hey guys welcome back to today's video and thanks for choosing my video to watch out of these thousands of options in today's skincare video we are going to be trying a really unique product is a beauty product that has been squished to load the size of a nickel guys it is a compressed face mask today's product is by Beauty bits australia and it comes with 25 compressed sheet mask per pack and before we go any further if you're new to my channel guys don't forget to subscribe down below it really helped me out and don't forget to hit that Bell notification so you know every time I upload a new video no it's really interesting able to compress face mask other than the fact that is already compressed is that you get to add your own serum or toner to it doesn't come soak in anything already so you get to make your own personalized face mask and if you're anything like me you have about five or six serums on the go at once so before they expire this is a really great process to help get rid of them and use them up and the best part of this mask is totally the customizable aspect whether you have dry skin that you're looking to get rid of fine lines or wrinkles sun spots that you get to choose your own serum and build it and just relax alright guys so like I said these face masks come with 25 pieces and I got the sort of time there's two kinds there that i saw one was both of these are made with bamboo fibers but one of them contained charcoal and the others were just playing the bamboo so I got the assorted pack that comes with half charcoal half bamboo I don't always need that purification that charcoal give you so i thought some of them i would use for purification and some of them i would use just for hydration alright so as you can see they're all individually packed in their own little bubble which is super cool i'm assuming you just add the serum or lotion right into this little tub and it will swell up or grow like one of those little dinosaurs they add water to i'm so excited to try these out alright so the instructions are pretty simple it just says to remove the plastic backing and add your favorite moisturizer stamp or toner its unique straight in there and it will expand into a full-size mask leave on for 5 to 15 minutes remove and pat dry this is a side note i said that in my last face mask video at 10 to 15 minutes make sure you peel the mask off even if it's not fully dry because as soon as the mask starts to dry or becomes dry it pulls moisture back out of your skin totally counterproductive ok so because i don't have any fit or pimples right now I'm not going to the charcoal 1 i'm going to use just be plain white a bamboo mask I don't want to risk pulling out anything that you can already see I don't want to encourage any bit so white just moisture I think it will be alright let's jump right into this fun experiment with my top three skincare products so I'm going to totally customize my own face mask first i'm going to add Misha time revolution the first treatment essence this is not only going to help work as a toner for my skin but it's going to help moisturize at the same time as well I'm going to be adding another Misha product the time revolution night repair ampule if you haven't heard of this product before I will have it linked down below as well as all the products i'm talking about today but this is a Holy Grail item if you haven't seen my tent Korean skincare routine i'll link that down below as well this annual is full of my aside and tons of revitalizing and rejuvenating ingredients to help younger clear skin and certainly I'm going to be adding a drop of pure hyaluronic acid and this is by timeless guys it is super inexpensive it's just a pure basic hyaluronic acid as I'm sure you're all aware hyaluronic acid is an amazing skincare ingredient it can absorb thousands of times of its own weight in water when it gets absorbed into the skin that hangs onto that water and helps you really retain the moisture so with the combination of the three amazing ingredients that we are going to create my own perfect customizable sheet Basque now I'm going to change camera angles just what I add all of the ingredients to the pod so we can really see up close if the mask expand or swelled and so excited about only you right back here are going to our I just killed the top often be compressed to face mask we're going to go ahead and have a couple of drops of the first treatment instance first and see what happens we give them a nice good soaking whoa it's starting to grow already can advise you guys see this ok that was just a couple of drops and it totally started well already so now i'm going in with my mesa night repair ampule soak that in there doesn't seem to be getting any bigger going to add a bit more of the first treatment essence of the liquid if it goes keeps growing just going to go ahead and add a couple of drops of hyaluronic acid as well now we wait and see there was no this is a way better angle you guys can see that it has grown more than double in size but it looks like it stopped now just gonna let this sit for a couple more minutes and pop back on the other camera ok so it's been about five minutes as I last spoke to the mask as you can see it didn't grow any more than it did in those first few seconds even see disappearance has sent down to the bottom but there is a lot of the mask that looks like there's nothing in it so we'll open it up and take a look alright so my first impression right off the bat is that it is not merely saturated enough with product i thought that I used more than enough i used to both six drops altogether i don't know how many more drops you would want to use on one sheet mask but it definitely isn't wet it's not really sticking to the face in certain areas it definitely is sticky I can see this being great for if you have trouble area like it's just a patch here there that you could kind of cut this up and soak areas that you need to fix on your face anything like so you have some fine lines maybe blemishes on your forehead maybe you just want to target that area but if you plan on doing the whole face it is going to take a lot of product I'm actually so disappointed in this mask that i'm not even going to wait 10 minutes to take it off I'm going to take it off right now ok so in theory i totally get how this mask would work if you have more than enough skin care product to really soak that mask down I just want to go ahead and use tender off the serum that's almost a week's worth of serum on one mask but like i said if you have trouble areas or needed spa treatment this would be the perfect solution for you but for now i'm gonna stick to the pre-soaked sheet masks that already common dripping in serum that we're not wasting lay out the whole idea of having a compressed mask seems super cool and really easy and convenient especially for traveling but at this point I feel like you have to bring a gallon of serum along with you to fill it up so just like that was another face mask fail if you have any tips or tricks for compressed sheet masks and how to maximize them and leave them in the comments down below because I'm dying to know if you like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up I've got some wicked cool videos coming up for you guys in the future I can't wait for you to see them but until then you can keep up with me on instagram snapchat and Twitter until next time guys see that that

How to get started with digital art

– I started doing web comics about eight years ago and my style now is almost unrecognizable from what it used to be. I drew with a ball point pen on paper, scanned it and it looked like this. Then I started drawing digitally and it changed everything. There’s a ton of options out there and with the right tools anyone can learn how to do digital art. So this is my main set up and this is just a standard, entry level Wacom bamboo tablet that you just plug into a laptop with a USB cable. And I’ve had this for a few years and it has never given me any issues considering how badly I treat it.

Wacom sells a ton of different models ranging in price but the new 80 dollar Intuos should have more than enough features for anyone just starting out. I recently got a nine point seven inch Ipad Pro and Apple pencil. Mainly so I can work while I’m traveling but really I just use it to draw in bed. I do wish I went slightly bigger but it’s not a deal breaker. A lot of artists say that 10.5 inch is like the perfect size ’cause it makes all the toolbars accessible.

But I think this works just fine for me and also the new 329 dollar Ipad works with the Apple pencil so it makes portable drawing more affordable than ever. If you don’t want to spend 99 dollars on an apple pencil or you’re older ipad doesn’t support it keep in mind there are other stylus options out there. You just have to look for features like pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, tilt support, maybe some short cut buttons. And this will make the move to digital feel a lot more natural. Let’s take a step back and talk about the basics of drawing. To draw this bubble head of Will our art director, start with a rough sketch laying out the proportions with simple shapes. His head is an oval, his body is more or a rectangular oval and his arms and legs are like thick noodles.

Then I’ll go back and add details like his eyes connecting the ovals with more precise lines. Now you can start the inking layer. This is basically going over the rough sketch in a more precise way and you have to be a little bit more careful here as this is the final version of the drawing that you’ll color in. For me the biggest advantage of digital art is the ability to work in layers. Think of it like drawing on tracing paper. Layer allow you to stack the many parts of your image on different levels to form the whole drawing which makes editing the final image easier. So once I have the full outline of what I’m drawing, I just fill in the colors on another layer underneath and for shading I’ll add a layer over that.

Shading can be daunting but it’s pretty easy if you think about light in the physical world. First decide where your light source’s coming from and use that as your guide to determine which parts are the shadows and which parts will be the highlights. So for the shadows I take a black brush which allordo passe to darken one side of the drawing and highlight the other side in white where the light is hitting the subject. The end result is this lovely drawing of Will drawn in four separate layers. If you’re concerned about how drawing on glass might affect you, you can always look into matte screen protectors that will mimic the feeling of drawing on paper. I tried one out from a company called Paper Like and it really helped bring some resistance to drawing on the ipad.

So once you have all your tools we’re gonna move on to software. On my MacBook I like to use software like Adobe Photoshop but on the ipad I use Clip Studio Paint because it’s most like a desktop app. There’s all these other drawing apps on the ipad like Procreate or Adobe Draw but these apps kind of have a learning curve because you have to learn each app’s gesture controls like double tapping to undo. If you’re not happy with any of these apps there’s always other options. There’s software like Astropad or Duet Display that lets you connect your ipad to a computer so you can use it as a second display. And if you’re in the market for a new laptop altogether there’s always two in one devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro so everything’s on there. You can use the desk top version of Photoshop and there’s no transferring of files like you would have with an ipad. Since I’m most comfortable with the Macos interface, using a Wacom tablet just make sense for me.

If you’re in a position where you’re trying to decide what’s best for you. Think more about the apps you want to use and for what purpose. But ultimately, making art is a personal experience so play around and find your favorite options. Thanks for watching, this is from my new series work flow and for more tips on how to incorporate tech into your life check out verge. .

Make a No-Sew Kids’ Tent in Under 1 Hour

hey remodel Alex welcome back to our DIY Channel we love creating magical memories for our kids like our bunk bed tutorials check out the link above and we love easy weekend projects and today’s project from pilita at the learner observer combines these two perfectly build your kids an easy play tent from two dowels to one by twos and an old bed sheet and then set their imaginations to work be sure to check out more from Phyllida on her channel and site links below and don’t forget to click Subscribe while you’re here so you don’t miss any of our new tutorials start by cutting two eight-foot one by two boards in half so you have four pieces most hardware stores will make these cuts for you sand the edges as needed and then drill a hole the same size as your dowels about one inch in from each end of the cut piece before assembling the tent get the fabric canopy ready by modifying an old sheet you could use a piece of cut fabric but old sheets are free and already hand so that’s a nice shortcut to save some time if you’re using a clean sheet like Solita cut it to 48 inches wide along the length of the sheet you’ll use the wider top hem to save some sewing and then create a pocket for the dowel at the other end of the sheet by folding it under and sewing or using hem tape like the deleted it trim a small piece of the hem from the opposite end so you can slide a dowel in the existing hem now you’re ready to start assembling it’s just that easy line up the holes and the 1 by 2 pieces and insert the dowels to form two triangles you might need a partner to help you with this since the tent is flimsy at this stage that’s basically it if you’ll be using the tent on the smooth floor you’ll probably need to add additional support along the lower edge of the triangle like deleted it to the tent slide don’t slide enjoy your new tent and tell us in the comments below what fun projects have you made for your kids lately we’d love to see some links don’t forget to check out our bunk bed Playhouse tutorial it really is an awesome project see you later and please help us by giving this video a thumbs up thanks bye

How to Dye Fabric: Rit All-Purpose Dye

With rit all-purpose Dye you can dye fabrics containing natural fibers like Cotton linen wool or silk and also Rayon and Nylon I’m going to dye samples of a bunch of different fabrics and see what happens. Pre-Wash the fabric to remove any finishes, so the dye will absorb better. Use enough water so the fabric can move around freely The hotter the water the better, so use really hot tap water or heat the water until it’s almost boiling. From here you can use the stove top method where you keep the dye bath on a low simmer throughout which will get the darkest richest colors or you can dye in a container or a stainless steel sink. I’m dyeing the samples in two batches because some of the fabric like salt added and some likes vinegar instead.

Shake the Dye well and add it to the water. as a general guideline for every pound of fabric use half a bottle of liquid dye or one package of powdered dye in three gallons of water To get dark or saturated colors double the amount of dye. I’m using half a cup and each to get a very saturated purple Add salt to the dye bath for Cotton linen and Rayon fabrics or add vinegar for silk wool and Nylon fabrics I’m adding about half a cup of each, but add more for larger projects Stir well Put the wet fabric in the dye bath. In the salt dye bath, I’m putting in bleached and unbleached Muslin 100% Cotton broadcloth and two different poly cotton blends Natural canvas Cotton Jersey Scrim Chintz Irish Linen Rayon Challis Natural burlap white Sultana Burlap and Polyester Gabardine In the Vinegar Dye bath, I’m putting in silk Chiffon silk Organza silk habutae silk Shantung 100% wool felt Rayon Wool Blend felt coated Nylon Oxford fabric Nylon stretch lace Nylon Crystal Organza and Nylon Glitz Sequins Stir continuously for anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour Take it out sooner for lighter colors or leave it in longer for Darker colors Make sure the dye is getting to all parts of the fabric.

So it won’t be splotchy here’s a couple tips for Dyeing: Wear gloves whenever handling the Dye and cover any surfaces that need protection before starting Dryclean only and fabrics that can’t withstand heat shouldn’t be dyed, but if you want to try test out a small piece first Keep in mind that most clothing is made of polyester thread which won’t die with rit all-purpose die Dyeing white fabrics has the best results you can dye other colors, but the original color may affect the outcome You can use rich color remover first to get rid of as much color as possible Remove the fabric from the dye bath when it reaches your desired color keep in mind Fabric looks Darker when wet We suggest using Rit Colorstay fixative before rinsing to increase color retention and reduce bleeding For small projects you can spray the fixative directly on the fabric until saturated or for larger items mix it in a water bath According to the instructions on the bottle.

Let it sit for 20 minutes Rinse the Fabric with warm water, then cooler water until it runs clear And finally hand wash or machine wash with warm water and air dry or tumble dry with an old towel. .

Homemade Spring Rolls

Hey everyone its Barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen I hope you are well today we’re gonna be making our very own homemade spring rolls we’re gonna fry them and we’re also gonna bake them if you know already this is part of my homemade Chinese takeaway playlist and actually this is the last one at the moment in this playlist because I don’t want to be known as the Chinese takeaway guy but we will come back to it and do another batch the actual next block of recipes we’re going to do is heavily requested vegan I’m not a vegan I’m excited about that but regards to this playlist if you’ve missed any others we’ve done loads of recipes all right on the playlist so be sure to have a Bharath on get some inspiration check out the full playlist and of course keep serving me your pictures I don’t never know I have some pretty exciting news to share soon keep an eye on my social media but it does involve you yes I’ve done a little bit of prep we’re going for pork spring rolls today I think that she realized that a spring roll and an egg roll I thought they were the same this is a different thing but actually different things egg roll actually has ech heck egg in the wrap alright so I’m using pork meat today you could use any meat you like chicken beef lamb whatever or keep it vegetarian but we have to cook whatever meat we’re using first of all I’ve just chopped that fairly fine and go small if you want you could probably get away with using mince if you want we’ve got some bamboo that I got from a tin drained off and just sliced thin some spring onions and these are some carrots carrots carrots that I’ve julienned so I didn’t slice them thinly using my obsessive chef chopping board that I use on the last gadget video oh no no I’ve got this other gadget this julienne peeler which you just run along like this and then you just get these nice fine shreds of carrot of course you can chop it fine if you want but I saved a lot of time last but not least are these mushrooms these are just some shiitake mushrooms I’ve soaked in hot water for 20 minutes drained off they’re really fragrant and all I’m gonna do is just chop them up really roughly like I’m not even gonna do it into any sort of equal amounts just like rough chunks what I mean by rough chunks is it doesn’t have to be symmetrical I’m just literally just chopping up so maybe don’t want it too big so that it’s gonna bulge out of a spring roll but just when it’s sort of nice and fine like this we’re gonna fry this off now super flavor okay walk down first we’re gonna use this twice once to cook the meat and any other to get the spring rolls frying it’s gonna add some ground nut oil I’m going to need a bit more of that to fry in or you can use vegetable oil later gonna push the pork in the pan is not completely warm yet but I don’t want I’m gonna warm it up with it or you can’t get it smoking hot if you prefer I just want to get my mushrooms in and when I’m filming I want to be a bit safer so the pork and then those chopped mushrooms a bit of carrot try to get in them but waiting it in it just frying this through then been a couple of minutes already so you can see the porks turn white from the outside but the inside some of the bigger pieces will still be pink make sure you really give it a good cook through and you can sort of use your spatula if you want to cut it in half a big piece of that and make sure there’s no pink but you know a good 5 minutes should definitely do it I’m now gonna add in some Chinese five-spice good tablespoon of that and some soy sauce about a teaspoon of that but we can change all this later we can tweak it and stuff like that mix that through and that will do for the moment so I’ll just take it off the heat let it cool down that’s it transfer the cooked mixture to a large mixing bowl and clean out your wok all right we’re gonna need it for frying it’s some holidays and the kids have just come back from morn out somewhere so they might get involved or they might just sit in one dough or they might watch the telly what mine is this is smelling and looking good carrots go in and my kids come in spring onions alright kids yeah alright spring onions alright spring rolls yeah and then the strips of bamboo go in there as well which look a little bit like pineapple does that I like pineapple to you clay she said yeah if you can hear that yeah also gonna add in a handful of bean sprouts I’ve never had so many bean sprouts in the kitchen since doing these Chinese recipes we were making loads is good I mentioned it the other day it’s been having a lot of ginger as well this is some fresh ginger which smells awesome I’m just gonna grate it about a heaped teaspoon I a little bit more soy sauce about a teaspoon or so so pepper and then we’re just gonna give this a mix together and they’re filling even though it’s a little warm still that’s fine because it will actually help to wilt some of these vegetables down a little bit we just want to coat it mingle it because this will essentially be our filling not only that but the five-spice and the soy inside the pork and the mushrooms is just coating these other ingredients as well it’s working the gaps like a fusion a little medley so right here is some filo pastry these are sheets I’ve actually got two on top of each other because I was told that’s quite good to add strength to it if you can’t get spring roll pastry in your supermarket like I couldn’t I want to try and make this as common to everyone so rather than ordering out online or ever or go into a specialist shop if they don’t stop it apparently filo pastry is almost just as good so I’m gonna spoon the fill in on my oven to preheat you can hear that in the background put it into like a a log shape and then you’re gonna lift it forward so that it encases it in like so then you’re gonna bring this side over and then this side over so this is two parts corn flour one part water and I’m just brushing it onto the pastry lightly to act as a sort of glue and it will help to seal it when we press it down hopefully roll it towards it right now so one and then to sitting it on the seal like so that is the first ever spring roll I’ve made we’re gonna leave it at sit on the seal so it dries and holds that together once we fry it slush bake it and I’m gonna repeat that a couple more times I’ve got my oil in the wok heating up in the background but this is gonna be our baked version so I’ve got a little bit extra ground up over there and I’m just gonna brush it all over our wrapper dugu we’ll do the other side too all right my oven is preheated to 180c or 160 C fan and it’s gonna go in there for about 20-25 minutes do you want to try one of my spring roll was in a minute all right the only other option guys is frying it so we’re just getting this nice and warm I’ve got a bit of bread there which I’ll chuck in and once it fries and goes golden brown after 10-15 seconds I’ll know that that groundnut oil is hot enough and you have one is in the oven all right so this is just a piece of bread that I’ve dropped in and it’s starting to fry pretty much immediately so we can put a spring roll in I’ve just turned it over I’ve got a nice light golden color on it already just really wanting it to firm up crisp gently but not be too well-done all right just turn this over and get that nice even golden color on both sides oh my gosh haha kitchen towel just to let that oil cool down absorb some of the fat I am loving that smells amazing we’re really interested to see how the baked one compares to this but I’ve got one more wonderful eye and I’ma bring it together and compare it oh these are naughty all right there we go that is our fried one I’m gonna get the other one from the oven and in comes the baked one so you can see the difference in color it’s actually not that much it’s obviously less of a fried smell going on but visually quite impressed by that I think this one’s gonna be a bit more crunchy though so um a slice it in half all right so this is the baked one oh my gosh that is still like a proper spring roll look at the feeling that is wedged now to be fair to the fried one that has been sat there for five minutes because the baits did take half an hour but yeah it’s a bit softer it was crispy when it came out look at that loaded filling oh my gosh ready mrs.

B this is the fried one mmm oh is that close it’s very nice that felt a lot more like proper authentic that one this is the bait one hmm mm-hmm it is hot in the middle girls come out the oven that was really not there’s not much they were different I think that I think that fried one would have been as crunchy if we’d have eaten it straight away yeah yeah it took a little bit longer to have extra five minutes on the baking time just to get that most brownness on there just to make it a little bit more even looking the fried ones got that but you said that authentic yeah it feels a bit warm I like this this is good yeah it’s got a nice crunch on it as a healthier alternative so definitely worth the try I know it’s deleting it so there we go if you wanna check out the rest of the day all right recipes in the Chinese playlist keep your requests coming so we’ll come back to and add more recipes to it but any vegan recipes do let me know down below and I’ll get cracking on those so see you later bye

Easy DIY Baby Blanket Sewing Tutorial

Hi, I’m Jen from Online Fabric Store. Making a baby blanket is fun because you get to choose prints and colors you like. The blanket I’m going to make is quick and easy. So let’s get started. The materials you’ll need are: 1 yard of minky, I’m using Gray Minky Dot fabric, 1 yard of cotton, I’m using Michael Miller Zoology Sea fabric, fabric scissors, a fabric marker, a ruler, ballpoint pins, and thread. Measure a 36 by 36 inch square out of the cotton and minky fabrics. Make sure you’re measuring on the wrong side of the fabric. Cut out both squares. Place the wrong side of the minky fabric on the table. Center the cotton fabric over the minky with the right side facing up. Fold the edges over 1 inch twice on all four sides and pin. For the corners, snip the extra fabric off at an angle before folding. Stitch with a 1/4 inch seam allowance along the fold line.

Back stitch at the beginning and the end. To keep the corners down, stitch along the outside edge. The baby blanket is now complete. By folding the edges over it gives the blanket a border and creates a finished look. You can use either side of this blanket. Thanks for watching this OFS project. .