Chinese Street Food – ENTIRE BOWL ONE-NOODLE and Halal Beef Salad! | Yunnan, China Day 2

– That has to be one of the coolest bowls of noodles that I’ve ever seen being made, ever. (upbeat music) This entire bowl, is all just one noodle. That is one single noodle. (upbeat music) Good morning, I hope you’re having an amazing day, it’s Mark Wiens. We just arrived to Weishan, which is in Dali in Yunnan Province, China. And today is gonna be another incredible day, but a very diverse day of food in Yunnan. We’re starting here in the village, we’re gonna enjoy a few bowls of noodles.

And then after that we’ll be visiting an authentic very well preserved Muslim village. But first, oh I think we’ve just arrived. This is the spot for breakfast. Breakfast bowl of noodles number one. Hello! We’re gonna try to get a look into the kitchen, where they are assembling the bowls of noodles. And as soon as you step in here, this is, this is a meat sauna. You can smell the, these are pork noodles. And you can smell the porky aromas back here. This is a special type of rice noodle that is common in this part of Yunnan. But it’s rare to find elsewhere, and it’s a rice noodle that they make with, it’s not with raw rice powder, but it’s made with pre-cooked, rice that’s cooked, and then ground, and then made into noodles.

It comes with two components, one is the bowl of noodles, with soup. And the other is the bowl of pork with all the seasonings, spices. So what you do is you take some of the noodles and you dip them into the soup with the pork and all the spices before you eat it. And then it comes with some pickles, there’s some peanuts, there’s some just wonderful looking things. The soup is a pork bone soup, you can see how it’s almost milky in color, how it’s been boiled for so long. I just have to taste the plain soup first. Mmm, mmm. Really, really rich. A little bit, not too oily. And it’s not salty yet. And then this is the soup that’s full of flavor. You can see the pork, there’s skin, oh, look at that. Oh, it’s like pulled pork and then just a chunk of skin, and then she added in a few scoops, she asked me if I wanted it spicy, which, of course I had to say yes.

So look at that soup, it’s just, oh there’s chili oil in there, it’s, okay, lemme just taste this. There’s sesame seeds in there as well. Oh, oh that is superb. It’s not sweet at all, it’s just you can really taste the sesame seeds in there. That has a nice chili burn to it, and then it’s porky. Okay, into the soup. I mix it in with some of that pork. Oh that looks incredible. Oh, that is sensational. It’s really nice and spicy. The sesame seed oil flavor in there really stands out. And then the pork is just, just fall apart like shredded tender. The noodles are very nice and soft. They’re not like mushy, and they’re just a tiny bit gummy in texture.

The noodles and the soup broth, are very plain on their own, but all the flavor is coming in that pork, and that seasoning, and all those spices in there. And that is extraordinary flavor. Okay, now I’m gonna try to fish out that piece of skin. Oh, mmm. Oh that just, that literally just disintegrates in your mouth. Oh you don’t need to chew that. It’s just completely soft. And it tastes like it’s been boiled and rendered down so it’s mostly skin and like collagen I think. Mmm. That one has a little bit of a sweet taste. And peanuts. But this broth, is next level. (upbeat music) Oh, what a way to start this morning. And it’s even better because it’s kind of cold and rainy outside. That is, that hits the spot. Most of the buildings in this ancient town of Weishan date back to the 1400’s. And this was one of the strongholds of the kingdom in Yunnan. And it’s so well preserved, it’s so beautiful.

I love how it’s quiet, and it’s so charming. So we’re just gonna walk around for a little bit, and then after that we’re gonna eat another bowl of noodles. (upbeat music) Okay, we’re just stopping at a street food stall here. – Yeah, this is like Dali’s specialty, so this is basically the rice cake’s same texture with the rice noodle we just had. – It’s like a sheet of the noodles that we just, okay hold on for this. (engine starting) What’s the name of it again? (speaking foreign language) – And then the noodle is (speaking foreign language) – Ah, okay. (speaking foreign language) – Means strips (speaking foreign language) – Means something bigger.

– Alright. (speaking foreign language) – Oh she puts that inside of it? – Yeah, yeah. – Oh wow. – Something extra. (speaking foreign language) Yep. Oh yeah but we’ll try it here. (speaking foreign language) – Kind of like burrito style. Yeah this looks and smells fantastic. Mmm. (laughs) Oh, oh that is very very tasty. Kind of dense, because you’ve got that rice, that rice tortilla. And then you’ve got the crispy fluffy donut on the inside, but you’ve got all that flavoring.

The chili sauce, the pickles go in there very nicely. The peanuts. Okay. And this is a snack we can eat while walking around I think. (speaking foreign language) – That was great walking around the old town and we are walking down an alley now to go eat our next bowl of noodles. Oh so this is the one noodle here. (upbeat music) Wow, that’s amazing. And we’re here to eat what is called One Noodle, because it really is one strand of noodle. (speaking foreign language) – This is things you put on top of the noodle soup in the end. (upbeat music) (speaking foreign language) (laughs) – Yeah, you forget every time. (laughs) – That has to be one of the coolest bowls of noodles that I have ever seen being made, ever.

It’s just, it’s just a beautiful work of art how she prepares that bowl of noodles. And it really, in your bowl, you have one single noodle. And from what Lucy was telling me about this particular restaurant, this is the original place to eat this One Noodle. And they won the World Record, the China record for the longest noodle in all of China. I think they had a noodle competition, oh yeah you can see on the walls, some of the photos that they have on display. They made a noodle that was a couple kilometers in length. So they can make, you get one noodle here, that’s all you eat is one noodle. In order to eat this bowl of noodles you have to eat it all in one bite. No, I’m just joking. (laughs) You can break the noodle, it’s acceptable to break the noodle. But look at that, it’s just coiled around a million times, that’s all just a single blob. This entire bowl, is all just one noodle. That is one single noodle. I guess I definitely have to try the one noodle first.

(chuckling) Mmm. Oh. Not only is it one noodle, but that one noodle is amazing. It’s gummy, it’s not overcooked, it’s a little bit al dente. It is like a perfect thickness. Mmm, and that’s like chili oil soup, you can taste the schezwan pepper in there. And then this is some kind of garlic and water. Oh, excellent. Okay, I think that’s good for my seasoning. I forgot a little bit of vinegar in there. That’s a really good noodle. Now lemme taste some of that broth. On the top is kind of some chili oil. But the it is a, kind of a meaty, kind of a thick broth. Mmm, mmm. Oh with that garlic in there, I love that garlic in there. That fresh garlic. Oh that adds such a little thing that adds so much. The most impressive thing about that bowl of noodle was watching her make it and bowl the noodle. That was, that was a sight to see. We’re just exiting out the old gate. That was, it’s a really nice place that you can visit. And I’m pretty full of noodles right now.

From here we are driving to a well-preserved traditional Muslim village. And they are known for their food as well, so we’re gonna discover and eat some more delicious food and just walk around that village next. (upbeat music) We have just arrived to Donglianhua, and in Chinese that translates to: the Eastern lotus pond village. And so you come into this village, its absolutely beautiful. At the entrance, there is a lotus pond.

And then it’s surrounded by rice fields. It’s an ancient Muslim village. And from what Lucy was telling me, it’s not a touristy village at all, so there’s not like souvenir shops. It’s not like an attraction village. But it’s one of the most well-preserved Muslim villages in this entire area. And so we’re gonna have a chance to eat, and then we’re gonna have a chance just to walk around and see. There’s also some very well-preserved mosques as well. (horn honks) We are on our way to go to one of the courtyards where there is a lady who, she has a courtyard, she has a house, she has restaurant, she cooks. It’s gonna be some delicious food. Look at this grand entrance, this gate. And the decoration, the painting. And step inside of here. There’s paintings, there’s artwork, it’s so quiet, it’s so peaceful, and this is where we’re gonna eat lunch. Something that’s very interesting to me, because my wife is Thai and we’re based in Bangkok, we’re based in Thailand. Is that the family who owns this property, and this courtyard, she was just explaining to us that their family had to flee to Thailand and so they lived in Chiang Mai for many years.

And so they have roots both here in Yunnan, and Chiang Mai as well in Thailand. (speaking foreign language) – We’re in the kitchen now, and she’s gonna be making a couple of different dishes. The first thing that she’s making is a Muslim Yunnanese style noodle. And the important ingredients that she mentioned are especially the green pumpkin, as well as potato. And now she just finished chopping up some cured goose, which she got out of the freezer, and that’s gonna also flavor the noodles. And she’s gonna, we’ll see what else she makes. (meat sizzling) (speaking foreign language) – That’s the ginger.

– The beef, beef and ginger? – Yeah. (meat sizzling) – This one is still for the noodles? – Yeah, yeah. (meat sizzling) – She added quite a generous amount of oil to the wok, and then she added in some of the beef which is already cut into little pieces. And then she added in a bunch of onions, and then in goes the tomatoes. But wow, that aroma is already smelling incredible. (speaking foreign language) – All the ingredients that she cooked are for the soup of the noodles, but now she’s actually making the noodles from scratch with flour and mixing in some water, and just slightly kneading it and massaging it. (speaking foreign language) – It’s a lot of effort, and it’s a lot of work, but I can guarantee you that the result is gonna be more than impressive. (speaking foreign language) – The dough is resting and rising. She’s gonna get started on a beef salad that she’s making. (speaking foreign language) – She has already precooked the beef, because the beef takes, it actually takes days to prepare.

But she’s showed us some of the raw beef. She massages it in salt, and then let’s that rest for two days. And then the beef is braised in a broth and liquid that contains many different spices. There’s black cardamom, and there’s schezwan peppers, there’s dry chili, there’s caramel, which is what makes the broth really dark. And then that’s braised for a few hours at least. I actually had no clue as to how she was gonna assemble a salad, but she is just spiraling it. Like spokes on a wheel. Oh, that’s gorgeous. (speaking foreign language) – She’s just hand ripping them into the boiling water. Oh I love this style of noodle. And just like, rough homestyle noodles. (upbeat music) The noodles back in. (speaking foreign language) (upbeat music) (speaking foreign language) – It keeps getting more and more complex, she keeps adding things. She had a separate pan of the soup broth, which is beef bones broth she then boiled. And then she drained the water out of the noodles and put the noodles back into the beef broth.

Then she added the goose, cured goose fat. And goose, then she, oh and she’s dishing it out. Then she added the pumpkin mixture, she added the onions beef mixture, and it is ready. Wow, that looks hearty. (speaking foreign language) (upbeat music) (speaking foreign language) – I’m walking out of the kitchen just amazed, just flabbergasted. What a meal, she is a master chef. Okay, so we’re in the courtyard, we’re sitting down for lunch now. This is a picture perfect setting, it’s gorgeous. The courtyard, the scenery, and her cooking on top of that. I am like overwhelmed right here. The food looks unbelievable. The beef salad is not only one of the prettiest beef salads I’ve ever seen in my life, it might be one of the prettiest dishes I’ve ever seen in my life. On the bottom you will see it’s all shredded radish as well as more of that same dressing. And it’s just, it’s just filled. So I think you can kind of get a little bit of everything with that beef.

Oh, wow. That is sensational. Oh, that’s stunning. Mmm. Oh that beef is so tender. And the flavor is just embedded within the veins of that beef. And it’s, oh that’s extreme flavor. And then you’ve got that really crisp, really refreshing radish shreds on the bottom there. You’ve got that dressing, you can taste all that chili oil. You can really taste the sesame oil, and the sesame seeds in there.

And next up for the noodles, which she made completely from scratch, by hand. Sheets of noodles, there’s onion in here. Oh man, this looks, it doesn’t get fresher than this. Mmm. Oh, oh wow that’s stunning. Those noodles are so silky smooth. They’re not like delicate, like thin noodles, these are hearty, slightly thick, a little bit gummy. But you can taste the difference in how they’re handmade. It’s absolutely stunning. Unbelievable. That is one of those dishes that will change your life. The final dish we got here is pumpkin, steamed pumpkin. And she made this with some ginger, and this just looks delicious as well. Oh, even the pumpkin’s outstanding. It’s like melt in your mouth. Oh, that texture. It’s really really fragrant. It’s a little bit sweet. It’s, mmm, it’s not starchy at all, but more silky. (speaking foreign language) (laughs) (upbeat music) – This is one of those dishes that I never want to end. I just want it to be an everlasting dish. It’s absolutely insane. (upbeat music) (sighs) – Every single bite of this salad, has just blown me away.

(upbeat music) (speaking foreign language) – Okay. I had no idea what to expect when we first entered this gate, but now I can safely say that you will find one of the world’s greatest beef salads behind this door. And those are really recipes and dishes that have been preserved through her family and they’re really hard to find. She made it with love. That was an honor to have such a culinary experience like that. Chickens for sale. (chickens clucking) (speaking foreign language) (upbeat music) – We’ve just arrived to the village mosque, and it’s an extremely well-preserved wooden mosque. Which dates back to the Ch’ing Dynasty, sometime around the 1700’s. And up here there’s a school. Wow, this is gorgeous architecture. A few flights of steps and we made it to the very top. Wow, the views are spectacular. And you can see over the entire courtyard of the mosque on this side, and then over here on this side, you’ve got a nice view of the valley, and the mountains in the background.

And rice fields outside of the village. (upbeat music) (speaking foreign language) – We’re in Dali new town here. And we’re at a restaurant tonight, to eat an ethnic Chinese type of food which is Jingpo food. (speaking foreign language) – There’s just a rainbow full of ingredients that’s so many ingredients on the table, and seasonings. I saw some grasshoppers that we’re gonna try as well for dinner tonight. All of the dishes are ready. We’ve got a little bit of a feast here for dinner tonight. There’s so many dishes on the table, I think we have at least 10 different dishes. It’s really interesting for me in watching them cook. This food, the Jingpo food, it comes from the region of China which is near to the border of Myanmar. And that’s sort of the area where China, as well as Myanmar, and Thailand, and Laos, that area where the cultures all come together. And that’s the, so the food you can see many similarities of ingredients.

It’s colorful, there’s chilies, there’s lots of fresh herbs. And just a colorful spectrum of different dishes. Since the grasshoppers happen to be right in front of me, I’m gonna begin with the grasshoppers. She deep fried them, and then just seasoned them with a little bit of powdery seasoning. So these should be crispy and beautiful. Oh, look at how golden they are. Oh yeah, those are good. They have a little bit of a sausagey flavor, and nice and crispy. A wonderful snack. Next up I’m gonna try some of the chicken salad. This is one of their signature dishes. It’s shredded chicken, and then she mixed it with minced chili.

There’s some herbs in there, and there’s some chilies on the side too. You can taste a little bit of the chilies in there. Oh, oh, that chili’s pretty sweet, and a little bit spicy. Okay, over here is one of their signature dishes, which is fried ribs, with lemongrass. And I love how rough cut it is, just like a stack of lemongrass on the top of this dish. Mmm hmm. Oh those are awesomely good. The pork is nice and crispy from being deep fried. This one is a minced pork salad, and again it’s very finely chopped with lots of herbs in there. There are peanuts in here, and chilies. And this looks very very Thai or Burmese. – White celery. – Oh, it’s white celery in there too. Mmm. Oh that one is, that one is awesome. It’s extremely refreshing. To me it almost tastes like Tabbouleh, like parsley that’s been chopped up like that. This one is ferns and I think she just blanched the ferns, and then it’s served with this sauce.

This sauce looks fantastic. Mmm. Oh that sauce is wonderful. And it’s a yellow pea paste kind of like block, and then she kind of mixed it up with some spices as well. There’s some chilies, and there’s both fresh chilies and dried chilies in there. Mmm. Oh. You know that’s not the most attractive looking dish, but it’s really tasty. It has this incredible smokey flavor, and then it’s a little bit starchy, a little bit goopy, but the flavor’s amazing. This one is an omelet that he made with climbing wattle shoots. And this is very popular in Thailand as well. Mmm. Okay, it’s a little bit of an oil sponge. But it is pretty tasty. The climbing wattle has a nice like kind of green taste to it. I think the last dish is the banana blossom salad, or mix. Mmm. Oh that’s really good, it’s really really juicy. (speaking foreign language) (laughs) – It almost has a cheesy taste to it. (upbeat music) (laughs) Okay, we just made it back to the hotel.

Definitely the highlight for me today though, was that Muslim Yunnanese beef salad that aunty made. That was one of the dishes that I’ll never forget, ever. I wanna say a big thank you to Lucy, she was our guide today and she brought us everywhere. And also to Frank from Zouba Tours for organizing everything, he set everything up. And big thank you to you for watching this Chinese food tour of Yunnan video. Please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

And for sure if you’re not already subscribed, click subscribe now. I’m gonna be publishing lots more food and travel videos. Thanks again for watching, I’ll see you on the next video. .

Chinese Street Food LEVEL 9000 -The ULTIMATE Chinese Street Food Tour of Chengdu, China – SICHUAN!

Look at how thick that is Oh green chili sesame broad bean paste noodles all right check it out guys as Trevor James I’m here with ping we are in Chengdu China the land of extremely delicious sit twenties spicy food and today is a super special occasion we’re gonna be bringing you to a ton of different locations in Chengdu delicious spicy hot pot amazing spicy noodles since when is desserts and more it’s gonna be a ton of fun so check it out get ready for spicy c20 street food of your dreams today we’re bringing you deep for special locations in Chengdu China the land of Sichuan spicy and mouth numbing cuisine and we’re pinning the locations on a map for you as well on the food Ranger comm link down below first up we’re going for the best bowl of noodles you’ll ever be alright guys next up is one of the most delicious incredible rare bowls of noodles deep in the back streets of Chengdu the Fuego road twice cooked pork noodles oh look at this guy’s me huh hua Zhu kadosh a quick aroma oh so you’re high Bangla so look at all the Empty Bowls here Jigga should you’re my Jenna Jenna Jenna so this sesame paste hi ocean madam she dota Chickasha Julie OMA Julie oh yeah so we’ve got the lard here and that’s going in as giving an extra flavor tae Alma oh and here’s the secret sesame chili oil hi look at that we’re just topping it up this is one of the most amazing things to watch so what we’ve just stepped into is absolutely noodle heaven so much aroma here you can smell the chili you can smell the sesame oh it’s gonna be so good and we’re gonna order up twice cooked pork noodles so they’re gonna add twice cooked pork on top so it’s gonna be so good that’s amazing Amanda I’m gonna do Jimmy Fong so Janelle Emma and over here you can see is the most beautiful bowl of Quaker oh this is it right here so we’ve got the twice cooked pork this is gonna go over top and you can see there’s green peppers in there so it’s gonna be spicy fragrant is cooking with broad bean paste oh and they’re gonna add it right on top of a bowl right here hye-young wow that is amazing Oh hyojong DOMA tae yong hwa and we are just gonna go into the back and take a look at how they’re frying the Quaker Oh oh you love and Neha Oh gibberish a Chou plague aroma we just added in fermented broad bean and chili paste oh look at that that is what gives it the shine the fragrance the aroma incredible hi Jean la hey oh and look at all these green chillies Wow latch out sure I don’t know this Oh dice yonder it has to be fragrant so he’s adding in tons of fresh green chillies look at that that is one of the most fragrant things he will ever smell no banjo latch ow yes you love it oh yeah oh this is gonna be perfect let’s go triable you can see they just add that beautiful clay Goro on top of the noodle let’s go try it up here it is guys the way Goro twice cooked pork noodles oh look at that mix that up mix that chili oil in this is such a rare beauty in Chengdu at Shanker man Guan one of the best old loud – how classic shops and look at how thick that is Oh green chili sesame broad bean paste fat chili oil soaked noodles just look at how thick that is look at all those chili oil sesame paste soaked noodles oh wow that is the sole Laver full and thick the ultimate bowl of noodles this is one of if not the best bowl of noodles you’ll ever eat the noodles are just soaked with that chili oil that sesame paste spicy smoky fragrant slightly sweet and there’s a depth of flavor in there from that broad bean and sweet bean paste oh when the pork is lean it’s not fatty and it’s just the most soothing comforting spicy hittin you in the soul bowl of noodles you’ll have your taste and this right here is worth flying to Chengdu for a chancre man guan sway how should a wanker roll man – I know Chula all right that’s just one of the best balls you can ever eat we’re gonna pin this joint cuz you’ve got to come here and chungu out of the map and keep going next up before going to a hidden homemade wonton joint we’re going for a classic sit 20s dessert the Tang yogurts and today at the most famous joint in Chengdu have a taste of the two brothers who run it alright guys next up we are going for one of the most classic Sichuan desserts here at dum dum tshhh indeed I hung your poster me huh young man I’ll jump again oh look what we got here Tommy Oh Bertha courser the time you’re good to look at this guy’s so we’ve got sticky rice balls Jewish a normal edema Normie Normie Padma Norma said whoa so with done well Ben the two brothers here mimicking in OH younger so we’ve got these beautiful Normie sticky rice balls and they puffed up we just saw him putting them in and then he’s gonna put this ultra sweet dark brown molasses in and they’re gonna put them on a stick and the chewy crispy and delicious we just turned it off and now we’re gonna put in the dark brown all just sweet molasses while that is true street sweet heaven oh yeah here we go look at that that is right from the markets ty how deep in the oil deep in the oil awesome and we’ve got a huge crowd gathering around because everyone loves the Hong Kong Kong yo quarter number one that is real heaven you can smell that aroma yeah hi how this is incredible you can see that they’re getting crispy the oil is slightly cooling down we’re gonna eat rich beep I’m soaked in that dark molasses sweet dark molasses oh look at that watch your mouth Germa look at that Germa beautiful Oh oh yeah that is incredible this is incredible so weird is at the back of the line waiting now guys I’m guessing about a 20 30 minute wait here it’s gonna be so delicious young man holla I’m Yoko it’s a creature Leon Karma so we just got the beautiful tongue you’ll all attempt the real secret with Tommy on board sir if you want these to actually get a little cool so the outside is crispy and the inside is soft and gooey and then it’s just covered and that ultra sweet molasses that is perfectly crispy on the outside gooey on the inside the molasses has that super rich sweetness and the secret rice is so gooey don’t love em tae-ho chula whoa we’re gonna pin this joint keep going from walkthrough and next up before going to a deep local style hotpot in a hidden alleyway of chengdu we’re going to a popular yet secret homemade ultra luxurious wonton joint run from a home in chengdu all right guys right up here is one of the best if not the best wonton joint and chungu it’s in a local little neighborhood and they have extremely plump and delicious and spicy custom wonton we’re gonna go check it out here we are guys gang hideout council best Chow Chow and Chengdu such variety and here we are Chao showed a ten-time look at this guy’s we’ve got exclusive access here to the ultimate choice on wonton joint we’re gonna take a look they make them and then have a big bowl oh and Charlie I’m so jiggly Shahi oh hi Oh Oh hunter Oh ground Honeyman Fung jacket i- g 2g as i’ma show – G – oh so beautiful that it’s gonna be so flavorful and then also over here there’s the classic just pork filling and these are all one by one as you can see we’ve got the wonton sheets and those are just one by one filled with pomp kalam filling demon demon farming let sugar Jigga Sharma sugar shit’s a lava and thumbing the money oh so this is the place that invented this ultra combo apart from these beautiful wontons that we’re making we’ve also got this whole table of wontons already made and these are all gonna go into the cauldron and after watching the Bulls get filled with chili oil and secret ingredients the wontons were ready to put in the cauldron here we go guys they’re going to write and look at that beautiful walk full of calcio and you can see as we’re making these it’s all about the stock that goes with the wontons so we’ve got the real king right here this is the caterpillar fungus bamboo fungus chicken stock oh that is going to give it to so much umami and yep Wow here we go look at those Oh beautiful wontons oh that’s just a massive planet oh yes and here we go we’re just plating them we’ve got dried chilies going in that’s the Kanban that’s the Kanban style right there so we got their specialty these are the Kanban hi ciao ciao ciao so that she’ll do that’s Cheerios on the bottom they covered it in sesame green onions you got to mix those up oh look at those those are the most pull beautiful dumplings of your dreams and then look at these these are the most luxurious plump dumplings in all of Sichuan it’s all about the stock and the add-ons here so we’ve got that classic club filled shrimp and crab and pork and then the stock is actually chicken with oh look at this this is the bamboo fungus and then the orange is the caterpillar fungus and then look at this beauty here these are pure pork with some room these are matsutake mushrooms these are some of the most pricey yet the most elegant and flavorful wontons you’ll ever taste first thing I want to try is the can hide out here oh that is incredible you could see the – oh this place is so long oh yeah there we go let’s go in mmm that’s awesome look at that look at the shrimp in there and those crab eggs those pop in your mouth what a mouthfeel that is it is pop in your mouth oh it’s got that seafood shrimp flavor and you can really taste the depth in that stock so you can just load up all of that fungus whole caterpillar fungus bamboo fungus and gold right and that is luxury that is an elegant that is upgraded those are super wontons and the stocks to these soups are so elegant no wonder you pay a high price tag for this until these bowls is like four dollars which is way way above average let’s just try that stock where’s the matsutake mushroom stock oh it’s perfect for winter it just has this super umami rich rich mushroomy earthy flavor that was just amazing guys and we’re gonna pin this point next up to finish the day we’re bringing you into one of the deepest most local style hotpot joints in Chengdu with so many chilies bubbling that when you walk in it feels like you’re walking into a chili sauna all right guys next up for the final meal we are going for a really really deep local hotpot joint super spicy super delicious in this local neighborhood and we’re gonna be pinning this on the map so if you want to come here you can check it out – it’s right up here go check it out look at this guy’s we alternate the local style hot pot joint and here’s our pot look at the color here Wow Wow oh look at this guy’s Oh buddy ah yes yeah Wow look at that the ultimate hot pot and you can see she just put a bunch of stock in there’s this condensed beef lard with chili in it a few different varieties this is just pure and then these two have chili and you can see it just so much it’s one peppercorn in there so let’s take a look all the raw ingredients are on the bottom look at that oh look at the color there so this here is all pure beef fat oh and there’s just chili infused into it we’ve got pure we’ve got the pure version here and then we’ve got a brick of it here and she just put the heat on so this is gonna slowly melt and dissolve and become the ultimate spicy broth let’s just sink it in oh and it’s gonna get redder and redder and spicier and spicier and you can see the bottom there it’s just like a pure sphere a appeared disc of condensed beef lard and chili oh and it’s just gonna slowly melt into this beautiful beautiful pot and it’s just incredible the flavor and the aroma in this place okay guys so the first step to any hot pot and we’re gonna be reviewing and visiting a few hot pot joints in this chengdu series that we’re doing for you to show you all the good spots is to take your Swan take this garlic and put it into a bowl just load it in take as much as you like let’s just take the whole thing and then you want to put a little bit of this young yo sesame oil in oh yeah Oh beautiful that is incredible we also got to add chun-tae a little bit of cilantro some green onion chopped green onion one way to reduce the heat a pot pot is to add two black vinegar it really takes the heat down if you don’t it could be too spicy add a bit of to add a ton of tude for me I’m just gonna add a little touch so the food just arrived we’re just gonna add a touch of Xiaomi laughs fresh chilies and then you’ve got to add a touch of Howie Ulster sauce you can see the beautiful pot is starting to boil it’s turning red and it’s gonna get brighter red and even more young as we go we got delicious lamb we got numb Nero soft beef we got fatty beef we got chicken wings we got Chinese Celtics we got shrimp and then we got Oh lotus root and the pot check ahead tones it up and knowing that I’ll chat him up oh and look at that it’s really boiling oh it’s all coming together the heat is on pretty high now we’re gonna reduce that a bit oh it’s so red all the chilies you can just see all the chilies in there my bong chicken head Lama chicken head Lama bubble pop all the time thing that I’m finding them okay so the shrimp is in and now we’re just gonna drop a bunch of this num Nero soft OH soft beef right in the pot look at the collar there oh look at the beef is ready beautiful and you can see she’s covered in those dried red chilies but this right here is what dreams are made of and we’re just gonna dip it in get a ton of garlic and cilantro on it take it for a swim that is pure beauty right there oh yeah that is absolutely the best my pot you will ever eat oh the shrimp is so tender slightly springy and when you dip it into this sesame oil with garlic it’s got a perfect burning garlicky joy and as you eat this you can just keep scooping out delicious pieces your milk gets spicier and spicier and all the chilies in your the dried chilies the intense spice from them starts to infuse into that oil even more and by the end you’re burning so I hope you guys are enjoying this new style of videos with a pinning locations check them out on the food Ranger comm they’re gonna help you find locations when you travel I would also love to hear from you in the comments below let me know what you think make sure you subscribe and click that little bell notification button to don’t any of these videos well and thank you so much for watching