Hotel Comfort Bamboo Covered Memory Foam Pillow Review

Sarah: Hey everybody, it’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. Today, I’ll be reviewing the luxury bamboo pillow from Hotel Comfort. This is a lofty, all position pillow designed to keep sleepers of all styles comfortably supported all night long. Let’s see what it’s made of. Sarah: The cover fabric of this pillow is made from a blend of bamboo and polyester, both of which are known for being breathable and moisture wicking. A zipper spans one side of the pillow so that you can easily remove the cover when it’s time to be washed. This pillow is filled with 100 percent shredded memory foam, which is designed to be moldable and conform to the sleeper’s head and neck. This pillow has a lofty build and ranks a medium on the firmness scale, offering sleepers a nice balance between plush and supportive. This combination of materials was intended to enhance the breathability of this pillow, as well as help it maintain its shape over time. This way, sleepers can enjoy a cool comfortable sleep all night long. Now, that we know what this pillow’s made of, I’m sure you’re just as eager as I am to see how it performs.

Let’s get in there and see what it feels like. All right, I’ll be honest. I didn’t want to get out of that position. Started in the supine position and it took me no time to get comfortable. The moldable nature of shredded memory foam immediately conformed to my head and neck keeping everything in neutral alignment, and leaving me feeling supported on all sides. Also, pressing into the fabric, I could feel the air flowing through. I could tell that it’s not trapping my body heat. Let’s try it on my side. Again, you could probably notice it just didn’t take me any time to get comfortable. Sometimes there’s a little bit of rolling and shuffling before you can find your comfort zone, but the medium firmness and lofty build of this pillow is, in my opinion, pretty great for side sleeping.

I like a little bit more support when I’m on my side, just to make sure that everything, my head, my neck, my spine are all going to be in alignment. Let’s see how it is on my stomach. While it does offer a nice sink into the pillow, I’m still finding the loft to be a little too high for stomach sleeping for me. This pillow’s not adjustable. You can’t reach in and take out any of the stuffing.

You might, if you’re a stomach sleeper, want to try this first just to make sure it’s not going to elevate your head and put your neck out of alignment. Let’s see how it is as an in-between-the-leg pillow. Again, good medium support. It’s got a nice lofty build. I don’t feel like my leg is sinking to the bottom. I feel very supported and really comforted by this particular style. Also, it’s giving my lower back a little bit of pressure relief, which I love. Let’s see how it is as an under the arm hugger. Same thing, very soft, very huggable.

Loving it for this style, too. Overall, as a back and side sleeper, this is my kind of pillow. Definitely, finding it to be offering great pressure relief for under the arm and between the leg. As I said, stomach sleepers might want to proceed with a little bit of caution, but in my opinion, this is one very comfortable pillow. There are a lot of perks to this pillow. Firstly, both the cover fabric and the fill were designed to be breathable and moisture wicking. This way, this pillow is going to be less likely to trap your body’s heat, than solid memory foam. Something cool about Hotel Comfort is they offer a trial period of 100 nights. If you’re not sure this pillow’s right for you, you have plenty of time to test it out. One of my favorite things about this pillow is how soft and cool the cover fabric feels. You could, of course, dress it with a pillow case if you want, but in my opinion, you really don’t need to. Not to mention, it’s hypoallergenic, so I’m not afraid to nuzzle my face right into it.

There are a few things about this pillow that might not be compatible with everybody. Firstly, it’s got a nice lofty build, but it’s not adjustable. Stomach sleepers, who should be using a softer, flatter pillow should probably try this one out just to make sure it’s not going to elevate your neck in an uncomfortable way. While the cover fabric of this pillow is machine washable, the pillow itself is not. It must be spot cleaned with a very mild detergent, and then be left to air-dry in order to maintain the integrity of the material. One other small thing to know is that the zipper is not completely hidden. Not a huge deal, but sleepers with long snagable hair, or those who frequently flip their pillow in the middle of the night, it’s something to be mindful of.

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Clara Clark Memory Foam Pillow Unboxing and Review

(4-Runner Noises) So it just says… (Louder 4-Runner Noises) Oh, my god. These people. Wow. Using their 4-Runner to drive around. Nevermind. You know? It’s alright. (Beep) My name is Jillian and this is Jillian Camps Arizona and today, we’re just going to be doing a little unboxing of this new pillow that I bought. Actually, I made the space bigger so that we can see more of the pillow after I unbox it. So I’ll just have to bend down into the frame, here. But, so this pillow is a bamboo pillow that I just bought. It was pretty cheap off of Amazon, actually. So, it’s called the Clara Clark Memory Foam Pillow. California King. Cal-King Size. It was only about $20.00 dollars for two of them. I got the two-pack. And, we’re just going to undo this one here.

And, what I find interesting about the memory foam pillow is how much they vacuum-seal it. So that it rolls really tightly into this little bundle. And then, you just have to leave it out in a dry area, or throw it in the drier for a little bit, in order to fluff it up. Okay, so let’s take it out of the packaging first, and then we’ll talk a little bit about it. So, I even just left it in the packaging. (laughs). Alright, cool! Nice. It even comes in a nice carrying case, too. Which is kinda neat, so. As you can see it comes pretty tightly rolled, in this kind of..little portable thing here. It’s pretty neat, though. So, according to the website, it says that it’s a premium home textile.

Again, this is not sponsored, right? So, I’m just…I’m doing this because I needed some new pillows for when I go camping and whatnot. So, it says that these pillows are bamboo, actually. And, oh my goodness, they have so many features! It’s 40% bamboo, and 60% microfiber. So, inside fill of 100% shredded memory foam. So, it’s a zippered removable cover. Hypo- allergenic. Antibacterial. And dust-mite resistant. So, it’s pretty neat. I like how they packaged it, and everything. It’s nice. It’s shredded memory foam, and I’m kinda interested to see how this feels while I’m camping.

A bamboo zippered removable cover. Available in multiple sizes. I did end up getting the King size, you can see it there on the thing, it says “King”. Easy care, and whatnot. So, alright, so… It’s a pillow, you know? How much more do you have to say about it. Let’s go ahead and unzipper it. There’s just a zipper on this side that you un-zipper. And, let’s see how difficult it is to take this out.

It seems pretty nice, actually. I just bought it for camping because it’s got a removable… um…cover. So, that way I can just…I had to end up throwing away my other king size pillows. Because, I like to use a king- sized pillow to prop my head up, and then I have a regular Queen-sized pillow for everything else, so. So, to lay my head on. So, I double-up on the pillows, really (Ripping noise). Whoops, I ripped the bag already. Go figure. Boy, this pillow is in there tight, gheeze. It’s hard to get out. Keep that in mind when you buy these… there we go! Wow. That is really hard to get out. And, it did forewarn you that it would be flat, so. It’s just kind of interesting how they package these. Cool, huh? And then, you’re just supposed to be able to fluff it and, it should fluff kind of. Semi-fluff, you know? You can already see it starting. To go up. But, it’s still pretty flat (laughing) It’s a pretty flat pillow right now. But it’s cool, actually. I like it. It’s big, that’s for sure.

I wonder if I leave it in the sun, to kind of… (hitting noises). So you’re just supposed to fluff it up, it says, the directions? Were there directions on this? No…I don’t know. But usually for memory foam you either stick it in the drier or you just fluff it up manually and you let it sit out. As you can see it’s getting bigger, already, so. And don’t forget it’s really dry out today. So the Arizona dry heat, you know. It’s able to take that moisture out right away, in order to make it as fluffy as possible. It’s basically like a drier out here right now, you know. So in just a couple minutes, see? It’s already making it pretty fluffy. So, I like it! It’s a nice, pillow, too. It’s got that memory foam feel. And you can definitely feel that it’s shredded, you know? In there, you can feel all the pieces inside of it.

It’s pretty cool! So, I just thought I’d do a quick unboxing. I’ll probably do a little update video after I get home and put it in the drier for a little bit, or I use it. It’s really nice though, I like the cover on it. And, it seems pretty washable and breathable, too. I like these memory foam pillows because they seem a lot cooler than regular foam pillows, so. Alright. So thank you so much for watching. Feel free to like this video…feel free to give this video a thumbs up if you like this content and you want to see more like it. Also, if you’re not currently subscribed, and you want to follow me around, feel free hit that subscribe button below. Or, you can like my Facebook page, that’s Jillian Camps Arizona. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video. .