Clay Pottery Slab Building : Clay Hump Molding Finish Tips

Okay once we have let this piece set up to leather hard which means you can run your finger across it and not make much of an indention but it is still soft enough to put your fingernail through, we can take it out of the mold. First I am going to take a little stamp that I have carved which has my mark, the little pottery mark which is a little e and I am going to press it right into the bottom of one of the little feet. Now I am going to flip this over and take out the mold and you will see that we have got our nice cobblestone texture that we rolled into the clay a minute ago and now we can just address these edges and smooth them out and make them look finished and nice. Do that with your finger. Be sure to support the sides because this piece is still a little bit soft. You can use your sponge to help a little bit too. You don’t want any unfinished edges or pointedness you just want it to look good in the final piece.

So now that we have finished the edges off we have ourselves a nice little hump molded footed bowl. .

Make a No-Sew Kids’ Tent in Under 1 Hour

hey remodel Alex welcome back to our DIY Channel we love creating magical memories for our kids like our bunk bed tutorials check out the link above and we love easy weekend projects and today’s project from pilita at the learner observer combines these two perfectly build your kids an easy play tent from two dowels to one by twos and an old bed sheet and then set their imaginations to work be sure to check out more from Phyllida on her channel and site links below and don’t forget to click Subscribe while you’re here so you don’t miss any of our new tutorials start by cutting two eight-foot one by two boards in half so you have four pieces most hardware stores will make these cuts for you sand the edges as needed and then drill a hole the same size as your dowels about one inch in from each end of the cut piece before assembling the tent get the fabric canopy ready by modifying an old sheet you could use a piece of cut fabric but old sheets are free and already hand so that’s a nice shortcut to save some time if you’re using a clean sheet like Solita cut it to 48 inches wide along the length of the sheet you’ll use the wider top hem to save some sewing and then create a pocket for the dowel at the other end of the sheet by folding it under and sewing or using hem tape like the deleted it trim a small piece of the hem from the opposite end so you can slide a dowel in the existing hem now you’re ready to start assembling it’s just that easy line up the holes and the 1 by 2 pieces and insert the dowels to form two triangles you might need a partner to help you with this since the tent is flimsy at this stage that’s basically it if you’ll be using the tent on the smooth floor you’ll probably need to add additional support along the lower edge of the triangle like deleted it to the tent slide don’t slide enjoy your new tent and tell us in the comments below what fun projects have you made for your kids lately we’d love to see some links don’t forget to check out our bunk bed Playhouse tutorial it really is an awesome project see you later and please help us by giving this video a thumbs up thanks bye

Cooking Tips : How to Roll Sushi

To make a sushi roll first you need to start off with some ingredients. You want to make sure that you have your seaweed, your filling, your rice, a bowl of water, and a towel ready to go. And you should also have a bamboo roller covered in plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will help keep everything from sticking to it. First we are going to put down our seaweed wrap and the way you can tell between a good piece of seaweed is darker a color it is the better quality it is. Okay, next I am going to take some rice and the rice should be sticky rice.

You want to make sure that you do make the sushi rice. It does make a big difference. And I am just going to press it into my seaweed. And because it is sticky that is what your bowl of water is for. You are just going to rinse your fingers off, grab more rice, and press it in. Okay, once you have your rice all put together you want to make sure that you do leave a little bit of space right here so when we roll it up it has something to stick to. Next I am going to add my fillings into the roll. And here we are just going to do a very simple cucumber roll. Okay, now it is time to roll. So what I am going to do is I am going to take my bamboo mat and I am going to use that to fold over my roll. From here you are going to use your bamboo mat and pull it tightly as you roll it. Once you have the first roll you are just going to use your bamboo mat to continue to roll.

As you roll make sure each time that you are pressing tightly so that everything holds together. And that is your sushi roll. From here to make sure you get even cuts what you want to do is first cut it right down the middle. And to have even pieces from there go ahead and take that and we are going to cut it down the middle again. From here you can continue to cut to desired thickness.

And that is how you make a sushi roll. .

DIY – Roll Up Blinds, how-to

We are here in our tiny outdoor kitchen in Hong Kong. And we would like to have some bamboo blinds. So I thought, why not make them ourselves, since we made the complete kitchen ourselves. This is kind of how our blind will look like. We have 5 eyes at the top. We will attach a rope in one of the eyes and then bring it to the back, bring it to the front, to another eye, and then bring it all the way to the right, and out, ready to pull. Same for the right side, we attach a rope to the top, bring it to the back, and to the front, into an eye and to the last eye, out, also ready to pull.

So when it’s rolled up it will look something like this. What we will use is a bamboo mat. Large enough to fit the window. Some cable ties. A big piece of rope. Some screw eyes. A wooden beam, and a wooden pole, or a plastic pole in my case. First I start with cutting the bamboo mat. Make it a bit taller then your window frame. Because we need some extra to cover the wooden beam and the pole. I place the beam on the top and cover it with the bamboo mat. Then I make some holes for the cable ties and tie it together. When the beam is attached to the mat, I will turn the mat around and go to the other side, to attach the pole.

Same way with the holes and the cable ties. Make sure you cut them tight, so it won’t be a problem when rolling the blind. Ok now it’s time for the eye screws. Together we will place 5 of them. first I use a normal screw to pre screw the hole, so it will be more easy to put the eye screw in there. When the 5 eyes are attached to the beam, we are ready to apply the rope. Attach the rope to the top eye and then go all the way to the back and come back to the front and get your rope through the eye on top, and then bring it to the right, and get it through the right eye, and the left side is finished. Then same for the right side, all the way to the back, to the front, and through the top eye and to the most right eye. And that’s it.

Now the blind is ready, the only thing I have to do is to attach it. Thank you for watching. If you like my videos, please subscribe. .