coarser texture of linen, it is a little bit softer than I was expecting. I really like that. First impression of these sheets, I’m loving the lived-in look that is so characteristic of linen. I’m loving the pillowcases also, which have this pretty sizeable flap of fabric here, so you can’t see inside of the pillowcase. I have to say, I’m really into the hand feel, but I’m eager to see what they feel like.

Let’s get in and check it out. The first thing I want to make a note of before I even get into the feel of these sheets is the pillowcase. When I first unpackaged everything, the pillowcases looked almost a little small. I’m used to seeing these big enormous pieces of fabric so it can accommodate any size pillow. These are a little small. At first I was worried about that, but as you can see, it allows for a very snug fit around your pillow so that your pillow’s compactly in the pillow case.

Not to mention, it’s got this pretty big flap of fabric, so that you can’t see it. It’s still got that nice aesthetic look. I wasn’t sure how I was going to love these sheets, because linen does have a coarser texture to it, but the stone washing involved in making these sheets has them feeling so super soft. I can’t stop rubbing my hands all over the fabric. Of course, as we know, linen is super breathable, although it is a thicker fiber than cotton, for example. It’s still got this lightweight, drapes nicely over your body, and is really breathable, so it’s going to help keep you cool. But, one of the magic things about linen is, it’s thermoregulating. Basically, that’s a fancy word that means it’s going to help keep you cool in the summertime, it’s going to help keep you warm in the cooler months.

Works with your body’s temperature, and in my opinion is a big perk. I am pretty much a year-round hot sleeper, so again, I am loving how light, cool, and breathable these are feeling. As far as the fitted sheet goes, I’ve got the 10-inch depth here. I think it’s doing a really good job of staying tucked. Also, because there wasn’t a lot of excess fabric, it’s got a pretty snug fit. There’s no bunching, no gapping. It fits this mattress like a glove, and it is a 10-inch-deep mattress, so I’m liking that. As I roll around from side to side, the fitted sheet is not becoming untucked, which is one of my main criteria when it comes to sheets. The other thing that I pay attention to is how it feels on my body.

I know that they are natural, 100 percent linen, so I know they are going to be hypoallergenic. They’re easy on my sensitive skin. They’re super soft. I love how when you air them out a little bit, they get this nice drape. The last thing that I love about these sheets is the lived-in aesthetic that is characteristic of linen. It’s got this wrinkly, beach-house feel to it, which is really nice. When it comes to linen sheets, you have to play around because they’re definitely not all made equal. Between the stone washing and the pretty Woodrose color of these, I’ve got to say, I’m really loving these sheets. There’s a lot to like about these sheets, but just to name a few, they’re made from 100 percent pure linen, so they’re going to be naturally hypoallergenic and sustainably sourced. They’re also highly breathable and moisture wicking, so they’re going to be less likely to accumulate germs. If you’re looking for sheets that are easy on both your skin and the environment, you should give these a try.

Something I’m loving about these sheets is the stone-washed softness that’s going on. I have to be honest, I don’t always love the feel of linen sheets because they do have a coarser texture than cotton, for example. Because of the stone-washed nature of these sheets, they’re actually softer than I was expecting. They’ve still got that distinct feel of linen, plus all the benefits that come with linen, but they might be a little bit softer than you’d expect. Something really awesome about the company MagicLinen is that they offer customized bedding. In addition to being able to choose between mattress depth options — the fitted sheet comes in two different depth options — you also have the option to customize almost every sheet set that they have to offer.

You can customize the sheets according to your preferred dimensions. That adds a level of personal care that I really like. There are a few things about these sheets that not everyone is going to love. A lot comes down to personal preference, but not everyone is going to be into the casually creased, lived-in look of these sheets. It’s definitely part of the personality of linen. Personally I think it adds a relaxed rustic aesthetic that I find to be quite charming, but again, different strokes for different folks, so something to be aware of. Secondly, it’s worth remembering that while these sheets are very soft, they do not feel like cotton.

Really soft, but they offer a textured softness that’s less silky and smooth, like you might be familiar with with cotton, and more coarse and breathable. If you’re used to the cozy cotton sheets, it’s definitely something to keep in mind. Lastly, there is no trial period offered with these sheets. You have to be pretty sure these are the ones you want before you commit to buying them. Oftentimes, companies will offer a trial period so you can get the sense of the bedding before you commit.

It’s not the case with these sheets. However, I’m pleased to report that MagicLinen has said that they are considering offering a trial period in the future. That wraps up this review, but for every last detail on these sheets, be sure to check out my full written review that you can find by Googling “Sleepopolis MagicLinen sheets.” If you’re not sure these sheets would even be covering the right mattress, just Google “Sleepopolis best mattress,” and we’ll help you find the right one.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media, because we’re always uploading content with one thing in mind — to get you the best sleep that you can. If you have any comments, questions, concerns about this video, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below, after you’ve hit like and subscribe, and we’d be happy to help. That’s all for this review. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time. .

SHEEX Performance Sheet Set



Concierge Collection Microfleece 3piece Sheet Set Twin

Warmth and comfort usually this time of year when it’s freezing and our house is cold who wants to climb into those cold sheets blast the heat your skin gets dry you want a bed that’s cozy and warm and you can slip into it and have that nice comfort level microfleece sheets have really changed the industry think about it we used to have one choice when it came to winter sheets and it was flannel yes right and I love a good flannel but there’s a lot of bad flame out there what I love about microfiber IVA belitz lightweight but it has that brush softness that gives you the warmth well we’ve lost twin full is becoming limited we do have queen and king available and California king is gone so let me reiterate that we do have full/queen and California king available same price no matter what size bed you have only $10 and change on your charge card let’s go through the glass to go through the colors and I love that we do have colors that are matched back to your decor so you don’t have to buy just you know Christmas sheets or these could be your everyday sheets for many many months it’s gonna be cold for a while we have that soft aqua we have the silver which is like a light gray here’s your wine look at the saturation of color which oh we’re calling this one turquoise it’s like a light so there’s your silver this wine color you can see the color saturation and by the way these are fade resistance you don’t have to worry about that again everything that you wash with concierge just washes so well don’t fade amazing there’s the gold then we have that nice taupe we have a lavender a sage which i would call more of like a pistachio or a mint and then we have the off-white which if I always recommend getting two sets of these because they become your favorite and what will happen is you end up washing them and put them back on the bed so if you can swing it grab a couple make one the winter white or maybe the silver get a neutral and then pop a color with it and you can layer like we did here I love that idea it’s fantastic yeah it gives you the warmth with this incredible amount of softness and we’ve talked before about flannel sheets and flannel sheets are great they keep you warm right but they can be stiff and they can be uncomfortable and have almost like a starchy feel to them often and I don’t think that they launder very well I feel like they get worse the more you launder their bags they last a season right and what’s great about micro fleece I always say it’s micro fibers cousin it’s microfiber wintery cousins and if you love microfiber and I know it’s our number one selling type of sheet here at HSN I know a lot of you like microfiber this is a lot of the same characteristics in that it’s fade resistant shrink resistant wrinkle resistant at long lasting ultra soft right out of the gate right no break-in but these have that plushness and it has a thickness without being heavy so I always think about think about if you’ve ever seen cotton candy being spun all those little like little strings of fiber that’s kind of how micro plush is or micro fleece not like your typical fleece that’s real heavy these are thinner tinier fibers and to give you an idea it’s just look at one pillowcase right this is one pillowcase and it gives you a good visual of compared I mean of how plush yeah you know crazy is you get this warmth I find without overheating and without the weight they Betty last thing that I want I want something that’s going to keep me warm at night especially when it’s cold outside and I can keep my heat cranked you know down or right up a little bit down I should say but I don’t want to be overheated at night and a lot of us feel the same way I feel like this has a moisture wicking property to it and does you’re not just gonna get hot and sweaty and uncomfortable true and it goes back to the construction and I was I was talking about how those little fibers that are spent I’m spun they create space within the fabric itself so it’s insulating think about how down insulates you you know is those little fibers that give you that warmth and insulation micro fleece kind of does the same thing so it is breathable it is cuddly it’s soft it has a little bit of stretch and give to it so when you put these on your bed they’re gonna become your new favorites it happens to us every year we get into like January it’s still really cold and our microfleece are gone you know you can see we’re already starting to lose sizes so if you’re seeing these today I would recommend grab a set get them home put them on your bed start enjoying them if you know someone who’s always cold or lives where it’s really cold this would be a great gift to send and if you are a concierge customer maybe you have a featherbed a fiberbed maybe you have a thicker mattress these do have the the deep pocket and they have the elastic let me find two sheets there you’ve got that elastic all the way around so they really do grip the bed and make it easy to make it they’re just amazing really oh yeah they wash again so fantastic they’re fade resistant you throw them in the dryer you throw them on the bed and that at night you go to your bed and your sheets aren’t freezing there’s not that warm up period you’re not cranking up the heater and heating up the entire house because you’re in this warm snuggly amazing yet smelly is the key he snuggly is the key indeed I mean they’re just so incredibly soft I guess the best way to describe it would be maybe your child or toddlers jammies you know when they have those pajamas you get to wear footie pajamas as your sheep yeah they’re not a sheet that you just get into bed and you’re just like okay I have sheets on my bed no you lay there and watch TV and go like this like you just keep feeling that brush relaxing about that it isn’t speaking of relaxing I think this bed is very relaxing I was sanding I love the the off-white it’s such it’s like a winter white it is so pretty you can see we’ve paired it here with the lavender you could put this with anything and it looks fantastic and just so nice it’s a great update you’re not breaking the bank and you know what these will be something that you will keep on your bed for months it really is it’s gonna be cold for a while a lot of places out there you’re looking at months of winter weather right so this is the way you dress your bed we don’t dress our bodies the same way in the winter as we do in summer it makes sense to dress your bed and sheets that you don’t have to pile as many layers on because your sheets are doing the job you’re over them you’re under them your face is on the pillow I always equate sheets to clothing because you really do wear them when you go to bed absolutely yes these are not a thirty-one dollar purchase I will tell you that there are small luxuries in life where you’re just like wow I cannot believe that I get to sleep in this amazing softness every single night and I spent 1 flex of $10 and 32 cents again absolutely risk-free we’re gonna send these out to you and you have until January 31st to sleep on them love them or please send them back I love that you offer them in fabulous colors in Eleanor let you go through those colors again because we always talk about it’s the best way to give your room or your guest bedroom a facelift without painting the walls and you know look down the end I love that gold and that off-white together I agree luxe next to that is a topi then we have the turquoise then we have that beautiful wine the sage which is that minty green and then the lavender and your silver which is a soft gray there adults foot if they are blue and wine those are gonna be your most limited across the board so stay on the line for those twin is gone and California king is gone but we have full we have Queen and we have King available so stay on the line of course order on that’s going to be your best bet and we’ve got more amazing gift or goals for everyone in for you don’t miss it

Top 10 Best sheets

Rocks wiki’s best product advisor behind Amazon rocks wiki’s presents top ten best sheets starting with the list number ten she’d name 100% premium combed cotton sheet information 100% premium combed cotton imported our 100% premium cotton is specially combed to remove all but the finest and longest fibers number nine she’d name superior extra soft highest-quality sheet information 100% cotton flannel imported number eight she’d name 100% Egyptian cotton 650 thread count sheet information 100% Egyptian cotton making these 650 thread count sheets the ultimate in luxury number seven she’d name mazzani luxury bed sheet set sheet information 100% polyester microfiber imported number six she’d name cozy house 1500 series luxury bed sheets sheet information softer than silk ready for a restful refreshing sleep number five she’d name six piece bamboo bed sheet sets with stripes by cozy house sheet information a fresh feel like no other with soft bamboo sheets these bamboo sheets are a high-quality blend number four she’d name superior 300 thread count cotton may would print sheet set sheet information 100% cotton imported number three named HC collection bed sheet sheet information our 1800 series sheet set is made from double brushed microfibers and our softer and more breathable than Egyptian cotton number 2 she named superior 100% premium combed cotton sheet information 100% premium long staple combed cotton imported subtle softness number 1 she’d name 100% premium combed cotton 400 thread count deep sheet information 100% premium combed cotton imported thank you for watching our video about top 10 best sheets to get those sheets followed the description link bellow and subscribe to our channel for future upload

Can You Guess Bed Sheet Thread Count?

– I mostly sleep naked but I don’t think we can do that on camera. (upbeat funk music) – Alright, let’s get in bed. – Well these are a little rough. – And these are a little newspapery. – I’m not really satisfied with this, it’s kind of itchy. If I have a slumber party, the person I like least would probably get these sheets. (chuckles) – I’m not a fan of these. I think these are like the 150 or whatever.

– These sheets are like a cape for Halloween. – Probably like 250. – Oh 250, that’s very specific. I’d just go with 200. – 300 thread count. – 200. – Well 200 is right but oops I didn’t realize cotton felt like this. – You win. Alright what do we got here? Ooo! – This is significantly better. – I like it. – Ooo these are better. Now I understand. – These are quite nice. – I can have sex in these sheets. – Yes. (laughs) – These are more bangable. – See to me, all sheets are bangable unless it’s a plastic tarp. – I prefer sheets with dark colors. – Yes for periods. – I like touching myself. – I’m gonna get out of bed now. – These are not Netflix and Chill sheets these are like, Sunday morning breakfast in bed, I love you sheets. You know? – I think the thread count is probably, I’m gonna guess 400. – I say 500. – These are 700. Fo sho. – Oh bloody hell we know nothing. – Killin it! – I’m so close! – Well I’m just gonna fart in here. – These seem like an executive would own these. – These are like the not classy 1% though.

This is like the Donald Trump of sheets. – They’re really thick. – Yeah. This feels like an army uniform. – Yeah I’m not a big fan of this. – Also yeah the color throws me off. I wouldn’t really want to bang in these sheets. – I like this color. – So sex rating, low. – I’m gonna say 850. – I would say 400. – Shit I don’t know, 1000? I win! – 1000 thread count. – What! The higher the thread count, the better though.

Or is it sometimes it’ll suddenly drop off and be shit again? (grunts) – Ooo! – Yes! – Yeah were getting into cotton territory. 6- It reminds me of a super hero in the night. – Jesus Christ. – Ok they’re very thin but they’re very soft. – Wiggle your toes. – This just feels very elegant and flowy. – Sex rating? – This is not, this is like a 10. – I would feel bad about banging in these risking not feeling this again. – I don’t know like 3000. – You’re gonna say 3000? I wanna say 1,200. 1800 thread count. If it’s good enough to clean camera lens, it’s good enough to rub on my body.

– I thought you were gonna say butt. – Or my butt. – I think there’s a clear winner. – Yeah. – Microfiber. – Microfiber for the win. – Shockingly enough, microfiber was the upset. It’s a cheaper sheet but yet far superior. – Definitely softer. – Yes these are my favorite. – I love that microfilm. – Microfiber. – I love that microfiber. I love it. .