Village & Pillage: Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Minecraft

Hello! My name is and I’m Mojang’s favourite piece of obsolete hardware! At least, that’s what they told me when they dumped me in here! Anyway, here’s 10 things you didn’t know about Village and Pillage. We added pandas to Minecraft! They’re so happy to be part of the game, that they’re dancing! Umm… in the sky. This glorious glitch occurred because adult pandas were developed to jump up when baby panda sneeze.

Problem is, they didn’t really come back down again… But just don’t sneeze around pandas and they’ll be fine. In fact, we’re just gonna change the Minecraft box art from this, to this. Problem solved! In desert villages, sometimes cats spawn in libraries, but then they immediately run away. Clearly the problem here is that the libraries don’t offer books that appeal directly to cats. So developers, add these to the next Minecraft update please: See anything wrong with this picture? When the developers added the profession textures, for no reason the babies’ head’s disappeared! But come on, who really needs a head anyway? I don’t have a head and I’m great, right? … Please like and subscribe. Awww, aren’t foxes cute? My heart would be melting right now – if I had one. But when we first made foxes for the game they turned out like this. Not so much a cute fox, as a nightmare-fuel of a box.

This is a totally understandable mistake. After all, the word “fox” and the word “box”, rhyme. Here’s a list of other potential rhyming-based errors I’ve calculated together. Hey that last one sounds fun! six when we were designing new buildings we decided When we were designing new buildings, we decided to add attics. Unfortunately, dark attics inadvertently became a popular hangout spot for monstrous hostile mobs. Phew! Good thing there are no hostile mobs in here. Probably. When we gave villagers the ability to use beds, we must have accidentally typed “insomnia for the win” into the game’s code, because the villagers just wouldn’t get along with their beds. They’d shift around, talk in their sleep and… oh no, please don’t start losing your heads again! I simply can’t understand why the villagers would have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. It’s not like Minecraft has anything that punishes you for not sleeping — Ooh, sorry about that.

Must have a virus. Don’t the new villages look nice? I think they look fantastic, and I’m not just saying that because I’ve had nothing to look at but the inside of a broom closet for almost two decades . All the new villages are built using materials from the biome they’re in, right down to the colours used to dye the bedsheets. See? Oh, is this really the only clip of the bedsheets I have? Recognise this fellow? It’s a Pillager, and it’s a real charmer. I’m only joking, it’s a total jerk. JERK ALERT They’re in our upcoming game, Minecraft: Dungeons, and now they’re being added to Minecraft! It’s a concept from Lead Creative Designer Jens Bergensten. Hear that war horn? That’s the sound of trouble. The sound needed to be somewhat unusual to match the Pillagers’ unusual characteristics. Special, but also easily recognised as an alarm. For example, Currently you are not alarmed. But now… Has it always been your dream to live in a swamp? Mine too! And with the Village & Pillage update, Mojang is about to make both our disgusting dreams come true. See, if you build a village in a swamp, you’ll get special swamp villagers! Just look at them! A bit like a sneezing kitten, they’re both gross, and adorable.

Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next month for 10 things you didn’t know about don’t . Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and to pick up Minecraft at your local games emporium. you .