This is a Computer? — Game LÜT

Pull your limited edition Resident Evil sake and Ace Attorney wine out of a Fallout Nuka Cola Mini Fridge because I’m Jake and this is Game LÜT! Get comfortable in a Loki Cardigan and put your incredibly awesome Super Nintendo sneakers made with actual SNES controllers up on this furniture. Wait a second…that furniture is actually an entire gaming PC. Wow! The Volta V is a beautiful and expensive computer with a case made entirely out of wood. You can get it in either walnut or bamboo and choose the components that suit your needs best. But if the cost for this work of art is a tad bit too pricey, then check out this excellent angular art by Ale Giorgini. Now go super saiyan with a Goku lamp or if you want to heal yourself try a LED potion desk light.

But if potions aren’t in your game, how about a Mario Mushroom which is actually a radish made to look like one using this Radish Shaper. Fun radish fact: radishes have an enzyme called allyl isothiocyanates which give it its tangy taste. It’s also found in mustard and wasabi. Now you can write this fact down on a note and then organize it with Justice League Paper Clips. They’re super…man. Instead of shaping radishes, slice them with a Mass Effect Omni-Blade made from orange resin and complete with a flip out blade. Speaking of Mass Effect, stand in front of some water valves wearing Mass Effect board shorts or an N7 bikini. It’s the perfect way to show off your muscular body, or you could use Street Fighter 2 Muscle figures like these for Vega, Ryu and M. Bison. But it’s still cold out so cover yourself with a Legend of Zelda hooded bathrobe and link it together with a Return of the Jedi opening crawl scarf to stay on the warm side. We should probably get fully dressed, so which shirt shall it be? A Death Note Akira mashup? Or how about letting everyone know you can do a barrel roll with a Fox McCloud’s Tactical Flight School shirt? Oh wait, why not this Attack on Endor one that’ll go great with your C-T3A-PO tea bag holder.

Ok now that’s a lot of LÜT so you might need a Space Invader Arcade Cabinet Backpack to hold it all. Walkin down the street with that baby on your back will make everyone passing by Marvel….bed sheets. Links to all the Lüt can be found in the description below and if you want more Game Lüt, there’s a playlist right over here. Alright, I’m going to go chase a ball or do something And as always, thanks for watching. And I am gonna go check you out, right now.

Oh yeah. Dont…wait. Stop. Yeah that’s right. Links to all the Lüt can be found in the description BLABLABLABLA Links to all the Lüt can found in the description bel…*weird noise* I don’t think he can fit in there. Alright is it…is it good? Paperclips! Because I’m Jake and this… You didn’t like this? Because I’m Jake… Because I’m Jake…you’re a little slow over there. Are we ready? Yeah sure go for it. Okay everyone be quiet! Is this where the camera is? .