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I’m going to show you how to make salmon crunchyroll I have salmon here so I’m going to slice for the roll I’m cutting about quarter to half inch thickness of the salmon but what you’re looking for is you’re going to make a little long sticks so that it fits into the seaweed so I have here the seaweed we’re going to use half sea with the seaweed supposed to be shiny side down and the rock side up and the rough side always grab the rice that’s why you want to put the rough side up and then rice on the top so now I’m going to do inside out I’m going to spread the rice on the seaweed all over you cover the seaweed with rice each corner and sprinkle sesame seeds you can use a black or white sesame seeds either way where you can mix up and a flip over and I have here crunchy tempura crumb crunchy tempura crumb is when you make the tempura the batter floating on the top they just scrape it up and that’s what it is and I have salmon now pick up your bamboo with your thumb with other forefinger hold the ingredients and make sure everything is inside you want it to cover the bamboo with saran wrap otherwise the rice goes in between the bamboo and you’re going to have to spend all night long scrape to clean it up so make your life much easier if you have set enough on the bamboo mat and then pick up the end of the bamboo mat and roll and the shape looks like I’m pressing down but not pressing them are just making the shape round to square that’s I’m trying to do and if you want you can come the roll to the end and then tuck in tuck in so they’re nice and sharp edge on the side now I’m going to show you how to slice so you need a clean knife and you need a wet towel first I’m going to cut in half and when you see the gooey things on the knife you want to clean it up otherwise it’s going to keep sticking to your knife yeah this is how you make your crunchy salmon rolls

Cucumber Sushi Roll Recipe – Japanese Food Recipe

Welcome back to my channel, in this week’s episode I’m going to show you how to make a Cucumber Roll. What you need to slice cucumber? Is a piece of cucumber, some water, and a knife. The water is to lubricate the knife so that as you’re cutting the cucumber then it allows you to slide through instead of not getting bogged down. Now what I’ve done here is I have already taken the skin off of the cucumber with a cheese knife. Cutting the cucumber. Keep the blade wet and then just simply move into it with the knife, and you want to keep an eye on the blade, you can just see it through the cucumber, so you want to keep it so it’s not too thick and not too thin. If you lift up the blade like so then you dig deeper into the cucumber making the slices thicker. Now when you move the blade down like so you will actually come more to the surface and you’ll cut thinner slices. The right thickness would be about a quarter centimeter which is a tenth of an inch.

Once in a while just take the blade out of the cucumber, wet it again so that you have more lubrication and then just continue cutting. I am not using pressure here, just let the knife do the work and you just guide the cucumber, now between cuts you push it up and then when you cut you bring it down, so you’re always cutting in one direction. This gives you a lot of control, if you start sawing both ways in cutting then you’re going to miscalculate and slip up. Now this does take a little bit of practice and don’t worry too much, just buy a bunch of cucumbers, try it out, I mean these things are pretty cheap anyway. Okay now you start getting towards the seeds is when you stop, so there we go. Cutting some Tuna slices. Alright so now we just roll this up and put it to one side for later, take a little piece of tuna.

With cutting the tuna just simply put the heel at the corner of the fish, so you want to end the cut with the tip on the board. It should be one fluid motion, not too thin, you want it quite thick, about a quarter centimeter to a half centimeter which is one tenth of an inch to one fifth of an inch. Rolling the Sushi Roll. Start at one end and you just cover about one third of your sheet of cucumber, okay, and that should more or less do. Now you add your avocado, a couple slices should do, don’t overdo it.

And a little dab of wasabi. Now you begin rolling, no need for anything like a rolling mat, simply try to keep it compressed and keep rolling. When you start to reach the end — now here you could add some mayo or some mascarpone cheese, anything that will keep it stuck together. It doesn’t need to be that, it could be also yogurt if you want, keep it healthy. Just something to make sure that it sort of stays together otherwise it might unwrap easily. Okay, so there we go, and now cutting it, you want to keep the seal on the bottom and simply just cut the ends off. Now these are the throw away, throw away. And you just simply want to cut the slices, pretty thin, about one centimeter, that’s two fifths of an inch — and that is your cucumber roll. How to plate the Sushi Roll. Simply place your cucumber rolls on the plate — there we go, okay. Now your Daikon which is placed here in the middle, a little bit of carrots just to give it some color and a couple little greens. Now you add some Salmon Roe, be quite generous.

There we go, beautiful salmon eggs. And to finish it off, place a little bit of soy sauce on the plate. And that’s the cucumber roll done. END .

Halloween Inspired Sushi Roll Recipe

Welcome back to another cooking video. I’m Chef Devaux and today we’re going to do a very special Halloween inspired sushi roll with black sushi rice and dehydrated carrot on the outside. It’s a very special new concept, I hope you guys enjoy it. Don’t be freaked out by my eyes – let’s go. Okay, let’s get going. What you’re going to need is a carrot, and then what you want to do is clean it. For this I am just going to take a knife and just smooth and cut off the skin of the carrot. You don’t have to do it this way, I just like to do it this way. I like to use my beautiful knives, but you can just use a normal peeler to peel off the skin. No problems there. I am going to just quickly peel this off. I love using the knife this way. I just love using my knives, it’s a pleasure to work with these in the kitchen.

That’s I think what it’s all about. While I am talking about this knife, if you guys want to buy it, you can check it out on my website in you’re in Europe by clicking on the top left corner of your screen. If you’re not in Europe then click underneath it to go to my website to check out the knives in America. I am going to just cut off the edges and then discard all this excess. Now I am going to use a micro-plane or you can use a cheese grater or something else to grate the slivers of carrot. Watch out for your fingers, not to scrap your fingers away. At the end don’t bother getting the last little bit, just eat the big chunk of carrot. It’s pretty delicious. Once you’re done, you take your grated carrot and you spread around on one of these levels of the dehydrator.

What you want to do is spread it out very thinly and you want to fill up all the trays. If you want one of these you can check it out by clicking on the top left corner of your screen. They’re pretty cheap to buy and they’re pretty cool to put stuff into. What’s going to happen is it’s going to blow hot air through it and over the course of a day it’s going to dehydrate it to crispy carrots. Here we go, it’s been overnight and I’m just going to turn it off. Then this is the crispy outcome of the carrot. It’s really crunchy, crispy, amazing texture. It’s just great, it’s like carrot chips. You can make carrot chips if you just use a cheese knife instead. You can create thin strips. What you want to do is you want to take these and put them away from humidity. Put them inside an air-tight tube like this and just pack it in there completely and seal it up. It’s very important to keep away any humidity because the slightest bit of dampness and these carrots will become soggy.

You really don’t want that to happen. You can store this away for quite a while just so long as you store it and it doesn’t become a little bit oxidized. Try to use it as fast as possible. Now for the rice. What you want to make is black water. This is basically just squid ink and water, what I am using is about 5 to 6 grams of squid ink for every hundred milliliters of water. I am adding this water into the sushi rice. Here I am just going to add the squid ink, you can buy this usually by the fish mongers and if you just ask, someone will know somewhere close to you a place to buy it. What you want to do is just blend the squid ink with the water and this will just infuse it together.

If you just whisk it you seem to get little lumps of squid ink in the water and you don’t want that. You want it to be one beautiful liquid. Now I am going to add this water to my sushi rice just like you would normally. I washed the sushi rice already and now I am just going to cook it inside the rice cooker. If you don’t know how to make sushi rice, check out the sushi rice recipe by clicking on the top left corner of your screen and you’ll go to my website where you’ll see my recipe.

This is the highlight, I am not showing you the quantities or anything like that. Just go to the website there at the top left corner to figure that out. But look at this rice, it’s now deep black colors, it’s an awesome change from what you always have in sushi rice, which I find very interesting. Now just like normal I am going to season it with sushi rice vinegar mix, just slightly drizzle it over and then just spread it among inside. Now to use the rice, take half a sheet of Nori, place it on a cutting board and then place 120 grams of sushi rice, that’s about 4 ounces, and spread it out nice and softly and quickly.

Just don’t press it down too much. A tip here – use wet hands, slightly damp so the rice doesn’t stick to your hands as much. Now put a bamboo rolling mat inside a plastic bag and flip it over so the rice is now underneath and the Nori is on top. Now you take a beautiful piece of sashimi grade salmon, you can check out what sushi grade salmon is by clicking on the top left corner of your screen.

And just roll it over, this you want to close it before it reaches the end, and then just seal it now, and then roll it over one more time just to shape it and press again. There we go, that’s your sushi roll, done. Now to cut it. I am just going to move it slightly, take my knife and just wipe it on a damp cloth so the rice doesn’t stick to it much.

And then just slice it in half, wipe it again, keep wiping in between cuts, and you’re going to cut the halves into quarters now, and the quarters into eighths. Now the other quarter into an eighth, then I’m going to go back to the other half and cut that into quarters again, and those quarters into eighths. Here we’ve got eight pieces of sushi. Now I am going to reshape it again just in case any rice might have gone out of shape – perfect, and now I’m going to remove the side pieces because I find they are not that beautiful.

You can eat them. Now I am going to add my crispy carrot which we made earlier on top of the sushi roll. The reason why I am adding this at the end after cutting and not before is because this stuff becomes soggy so fast like I said before. If you put it on before and then you cut it and you press it into the sushi roll, what happens is it just becomes a soggy mess and it’s just not what I’m looking for. By adding this after I cut it, it remains crunchy and crispy and it’s an experience, it’s something special. Again I just going to put some more on top, be generous with this and cover it all the way around the sushi roll pieces.

Be careful to keep all the pieces together so you don’t get crispy carrot stuck on the salmon. You only want it on the outside of the sushi roll. Get a nice beautiful cover, nearly done. There we go, just put this to one side. Take a plate to plate up, beautiful Japanese plate. Now I am going to take a sushi roll piece and place it onto the plate like this. There we go, take another one, put it behind. You can plate up with the entire roll but I am going to just show you two. Then put a little bit of pickled ginger and a little bit of fresh wasabi. There we go, perfect. This is the Halloween sushi roll done! Okay so this is the end of the video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you found this video useful then don’t forget to hit the Like button down there or share this on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, whatever you use.

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